episode 16 title

Episode 16: The Dark Dojo Of Fear
(featuring Shadow assassin Cold Wind)

The assassins name is difficult to translate. The subtitlers went with "Whirlwind" but thats the name of a later assassin. The literal translation seems to be "whirling cold" so I went with "cold wind" which makes more sense in English..

Cold Wind

Kojiro looking through binoculars on Tokyo tower, witnesses a murder, a man is knocked off a roof of high rise, so it will look like suicide. Shadow is back! Kojiro tries to tell the police that he saw the murder but they are either incompetent or in the pay of Shadow and refuse to accept it was not suicide. But the murderer is in the crowd and he realizes he was seen. Rika drags Kojiro to some restaurant where he tells Dragon what he saw. Then the killer walks in. Shadow needs to train its assassins better, guilt is written all over his face when he sees Kojiro. Kojiro tries to pretend he didn't recognize him. after whispering to Dragon "that's him". On the street, Dragon realizes the killer is already stalking his next target and interrupts the murder. The killer runs and when Dragon tries to give chase he's surrounded by a bunch of thugs. As he's taking them out :"he shouts, are you going to let your partners die?" the killers comes out of the bushes and when he calls Dragon by name, Dragon realizes he's from Shadow. The man identifies himself as "Shadow's killing machine Cold Wind" Dragon questions him about Shadow boss Black Jaguar's dying words about Shadow going on without him Cold Wind explains that Shadow is an international organization and that Black Jaguar was merely the regional boss for Japan. When Dragon asks Cold Wind if he is the new boss for Japan, he dodges the question by stating that "trying to stop Shadow is useless". Cold Wind is armed with tiny throwing daggers he keeps in a sheath on his arm. After sparing with Dragon he does what Shadow assassins always do runs away claiming :"Dragon, the next time we meet you will die", knocking Kojiro down as the fool tries to stop him from escaping.

Eyes of Darkness Eyes of Darkness

Cold Wind reports to the new boss of Japan whom he refers to as "Eyes of Darkness". Asked what caused him to succeed in one mission but fail in the other, which isn't like him, Cold Wind replies "Dragon" and tells him his partner witnessed the murder The boss slips into English when he tells Whirlwind "he must be killed". Meanwhile, Dragon who recognized Cold Wind's technique as the "two-man take down of the Toei style" knocks down four straw-men in order to prefect his "four-man take down" in order to counter it. I guess you could credit the company which produced most of the henshin hero series, including Kamen Rider whose flying kick move, Dragon likes to occasionally copy, Toei, with having their own martial arts style. Rika comes running shouting "Korjiro, Kojio is..." Kojiro is wandering the streets of Tokyo hoping Shadow will appear to kill him in front of witnesses thus proving their existence to the world. But Cold Wind waits until he's at a table alone in a resteraunt to knock him out then tells the waitress he's his friend and will take him to the hospital since he has fainted. As Cold Wind carries Kojiro away, Dragon appears from around a pillar to follow. Dragon arrives just in time to stop Cold Wind's henchmen from throwing the murder witness of the same roof. Cold Wind stabs Dragon in the wrist than seems to run away, but its a trap. Dragon follows him into Shadow's "Dark Dojo". A building thats dark until they shine a spotlight in Dragon's face to blind him as Cold Wind attacks. When Cold Wind uses his "Toei style two-man take down", Dragon counters with his "Fubuki style four-man take down" leaving Cold Wind a bloody heap on the floor. Kojiro arrives and he and Dragon walk out together.

Shadow Secret File

Seeing Dragon and Kojiro walking down a Tokyo street, Eyes of Darkness says to himself, "so Cold Wind is dead" opens a book labeled "Shadow Secret File" takes out Cold Winds photo and sets in fire with his pipe lighter. As the photo burns he utters one word "Dragon".

‹To Be Continued›

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