episode 10 title

Episode 10 : Dragon Fights To The Finish In Manila
(featuring Shadow assassin Brown Lizard)

Shadow henchmen

Dragon flies to Manila after a Charlie Karlo, a friend of his late mentor receives threats on his life. And for once the boss of Shadow does not know where Dragon is as his men have reported they cannot find Dragon anywhere in Japan, he orders them to find and kill him where ever he is. Kojiro after a brief "work out" tells Dragon's mentor's daughter that with Dragon gone Shadow won't be around so his fists will have nothing to do. He is so wrong as a Shadow henchmen says "than use them" as two enter the orphanage. Kojori tries to flee with the girl but outside they are surrounded. He last longer the one would expect but he needs more training with nunchucks as he does more damage to himself with them then the Shadow henchmen. When one of the henchmen puts on brass knuckles and threatens to mangle the girl's face, Ogawara, Eizo arrives and drives the henchmen off with his cane. Kojiro tells him Dragon went to Manila. Black Jaquar phones Brown Lizard to let him know that Dragon is in Manila [now how do you think he learned that?] and orders him to stop threatening Charlie Karlo and actually kill him now. He also warns him Charlie Karlo,has hired other body guards in addition to summoning Dragon but the assassins isnt worried bragging that five or even ten guards can not stop him.

Brown LizardBrown Lizard

Brown Lizard defeats Charlie Karlo's bodyguards while his henchmen delay Dragon but Dragon never the less arrives in time to save Charlie Karlo. Despite his bragging that Dragon will die in Manila, Brown Lizard flees. Charlie Karlo receives a phone call, Shadow has his daughter Maria and demands 10 million pesos (500 million yen according to Dragon) as a ransom (seems to me we saw this before, in episode 1). Dragon knowingly walks into a trap hoping it will lead him to Maria, or Brown Lizard. Brown Lizard being overly confident in his henchmen phones Charlie Karlo to tell him where to take the money and that his men have killed Dragon. During the fight with the henchmen, Dragon removes his shirt because the episode is more than half over and he hasn't done that yet. When Brown Lizard goes to get Maria he finds Dragon there. Brown Lizard ends up stabbed with his own blade. Dragon leaves Maria to find her father by herself (assuming there is nothing left of Shadow in Manila) while goes to watch the sunset in Manila Bay (and the ending theme "Lonely Dragon" plays as Dragon walks along watching the sunset. The song will repeat in the actual ending credit sequence.

Note: Brown Lizard is fifth Shadow Assassin to wear the color matching his name.

‹To Be Continued›

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