episode 1 title

Episode 1: Dragon Files To Hong Kong
(featuring Shadow assassin Red Tiger)

Red TigerRed Tiger

After 10 years Dragon returns to Hong Kong, to visit the grave of his mentor, Fubiki, Kaizan who recently died of "an accidental fall of a cliff". Shadow is hired to kill Lin. Kaimei and his family. Red Tiger is sent to do the job. Dragon's mentor was last know to be heading to Lin. Kaimei's village. So Dragon heads there, disregarding a message from Red Tiger warning him to return to Japan.

Red Tiger abducted Lin. Kaimei's wife and demands a ransom payment iin order to draw the man into a trap so he can arrange for them both to die in the same tragic accident. Of Course Dragon goes to the "ransom drop" instead of Lin. Kaimei. Red Tiger confirms that Fubiki Senseai was murdered. And a fight ensues.,,,

‹To Be Continued›

Note: Red Tiger never actually lights that cigarette.

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