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Episode 11: Dragon Goes Missing
(featuring Shadow assassins Gray Fox & Flying Squirrel)

Gray Fox Flying Squirrel

For once Shadow wants a murderer to be recognized as a murderer. One of their assassins mortal wounds another business executive and tells the dying man his name is "Dragon". With his last breath, he repeats just that word "Dragon" and some who the police know that Dragon is an alias used by Shiranui, Ryuma and they arrest him for the the murder, but the police car taking him in is stopped by another car pulling in front of it and the police officers killed by Gray Fox. When Gray Fox attacks Dragon who is hampered by still being handcuffed he is not swayed by Dragon calling him a coward. Dragon is kicked off a bridge into the back of a passing truck. Gray Fox phones Black Jaguar to report that Dragon is now an escaped prisoner wanted for murdering three police officers. Gray Fox is assigned to completing other assignments while Flying Squirrel is assigned to hunting down and kill Dragon.

Police search Acorn House but Dragon is not there. Neither is the doctor who is out of the country. Shen Shu tells Kojiro that a strange man is watching the house, Kojiro makes sure he is seen "sneaking out" with a suitcase and sure enough his plan works, Flying Squirrel follows him. Kojir runs ahead and hides in a garbage can so he can turn the tables and follow Flying Squirrel. As he follows him Kojiro expecting to be seen wears many disguises, he's a freeloader looking for handouts, a blind man, a woman, a policeman on a bicycle, a noodle vendor who cannot find his customer. Flying Squirrel is the dumbest assassin Shadow ever sent out, he's not only followed by those disguises but cannot remember the telephone number of his boss. Which is why he has written on his arm (352 8056). Kojiro decided to fight Flying Squirrel so he can get the phone number for Dragon. He actually beats him, by falling off a roof and landing on top of him. Kojiro apparently knows where Dragon is because he phones him.. Black Jaguar gets a phone call offering to pay 5 million up front to have "a certain man killed".

Gray Fox

Black Jaguar sends Gray Fox to collect the payment and get the name of the target but of course the client is Dragon. Dragon removes his shirt just before he knocks Gray Fox out, and puts him in car to drive to police headquarters to prove his innocence.

Note: Flying Squirrel is the first Shadow Assassin, Dragon never fought, first to be take out by Kojro! Gray Fox is third Shadow Assassin Dragon fought but left alive. after Stripped Wolf (later killed by Black Jaguar) and Spotted Wolf, who defected from Shadow.

‹To Be Continued›

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