episode 14 title

Episode 14: Touch And Go For Dragon
(featuring Shadow assassin Brown Moray Eel & Shadow Boss: Black Jaguar)

Brown Moray Eel

The phone rings at Kuri Medical Clinic, Kojiro answers it cheerfully but panics when he realizes the woman caller is speaking English and the only word he understands is "Hello". Dragon enters the room and takes the phone. The call was from Hong Kong. Dragon tells Kojiro that Shu's mother is ill. Shu is taken to the airport to fly home to Hong Kong alone. Shu is now gone fom the seris. Dragon, Kojiro and Rika cannot even get out of the parking lot before a dagger is thrown at Dragon. He chases the would be asaassin but loses him. He does find inside an unlocked car an invitation to celebrate Black Jaguar's birthday. And Dragon decides to crash the party but instead or returning to his onw car, he tries to take this one and ends up being gashed into unconciousness. A Shadow aasssin who turns out to be Brown Moray Eel, drives the car to a junk yard than uses has it lifted into a metal shredding machine. As he's gloating that he's defeated Dragon, Dragon appears, claiming he trained himself to fall asleep and awaken at will, so he never inhaled th gas at all. They fight. Brown Moray Eel seems to be getting the best of Dragon. Would Dragon rally? We will never know because Konkiro appears ontop of a pile of trash and threw boxes doen on the assassin who ran away, leaving behind a notebook containa list of Shadow's targets, including Ogawara, Eizo. Ogawara and Dr. Kuri are vacationing at Iakho Hot Springs so natural Dragon and Kojiro head there. While they are looking for Ogawara and Kuri the two are attacked by Brown Moray Eel and his henchmen but are defended by a red headed woman named Risa, apparently Ogawara's secretary. Then Dragon shows up and they retreeat. Back at the hotel, Dr.Kuri thinks they should all return home, but Ogawara suggects they stay and Dragon agrees. Risa says there are security cameras every where and they can watch for Shadow. She and Kojiro go the the secrutiy office to do just that. Dragion's elevator stalls. Risa leaves Kojiro alone and he knocked out by Brown Moray Eel so doesn't see Risa being attacked on the monitors. Dragon manages to clim out of the elevator and finds Dr. Kuri and Risa unconcious in a bed room. Brown Moray Eel and a tied up Ogawara drives away. Ogawara is supposed to be beat to trap Dragon. Dragon follows in another car. Dragon and Moray Eel end up fighting iside a cable car going up a mountain while Ogawara and shadow hencment are in another cable car going down. Depsite Moray Eel's best efforts to throw Dragon out fo the cable care they both make it to tha landing. Where Shadow hencmen appear. Moray Eel is hiding in the grass. After Dragon deals with the hencment Moray Eel appears and brags that Ogawara is being killed by the Shadow boss Black Jaguar hhimself and that he will kill Dragon, that all of Shadows' enemies will perish in one day. Brown Moray Eel dies swearing that Black Jaguar will surely kill Dragon.

Black Jagaur

Dragon says "I will finally get to fight Black Jaguar" and voice repsondes "That's right, Dragon. you will not leave Haruna alive." And finally Black Jaguar shows himself. But as Dragon runs up the hill to meet the Shadow boss, he vanishes. And Dragon wonders "Black Jaguar, who are you behind that mask?"

‹To Be Continued›

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