episode 12 title

Episode 12: Shadow's Invitation To Death
(featuring Shadow assassin Yellow Sea Snake)

Yellow Sea Snake

An old man who sells ice cream cones from a bicycle was once Shadow's top assassin when three young thugs try to take him by force to see the Shadow boss, he easily smacks them down commenting "the international assassins organization Shadow has fallen on hard times". He wants nothing to do with Shadow just wants to live out his remaining days in peace selling ice cream cones to children. But Black Jaguar wont take no for answer. He finds his former boss waiting for him in his home. Black Jaguar is behind a screen all that is seen is a shadow of a figure smoking. Although Black Jaguar speaks in the normal deep voice the shadow looks to me like a girl with a cigarette rather than a man with a cigar. Its very odd. When the old man says he wants his daughter Yuri to live a normal life the voice says "than do one last job for Shadow" and the man realizes Shadow has his daughter. he smashes through the screen only to find tape recorder and a projector. No live person was actually there. So that shadow is irrelevant since it wasn't real.

Kojiri is in a hospital but he's not actually ill, he's in love with the nurse, Yuri, Shadow does not have her after all. At least they didn't. Dragon arrives and we learn that Kojiro just ate too many snow cones. Dragon looks out the window and sees Yuri being abducted by the same men that were no match for her father. They tell her truth about her father and why they want her. She tries to escape and runs right into Dragon. The three Shadow henchmen are no match for Dragon either and they flee. Dragon offers to take Yuri home be she rejects his offer. Arriving at home she finds the damage to the screen but no father. Returning to Kojiro's room Dragon dodges a thrown dagger, with a challenge on it, giving time and place, a cemetery, where he finds a black stone with "HERE LIES SHIRANUI RYUMA AKA DRAGON" carved on it. Yellow Sea Snake has been busy. Dragon doges falling boulders and another dagger with another location on the paper attached to it. He barely escapes being ran over by two cars. He catches a third dagger with another note. The time to meet at a pier is later in the day so he returns to Kojiro in the hospital. Yuri shows up. off duty and out of uniform. She wants Dragon to protect her so she wont be captured but doesn't tell Dragon her father is a former professional killer. Dragon leaves her with Yuri to got to the pier. But he left a dagger behind, a Yuri recognizes it as belonging to her father. At the pier Dragon and Yellow Sea Snake finally fight. Yuri arrives just as Dragon is about to kill Yellow Sea Snake and Dragon tells Yuri to take care of her father before walking away.

‹To Be Continued›

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