episode 20 title

Episode 20: The Demonic Wrestler
(featuring Shadow assassin Shock)


Dark Tiger wants The Demonic Wrestler: Shock arrange for him to meet Dragon and then kill him.. Shock watches Dragon and Kojira walk down the same street at 3PM every day for three days, so when he tries to murder another man, telling him someone has hired Shadow to kill him and his company president, he knows Dragon will come by and try to stop him. He beats up on Dragon but doesn't kill him, because Dark Tiger hasn't met him yet, he ignores Kojiro and walks off. And he leaves his "victim" behind. Dragon has Kojiro take the man to the clinic. Dr. Kuri hears the mauled man say his boss is the next victim, so once again its Dragon to the phone book. Shock, brags to Dark Tiger that Dragon is not match for him and he only left him alive because Dark Tiger wants to meet him before he dies. Dr. Kuri correctly surmises that the Shadow assassin left his victim alive to trap Dragon. Kojiro says he won't be caught in a trap, as if it was his decision, Dragon agrees that it is probably a trap but if it isn't and he doesn't go somebody is going to be murdered, When Dragon asks RIka to buy a train ticket, Kojiro says she should make it two. Act of bravery? Not so much. An act of loyalty, definitely. Kojiro is constantly on the look out for "that monster" but totally fails to notice him watching as he and Dragon board the train. On the train Kojiro notices it is full of newlyweds and dating couples and he's on it with another guy. He wants to meet a nice lady and start a nice family. So much for his vow to remain single (episode 15). Dragon tells him to shut up. He gets up "to go to the bathroom" but really to search the train for the monster. Of course by the time he's done and happy to have not found him he really does need the bathroom and when he opens the door, there is Shock waiting for him. Dragon goes looking for Kojiro and finds a message from Shock instructing him where to go if he wants his apprentice back..


As soon as Dragon arrives at the meeting place, he's attacked by nearly a dozen easily disposed of Shadow henchmen (who's black shirts no longer have a jaguar logo). Dragon meets the new Shadow Japan boss, Dark Tiger, for the first time. After a brief chat Dark Tiger leaves Dragon to face Shock aka The Demon Wrestler, stating that if he survives they should meet again. Kojiro is unconscious and tied to a tree. During their fight Dragon removes his own shirt and tears of Shock's. Shock is as hairy as Dragon is not. Shock was probably one of the toughest to kill foes Dragon ever had but he wins in the end. And having some respect for the dead he covers Shock's face, with Shocks shirt. Dragon wakes Kokiro was asks where the monster is, Dragon says "he was destroyed by his own power".

‹To Be Continued›

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