episode 21 title

Episode 21: The Black Rider Assassin
(featuring Shadow assassins Magnum & Winter Wind)

The previous episode's teaser for this episode referred to the first assassin as "Black Helmet" but in this episode his name which is not mentioned until the end is given as "Magnum" after the .44 magnum revolver he used (in violation of Shadow rules).


A motorcycle cuts a car off. The motorcycle rider says he is a "courier for Shadow", he pulls out a .44 magnum revolver and shoots the car's driver. He shots off the locks on a briefcase full of money. He then goes to another man's apartment, claims he is there to collect the repayment of the money he borrowed from Shadow. The man hands over the money but the killer puts a silencer on his revolver (which is impossible as the noise from a revolver comes from the openings around the cylinder not the barrel like with a semi automatic pistol) and shoots him anyway. And in the dumbest scene in the series the force of the bullet knocks him out the window. Never happen, not even high powered rifle has that much force.

Winter Wind

The phone rings at the Kuri Clinic, Kojiro answers it. A voice demands, "get me Dragon",. incensed by the callers impoliteness Kojiro gives the caller a lesson in phone manners. The man says "this is Shadow we do what we want". Dragon comes and talks to the man, he wants to meet with Dragon to ask him a favor. Dragon wants a location where the caller won't try to kill him (I don't think such a place exists), they agree on a place, a Chinese resteraunt. The Shadow assassin introduces himself as Winter Wind. He wants to call a temporary truce with Dragon so he can deal with someone who is interfering in Shadow business and murdering people. Kojiro initially laughs at the idea. Dragon accepts. Winter Wind leaves as a waitress brings a lot of food. Kojiro starts to eat but when he looks up dragon is gone. Dragon attacks Winter Wind, but it was only a test. He tells him his kick boxing skills are excellent but his enemy has a gun capable of dropping an elephant (its been done but its not wise to try hunting elephants with any hand gun the people who have done it as a publicity stunt had men with rifles backing them up.). Dragon decides to help Winter Wind not just remain neutral. Kojiro and Rika argue over whether Dragon has fallen into a Shadow trap when he phones to tell them he hasn't. Losing a coin toss, Winter Wind has to play the sitting duck victim while Dragon waits to pounce, When the killer with the gun enters the room he stares at Winter Wind as if he knew him and that hesitation allow Dragon to hit him causing him to drop his revolver. He runs away. Dragon and Winter Wind give chase. Magnum takes a hostage a young girl pulling a smaller revolver from his boot and pointing the barrel at her head. Dragon stops but Winter Wind strides forward. Magnum looks terrified lets the girl go and shots at but does not hit Winter Wind. He lets him know he has one more shot. Dragon leaping at him knocking the second gun from his hand and Winter Wind strikes a killing blow. The young assassin falls to the ground and says with his dying breath "brother..." Winter Wind explains that Magnum was his younger brother but he stole Shadow's list and used weapons violating Shadow's rules so he died at his hands. Dragon asks if they would bury him. But Winter Wind's icy stare causes Dragon to realize the truce has ended. Dragon does not want this fight, like Kojiro he was taken in by Winter Wind's good manners and charm and forgot he was cold blooded killer, started looking at him as friend. After Winter Wind is dead, Dragon finds his two-headed coin on the ground and says to the corpse "Winter Wind, I did not want to fight you."

‹To Be Continued›

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