episode 22 title

Episode 22: The Incredible Man From Hong Kong
(featuring Shadow assassins Violent Wind & Sea Storm)

Violent Wind Sea Storm

Violent Wind, a Shadow assassin from Japan is sent to the airport to meat a Shadow assassin from Hong Kong, Sea Storm. Sea Storm refuses to shake hands which makes Violent Wind angry. He challenges Sea Storm wanting to "see what you are made of". Sea Storm doesn't the fight, but Violent Wind insists so Sea Storm says he will fight one-handed, to give him a change, which makes Violent Wind even angrier. Sea Storm ends up leaving Violent Wind with one arm, telling him to get to a hospital before he bleeds to death. Later, at the Shiranui Dojo, Musashi, Kojiro is trying to show Shiranui, Ryuma;s other students a round house kick when someone laughs. Sea Storm appears holding the dojo's sign. Which he breaks with his hands. He than knocks out every student. And we get a dream sequence of Kojiro singing about how cute he is. Dragon wakes Kojiro up in the clinic and Kojiro tells Dragon his assailant "Has a message from Hong Kong". Dragon realizes it must be Shadow. Dr. Kuri and Rika who were out on a house are grabbed by Violent Wind's henchmen, they let Rika go but take the doctor away, to tend to their comrade, promising to pay the doctor well. To get one of the henchmen out of the way he orders him to "go boil water". The injure man mutters about "the Hong Kong bastard". Dr. Kuri shows up at the clinic, drunk. When Kojiri refer to "the Hong Kong bastard" the drunken doctor says "so you've run into him too?" Violent Wind wants vengeance but his men want him to stay in bed for a week like the doctor said. Dr. Kuri was blindfolded both ways but he thinks he can find their hideout based on the sounds her heard in the car.< His plan works and they arrive just in time to see a one armed Violent Wind sneak off to find Sea Storm while his men are asleep. He gets in a cab. Dragon follows, leaving Kuri and Kojiro behind. Kohiro cannot understand why Dragon would leave him behind, so the doctor explains its because that Kojiro would be no help against that guy from Hong Kong but would just get in the way. The doctor doesn't pull any punches.

Violent Wind calls for Sea Storm to "show the warrior spirit" and come face him. Sea Storm comes out and laughs at Violent Wind for leading Dragon right to him. Sea Storm's message is that Dragon must die. Violent Wind claims he will take care of Dragon after dealing with Sea Storm. Sea Storm who has no sense of honor mocks Violent Wind saying "there is no room in Shadow for fools who talk about the warrior spirit" and the two Shadow assassins battle each other instead of banding together to take down their sworn enemy.. After Sea Storm knocks Violent Wind into the water were he apparently drowns he calls on Dragon to fight. During the fight both unarmed men magically gain nunchucks, Sea Storm first, then Dragon. After Dragon drops Sea Storm in the water were he put VIolent Wind, Dragon comments on his beaten foe denying himself the pride of a warrior.

‹To Be Continued›

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