Egos was lead by the mysterious Satan Egos, his priest Commander Hedda (played by Ishibashi, Masashi who was Iron Claw in J.A.K.Q. Dengeki Tai) and American Egos officer, professional wrestler, Salome (Ueda, Maquis). In episode 4 Hedda clones himself to make a new monster. The clone is played by Ishibashi, Masashi while the original Hedda is played by Ushio, Kenji (Ambassador Hell in Kamen Rider) who continues in the role for episodes 5-8. Ishibashi, Masashi returns to the role in episode 9. In episode 51 Commander Hedda is transformed into Hedda Monster.

Egos human sized monsters are made using the heart-shapped Egos Monster Making Machine.

Bat Monster Fang Lion MonsterDeath Mask Monster Psychokinesis Monster

Episode 01: Bat Monster
Episode 02: Fang Lion Monster
Episode 03: Death Mask Monster
Episode 04: Psychokinesis Monster (Commander Hedda clone)

Beginning with episode 5 Satan Egos sent most of his "children" help in the form of giant robot duplicates, which he called their brothers (or sisters):

Buffalo Monster Earthen Figure MonsterFireball Monster Sports MonsterIcicle Monster

Episode 05: Buffalo Monster & Buffalo Robot (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 06: Earthen Figure Monster & Earthen Figure Robot (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 07: Fireball Monster & Fireball Robot
Episode 08: Sports Monster & Sports Robot
Episode 09: Icicle Monster & Icicle Robot

Nauman Monster Cobra MonsterRoselinker Monster Egg MonsterGalactic Monster

Episode 10: Nauman Monster & Nauman Robot
Episode 11: Cobra Monster & Cobra Robot
Episode 12: Roselinker Monster & Robot Roselinka
Episode 13: Egg Monster & Egg Robot
Episode 14: Galactic Monster & Galactic Robot

Snail Monster Hand-to-Hand Combat MonsterBlue Vein Monster Magnet Monster

Episode 15: Snail Monster & Snail Robot (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 16: Hand-to-Hand Combat Monster & Hand-to-Hand Combat Robot
Episode 17: Blue Vein Monster & Blue Vein Robot
Episode 18: Magnet Monster & Magnet Robot


Episode 19-52: Salome

                  Salome claims to be the strongest woman on Earth. She carries a hand mirror which fires
                  a laserbeam.

Notch Tooth Monster Dinosaur MonsterGhost Monster Dracula MonsterMagic Monster

Episode 20: Notch Tooth Monster & Notch Tooth Robot
Episode 21: Dinosaur Monster (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi) & Ninja: Zero One and Zero Two (no photo)
Episode 22: Dinosaur Monster, Zero One, Zero Two & Dinosaur Robot
Episode 23: Ghost Monster & Ghost Robot
Episode 24: Dracula Monster & Dracula Robot
Episode 25: Magic Monster (no giant robot)

                  Episode 21 sees little of Dinosaur Monster, two female ninja Zero One and Zero two are the main
                  villains of that episode. Dracula monster is the last monster faced by the original Miss America,
                  and the first faced by the new Miss America.

Bandage Monster Black Mask MonsterJellyfish Urchin Monster Mouthcut MonsterStrange Food Monster

Episode 26: Bandage Monster & Bandage Robot
Episode 27: Black Mask Monster (no giant robot)
Episode 28: Jellyfish Urchin Monster & Jellyfish Urchin Robot
Episode 29: Mouthcut Monster & Mouthcut Robot
Episode 30: Strange Food Monster & Strange Food Robot

                  It is Bandage Monster who finally discovers the secret identities of Battle Fever.
                  Black Mask Monster finds a secret entrace to Battle Fever's headquarters.

Money Violence Monster Earthworm MonsterEagle Urchin Monster Cicada Killer MonsterAncient Fish Monster

Episode 31: Money Violence Monster & Money Violence Robot
Episode 32: Earthworm Monster & Earthworm Robot
Episode 33: Eagle Monster & Eagle Robot
Episode 34: Cicada Killer Monster & Cicada Killer Robot
Episode 35: Ancient Fish Monster & Anicient Fish Robot (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)

Bomb Monster Four Faced MonsterSkull Mushroom Monster Mr. Hyde MonsterStudy Monster

Episode 36: Bomb Monster & Bomb Robot
Episode 37: Four Faced Monster & Four Faced Robot
Episode 38: Skull Mushroom Monster & Skull Mushroom Robot
Episode 39: Mr. Hyde Monster & Mr. Hyde Robot (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 40: Study Monster & Study Robot

                  Four Faced Monster is immune to Penta Force, Shogun Tetsuzan fights him. The human form of
                  Mr. Hyde monster was played by Toudou, Shinji star of Toei's Spider-Man who after playing the hero
                  in that series switched to playing villains.

Mechanical Doll Monster Electric MonsterRolling Monster Illusion MonsterHeart Monster

Episode 41: Mechanical Doll Monster (no giant robot)
Episode 42: Electric Monster & Electric Robot
Episode 43: Rolling Monster & Rolling Robot
Episode 44: Illusion Monster & Illusion Robot
Episode 45: Heart Monster & Heart Robot

Curse Monster Left Hand MonsterGreat Thief Monster Fly Trap MonsterOgre Beard Monster

Episode 46: Curse Monster & Curse Robot
Episode 47: Left Hand Monster & Left Hand Robot
Episode 48: Great Thief Monster & Great Theif Robot
Episode 49: Fly Trap Monster & Fly Trap Robot
Episode 50: Ogre Beard Monster & Ogre Beard Robot

                  Commander Hedda challanges Shogun Tetsuzan to a duel, Ogre Beard Monster is sent by Satan
                  Egos to protect Hedda from Battle Fever while Hedda tries to kill their leader.

Hedda Monster Earthen Figure RobotSports Robot Galactic Robot

Episode 51: Hedda Monster, Earthen Figure Robot, Sports Robot, Galactic Robot, Hedda Robot

                  After Shogun Tetsuzan defeats Commander Hedda the fallen Egos officer is transformed into
                  Hedda Monster. Hedda Monster revives three previously destroyed giant robots. The new versions
                  are more powerful than the old ones.

Satan Egos

Episode 52: Salome & Satan Egos

Catmen vs Battle Japan

Episodes 1-52: Catmen - assisted the monsters

Egos had bat-winged planes called "Egos Fighters"


Monster names from Marc H. Miyake's Sentai Series Manual Version 2.0 ? 1995 Marc H. Miyake

Monster pictures from Thanks Kage.