episode 19 title

Episode 19: The Enemy With The Strongest Tai Chi
(featuring Shadow assassin Whirlwind)

Whirlwind II

As Dragon and Kojiro are waiting to board a subway train to take part in a karate match, someone attempts to push dragon in front of an incoming train. Dragon runs after the darkly dressed person who pushed him and ends up on a bus. No one on the bus makes a move towards him but once he's off the bus, walking down a side walk someone tries to hit him with a car. The car goes by with a door open and Dragon says "thats the guy" and goes chasing after someone again. He doesn't catch up with him. While wondering what is next he senses that his attacker is near.so he finds a high place to look down from expecting to get a better look at whoever is stalking him. When a man comes around the corner, Dragon throws a shoe at him to see his reaction. The man just kicks it away. Dragon figures that not him and jumps down. In the next scene he's wearing both shoes. When a man in black jumps out a tree Dragon realizes he must be a shadow "killing machine" The man introduce himself as Whirlwind. This Whirlwind lives up to the name. And Dragon recognizes him as a practitioner of Tai Chi. After sparing with Dragon, Whirlwind does the normal Shadow thing and disappears. Dragon finds a locker key numbered 625 laying on the ground. Apparently he gives it to Kojiro because its Kokiro who finds the matching locker. He calls Dragon and asks if he should open it. When Dragon says yes, Kojro expects a demon or guy from Shadow to jump out, but all thats inside is a briefcase. This time when Kokiro asks if they should try to open it Dragon grabs it and says "not here".

Later, when Rika wonders whats in the briefcase, Kojiro assumes its money, someones payment for a murder. When Dragon opens it, Kojiro thinks its empty but actually there is a photograph of a young woman (Kojiro is "in love" again) and a small boy. Shadow's next victims? Dr. Kuri awakens (from a 3 episode nap?) and immediately wants booze and a massage from Kojiro. Kojiro is annoyed because he's worried about the beautiful woman in the photo. When Dr. Kuri sees it he recognizes the boy as having been a patient and goes to search his records for name and address. Once he has them and he tells Dragon, Kojiro hands Dragon the phone books. Dragon makes a phone call. As soon as he hears they are not at home but at an amusement park he hangs up, causing the housekeeper who answered to complain about rude people on the phone. Shadow was already in the house and over heard where their intended victims are. Dragon and Kojira are joined by Rika and Kuri in the search for the young woman and her son. They unwisely assume Shadow wouldn't dare try anything in broad daylight in front of so many witnesses. Kojiro ends up riding a roller coaster and causing a scene when it scares him. Dr. Kuri spots the woman through binoculars and tells Rika where she is and she goes to tell Dragon, while says he will be the beautiful lady's bodyguard. The Doctor meets her first but the other three appear almost immediately. When Dr. Kori tells her someone wants to kill her she cannot believe it but then she realizes its her son Yoshio who is the target, because someone bought a 50 million yen life insurance policy on him. When she says he was getting a balloon from the clown, Dragon realizes the clown is Whirlwind (which I suspected immediately). Kojiro and Dragon follow the clown into the Haunted House ride, which scares Kojiro. When they hear laughing Kojiro thinks its Dragon, but Dragon realizes its Whirlwind and asks why he would stoop to killing a child. The answer is obvious, someone who will make money of of the child's death is paying for it. Shadow and Whirlwind fight, they end up outside. Whirlwind stars out doing well but Dragon wins in the end, returns to the Haunted House and finds the boy tied up in the control room and returns him to his mother.

‹To Be Continued›

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