Choujin Bibyun eps1-32

Shindo (Episodes 1-32) and Birin (Episodes 1-34)

In the first couple of epsidoes Shindo and Birin would come to the aid of the other yokai. Birin would hold Bibyun back by grabing Bibyun's long scarf in its mouth giving Shindo time to teleport the wounded yokai to safety. However, they soon switched sides and started warning the heroes when ghosts were around.

Starting with episode 24 flaming arrows are fired at Bibyun, Bashaan and Zushiin. When they go to where the arrows seemed to come from they find Shindo and Birin, who deny firing the arrows.

Choujin Bibyun ep1 Choujin Bibyun ep2Choujin Bibyun ep3Choujin Bibyun ep4

Episode 1 Bikubeard (height 188cm, weight 96kg) - voice: Naya, Gorou
Episode 2 Suikou [Water Tiger] (height 199cm, weight 108kg)
Episode 3 Gariki (height 210cm, weight 800kg)
Episode 4 Tsundora (height 196cm, weight 87kg)

Choujin Bibyun ep5Choujin Bibyun ep6

Episode 5 Kodamaan (height 197cm, weight 86kg)
Episode 6 Kagamira

Choujin Bibyun ep7Choujin Bibyun ep8Choujin Bibyun ep9

Episode 7 Isuma (height 119cm, weight 94kg)
Episode 8 Himatsuru (height 192cm, weight 94kg)
Episode 9 Matsubo [Demon Kettle] (height 192cm, weight 108kg)

Choujin Bibyun ep10Choujin Bibyun ep11Choujin Bibyun ep12

Episode 10 Bagdad (height 185cm, weight 115kg)
Episode 11 Kabenuri
Episode 12 Moezou

Choujin Bibyun ep13Choujin Bibyun ep14Choujin Bibyun ep15 Choujin Bibyun ep16

Episode 13 Haniwan (height 198cm, weight 135kg)
Episode 14 Kasakaba
Episode 15 Karasu Tengu [The Crow Tengu]
Episode 16 Sakasabashira

Choujin Bibyun ep17

Episode 17 Kumonga

Choujin Bibyun ep18Choujin Bibyun ep19Choujin Bibyun ep20

Episode 18 Kanedama
Episode 19 BuruBuru
Episode 20 Amanojaku

Choujin Bibyun ep21Choujin Bibyun ep22Choujin Bibyun ep23

Episode 21 Fudema
Episode 22 GamaGanma
Episode 23 Chi Name

Choujin Bibyun episodes 24-35

Episodes 24-35

Choujin Bibyun ep24 Choujin Bibyun ep25

Episode 24
Episode 25 Bakuba

Demon Emperor Gulliver episodes 32-36

Episodes 26-36: Demon Emperor Gulliver (voice: Naya, Gorou)

Demon Emperor Gulliver, leader of the Akuma Zoku (in Akumaizer 3) is also the ruler of the Yokai.

Choujin Bibyun ep26 Choujin Bibyun ep27Choujin Bibyun ep28Choujin Bibyun ep29

Episode 26 Nobusuma
Episode 27 Noberabo
Episode 28 Yama Oni
Episode 29 Fukikeshi Baba [The Candle Blowing Witch]

Choujin Bibyun ep30Choujin Bibyun ep31Choujin Bibyun ep32

Episode 30 Yoroi Bo [Armored Priest]
Episode 31 Kagebou
Episode 32 Haniya

Choujin Bibyun ep33Choujin Bibyun ep34

Episode 33 Kuruma Korogashi
Episode 34 Jigoku Modoki

Choujin Bibyun ep35

Episode 35: Yokai from previous episodes brought back

Choujin Bibyun ep35

Episode 36: Yokai from previous episodes brought back

Choujin Bibyun eps 1-35

Episodes 1-35

until the last episode the monsters were assisted by these ghost warriors


Romaji and translations by James Maruyama of Japan Hero
(using Japanese names I provided him.)