episode 2 title

Episode 2: Dragon's Foe Is Purple Snake
(featuring Shadow assassins Red Tiger & Purple Snake)

Red Tiger

Learning from Red Tiger that he was ordered to kill his mentor by his unknown leader of the Shadow Assassins Guild, Dragon realizes his true enemy is the guild's leader but he kills Red Tiger for being the one to carry out the order to murderer his mentor. Learning that the man who hired Shadow to kill Lin. Kaimei has gone to Macao, Dragon intends to follow him to learn what he knows about Shadow..

Purple SnakePurple Snake

While still in Hong Kong, Dragon survives two attempts by Purple Snake to kill him with poison darts. When the two adversaries decide fighting on a city bus would be a bad idea they talk instead. Learning that Shadow has a thing for colors Dragon asks who the bosss is. Purple Shadow claims its Black Jaguar. And Dragon says :"I thought as much" before Purple Snake gives him the slip to go speak to his boss.who orders him to Macao to stop Dragon.

Dragon survives an attempt by Shadow henchmen to cause him to die in an accident involving a rickshaw and an automobile and makes it to his target. But this time Purple Snake doesn't miss with his poison dart, the man dies telling Dragon nothing. The poison causes a heart attack and then leaves no trace. Purple Snake fires another dart at Dragon but Dragon of course catches the dart. Confronting the assassin on the street the two battle. Before Purple Snake dies he tells Dragon the Lin family are all being killed in Hong Kong, so he won the battle bust lost the war. One of Purple Snake's drugged spines pierced Dragon's shoulder so now he's fighting to stay conscious.

‹To Be Continued›

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