episode 17 title

Episode 17: The Mysterious Demon Fist!!
(featuring Shadow assassin Gale)


Musashi, Kojiro.is out shopping for his own birthday party when he is assaulted by thugs who have mistaken him for someone named Muto, Kotaro. whom they want dead. When Dragon appears and her him refer to his friend as Kojiro they release their mistake a run away. Dragon doesnt notice but someone else is watching him. That man, Gale, meets up with Shadow Boss, Eyes of Darkness and the men who assaulted Kojiro, turns out they were Shadow after all, but upon meeting Gale they shiver in fear, with good reason at some silent signal from the Shadow boss, he brutally murders them with his bare hands. The boss is annoyed that they mistook Dragon's friend for their intended target because now Dragon is likely to interfere in their plans. Gale doesnt think Dragon will figure it was Shadow who assaulted his friend.Of course the boss was right.

Back at the clinic Dr. Kuri is absent again and not mentioned, Rika is treating Kojiro's wounds. When Dragon learns from Kojiro that they thugs mistook him for someone named Muto, Kotaro he looks the name up in the phone book. Muto, Kotaro turns out to be a famous, and wealthy author who is a dead ringer for Musashi, Kojiro. they could be twins. Ir is decided that to protect Kotaro from Shadow (Dragon and Kojro both figure it had to be Shadow) that Kojiro would impersonate him without even telling his household staff, since they don't know who hired Shadow to kill Kotaro. Kojiro celebrates his birthday, confusing Kotaro's servant, by eating Kotaro's food and drinking his wine, while Dragon patrols the yard. A drunken Kojiro makes up a song about the "bad and idiotic Shadow" When Gale shows up he intends to send Kotaro to the otherworld with the wind of the Demon Fist but of course Dragon bursts into the room to stop him from killing Kojiro..They fight but when Kojiro staggers into the street into the arms of Shadow henchmen who are terrified of Gale and Kojiro calls for his "brother" to help him. Gale release its just Kojiro that Dragon has hidden the real Kotaro and runs away, promising that their showdown will come soon enough. The henchmen have taken Kojiro. Dragon receives a phone call from Eyes of Darkness who when asked "are you the new boss" says he rushed over from America and will return to America soon. He offers to trade "that idiot Kojiro" for Kotaro. A meet is et. Kotaro offers to actually trade himself for Kojiro but Dragon declines to put him in jeopardy and tells him not to step a foot outside. Must have been

Dragon has to let himself be captured to keep Kojiro from being killed. Gale thinks he knows where Kotaro is and sends men to Dr. Kuri's Clinic but one returns to report no one is there. Gale proves again he doesnt know his enemy when he tries to beat Dragon into telling him where the real Muto, Kotaro is. Fortunately for Dragon, Muto, Kota disregard his instructions and came to the ship in harbor. And untied Kojiro. Kojiro unties Dragon and actually manages to beat up a Shadow henchman. Gale removes his shirt, revealing rose tattoos. So Dragon rips of his shirt too, no tattoos. Dragon into the ocean and assumes he drowned since he says a brief prayer for him, He's only done that once before so he must have some grudging respect for this opponent.

‹To Be Continued›

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