Mega Lord

Akumaizer 3 ends tragically. At the end of episode 37 the Akumaizer 3 defeat Mega Lord but it turns out he was not the true leader of the Akuma Zoku. The true leader is the mysterious Demon Emperor Gulliver who sends his greatest warrior, Geberu, to defeat the Akumaizer 3.


In episode 38 Darunia's father appears to advice the Akumaizer 3 in how they can defeat Geberu and his magical shield which blocks all their blows, with a suicidal attack. Darunia is naturally upset. Basugaru, NaameNaameda and Nobera decide that they cannot allow the Akumaizer 3 to sacrifice themselves, so they attempt to defeat Geberu with the new "Akumaizer Attack". They fail, at the cost of their lives.

The Akumaizer 3 arrive at the scene just in time to see their friends killed. Zabitan recognises what they did wrong and against Darunia's wishes Zabitan, Evil and Gabura use the "Akumaizer Attack" against Geberu. They succed in killing this demon but die in a trio of explosions themselves. Darunia cries as the capsules containg the spirits of Zabitan, Evil and Gabura rise into the air. The final scene shows Darunia, Nobera Jr and two of the Akumaizer 3's human friends standing together.

Sayonara Akumaizer 3.