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Choujin Bibyun Episode Titles

  1.    07-06-1976    Ghost Extermination! Super Humans Appear (turn on CC for English subtitles)
  2.    07-13-1976    From The Bog Comes A Tiger? Save Lisa! (turn on CC for English subtitles)
  3.    07-20-1976    Disappearing In The Sand? Accursed Highway
  4.    08-03-1976    A Midsummer Icicle? Bashaan Goes Beserk
  5.    08-10-1976    Call And You'll Get An Answer? The Mysterious Echo
  6.    08-17-1976    Disappearing into the Mirror? The White Dress Woman
  7.    08-24-1976    A Chair That Walks? The Mysterious Evaporation Scheme
  8.    08-31-1976    A Bloodsucking Flower? The Red Sun Flower
  9.    09-07-1976    Zushiin Is Melting? The Curse of the Demon Kettle
10.    09-14-1976    Hands Reach Out and Grab? The Magnificent Suitcase
11.    09-28-1976    Cannibal Walls? The Secret Of The Stereo
12.    10-05-1976    Soul Stealing? The Dangerous Spirits
13.    10-12-1976    The 'Haniwa' Walked? Strange Footprints
14.    10-19-1976    Rain On A Sunny Day? Beware The Color Umbrella
15.    10-26-1976    Seeing Into Tomorrow? The Soul-Stealing Magnifying Glass
16.    11-02-1976    The Moving Bridge? The Peculiar Boy Tsutomu
17.    11-09-1976    The Princess Is Resurrected? The Paperdoll Of Death
18.    11-16-1976    Smoke From An Ancient Coin? The Cynic's First Love
19.    11-23-1976    My Friend Turns Into A Coward? Fight On Shouta
20.    11-30-1976    Calling Forth Ghosts? A Dangerous Game
21.    12-07-1976    Good Kids Turning Into Calligraphy Brushes? The Haunted Calligraphy Class
22.    12-14-1976    My Daughter Is A Frog? Sorry About That Mom
23.    12-21-1976    Thanks For The Meal? The Haunted Hospital
24.    12-28-1976    Even Ghosts Fear Him? The Demon Lord Gulliver Appears
25.    01-04-1977    My Dreams Are Consumed? The Mysterious Ghost Castle
26.    01-11-1977    The Ghost Castle In Hell? Gulliver's Real Form
27.    01-18-1977    Tsukimura Turns Into Noberabo? You Got It Benijaku
28.    01-25-1977    Humans Are Transformed Into Demons? The Super Strong Zushiin's Demon Hunting
29.    02-01-1977    Wishes Come True? The Deadly Decorative Candle
30.    02-15-1977    The Junior Fencer Turns Into A Rock? The Haunted Village's Training Center
31.    02-22-1977    Shadows Are Eaten? Don't Cry Kid Gang Leader
32.    03-01-1977    Shindo Dies? Demon Lord's Triumph
33.    03-08-1977    The Ghost Car? Floor It – Bibyun Car
34.    03-15-1977    Super Humans Are Consumed? The Family's Hell House
35.    03-22-1977    The Attacks Don't Work! The Demon Lord's Great End
36.    03-29-1977    Showdown In The Ghost Castle! Good-bye Super Humans

Translations by James Maruyama of Japan Hero (using Japanese titles I provided him).