episode 18 title

Episode 18: Dragon The Great Turnabout
(featuring Shadow assassins Flash, Thunder, Rock Storm)

For the first time Dragon faces three foes. unfortunately for them, they chose to confront him one at a time instead of all three together. Their egos got in the way.

Flash Thunder Rock Storm

Three men, Thunder, Flash and Rock Storm (?) are running around the woods, screaming, breaking statutes, boulders and trees when they realize a fourth man is watching them.

Dark Tiger

When in answer to their demands, he shows himself and states that his name is "Tiger" they recognize him as "Dark Tiger', the Shadow Boss. So Eyes of Darkness has already returned to the USA and Shadow Japan has its third boss, and he has a job for the thee Demon Fists of Shadow (strange thats what the previous assassin called his signature move.)

Instead of young orphan children this episode has the older orphan Rika and other students at what appears to be an all girl school. Rika is walking with her friend Momoe, when she realizes a "strange man" is following them. But is Flash after Rika a friend of Dragon or Momoe the only daughter of wealthy parents? Flash tries to make it appear he's not following them by stooping to light a cigarette, Shadow backed by tobacco plantations? Dragon and Kojiro are practicing, as always Kojiro wants to give up early. Dragon pays not attention to his attempt to quit but instead telling him his strength is in his shoulders and therefore he needs to practice kicking more to strengthen his legs, when the girls come running to inform Dragon about the strange man. Kojiro is immediately  smitten with Momoe (must have forgotten his vow to remain single after Black Jaguar's spy broke his heart) and offers to walk the girls home. Dragon tries to instill confidence in Kojiro by telling him to be as fierce as a wolf. (In English slang a wolf is a man who preys on women but thats not what Dragon meant). Kojiro tries to take on Flash, who calls him "brat" repeatedly and tells him to crawl home to Dragon, Kojiro ends up with a cigarette burn on his forehead and smacked in the face. Flash tells the girl that if she comes quietly he wont' kill her. Then he knocks her out (did you know that hitting people in the stomach instead of the head renders them unconscious, well it does on TV). Before carrying the girl off, he stops to tell the unconscious Musashi, Kojiro that he is a disgrace to the name. (Sasaki Kojiro and Miyamoto Musashi were both master swordsmen. Their duel, in which Musashi killed Kojiro is legendary in Japan and has been dramatized many times).

Momoe's parents get a phone call demanding 50 million yen in ransom. Of course Dragon, Kojiro and Rika are with the parents at the time. Momma wants to pay the ransom and have Dragon stay out of it. But he tells her Shadow doesn't follow any rules or ethics. Kojira is more blunt, he says Shadow will not return their daughter to them alive. Dragon promises to return their daughter and their money. But what Dragon doesn't know is that the kidnapping is not about the money. Shadow's new boss had the friend of Dragon's mentor's daughter kidnapped to draw Dragon, who does know not there are three assassins not just one, into a lethal trap. Kojiro carrying a bag containing 50 million yen complains that money is heavy. Dragon assumes that when Kojiro drops the money off the boat into the ocean, as instructed, that while Shadow goes after the money he will have the chance to rescue the girl. Flash sees Kokiro in the speed boat and realizes Dragon must already be on the island. After Kojiro drops the money into the sea, Flash makes sure he can be seen entering a row boat to go after. Dragon goes into the cave where Momoe is tied up. He unties her but on the way out of the cave encounters Rock Storm who threatens him with his "Rock Storm Fists". After bouncing Rock Storm into the cave walls, Dragon leads the girl out of the cave only to meet Thunder, who says "One misfortune follows another, Dragon". Shouting "Thunder Kick!", he hurls himself at Dragon. Thunder ends up with his head smashed against the outside of the cave. When Dragon finds the money onshore he knows Flash must be around. Unlock the other two Flash doesn't give his nunchuck attack a name he just charges in at Dragon. Loosing the nunchucks he tries to strangle Dragon with a leather strap and Dragon breaks neck killing him. Dragon carries the money as the girl walks beside him. Kojiro comes running.

‹To Be Continued›

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