episode 15 title

Episode 15: Who Is Black Jaguar?!
(featuring Shadow Boss: Black Jaguar)

Black Jagaur Risa

Dragon looks through a pair of those pay to use binoculars and spots Black Jaguar in a speed boat. So finds a boat to follow in. Black Jaguar laughs at how easy it was to lead Dragon into the trap. Underwater mines are detonated but they do is cause Dragon to abandon boat. Black Jaguar speeds away. Dragon phones the hotel to warn Risa, Kojiro and Dr. Kori that Shadow's boss Black Jaguar in in town and not to leaver their hotel room. But Kojiro being dumb as ever opens the room door because he thinks its room service knocking and finds himself facing a masked man who laughs at him. When Kojiro doesn't realize who it is Black Jaguar asks "Don't you recognize my voice?" And Dr. Kori cries out in fear "Black Jaguar!" Kojiro manages to run past Black Jaguar as the villain knocks out Risa. Kojiro meets Shadow henchmen in the hall but is surprisingly able to fight past them. Risa and Dr. Kuri are taken away.

Black JagaurRisa

Kojiro has hidden in the trunk of Shadow's car. He thinks he's fooled Black Jaguar and sets out to find Dragon. But Black Jaguar appears (wearing a different mask), wonders if Dragon will actually listen to that scatterbrained fool and laughs. He walks up the hill to see his men standing around, when he asks "where is the woman", they fall over and Dragon appears saying "I rescued her". Dragon demands that Black Jaguar remove his mask. Black Jaguar laughs as challenges Dragon "to come take if if you can". Challenge accepted. Dragon is about to unmask Black Jaguar when a dagger comes flying missing Dragon but allowing Black Jaguar to escape. Kojiro cannot find Dragon but Risa finds Kojiro and tells him she can take him to Ryuma, Dr. Kuri and Ogawara. Not noticing that she some how manged to change clothes after supposedly being capture by Black Jaguar, he believes her and she leads him into a trap because she is " Black Jaguar's spy" (which I realized the moment she appeared in the previous episode, of course I had also figured out early on who Black Jaguar had to be.) Having had his heart broken yet again, Kojiro swears to remain single forever, she laughs saying "forever won't be long" to which he rather foolishly i think talking to an assassin, replies "like you care, just get it over with, kill me"..

Black Jagaur

A man leading a horse approaches Dragon and asks if he wants a ride. When Dragon says he has no time the man says "someone wants to meet you" so Dragon mounts the horse but the man soon runs off and Dragon finds himself facing the Shadow Riders. Dragon deals with them then tries to force the man who set him up tell him where and who Black Jaguar is but he's interrupted by Black Jaguar 's spy pointing a dagger at Kokiro who tied to a tree. The Shadow Riders come back and one of them ties a rope around Dragon's wrists and drags him behind a horse. The spy attempting to cut Kojiro accidentally frees him. They spar and she should have won but he got lucky and hit the dagger into the air when it came back down the spy was stabbed in the back by her own weapon, and Kojiro didn't even realize he had killed her. When he does he goes screaming in terror looking for his "bro". Thinking they have defeated Dragon they take Black Jaguar who tells them to tie rocks to his body and toss it in the river but Dragon jumps up stating he allowed himself to be captured so he would be taken to Black Jaguar. After the servants are defeated, Dragon once against takes on their master..

Black Jagaur

When Black Jaguar, is finally unmasked he turns out to be the only man he could be, Dragon's late mentor's closest friend. Ogawara, Eizo. I had it figured from the start, but Dragon only realized it when Ogawara's secretary turned out to be Black Jaguar's spy. Ogawara, Eizo tells Dragon he intends to continue being believed by the world to be a generous philanthropist while secretly running the Shadow assassination organization so he cannot let Dragon live. And Dragon says he cannot let the leader of Shadow live. Ogawara, Eizo grabs a samurai sword for is final battle. He warns Dragon, "even if you kill me Shadow will go on" before hurling himself of a bridge to his death on the rocks bellow. Dragon ponders. "The leader of Shadow is dead, but Shadow goes on?". .

‹To Be Continued›

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