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Episode 24: Target: The Karate Champion
(featuring Shadow assassin Landslide)

Gojo, Shinichi Gojo, Shinichi

Dark Tiger tries to get the Wold Karate Champion Gojo, Shinichi (played by Ikeda, Shunsuke)who defeated 14 other karate experts in matches in Paris, France to join Shadow by offering to build him a fine Dojo and to pay for the cancer treatments of his younger brother, Youji. Dark Tiger prepared for the honest man's refusal by having his brother kidnapped. As proof he plays a cassette tape of the boy's voice (the audience sees the both in Shadow's clutches). Since Gojo, Shinichi' is not a very Shadow like name and the champ's signature move is the "landslide" Dark Tiger names him Landslide. Dr. Kuri is upset because one of his patients has disappeared. Kojiro says that maybe he went to the big hospital where they have many good doctors. When Dr. Kuri mentions his patient's brother was coming from Paris, he realizing he is talking about the World Karate Champion and his brother. Although Dragon has never met the Champion he decides to go to him home to see if the child is there. On the way he and Kojiro encounters a figure dressed in black and wearing a white mask. Dragon tells Kojiro to hide. As Dragon and Landslide walk past each other as if there is no tension but then Landslide turns and they spar briefly before Landslide jumps away. Dragon calls for Kojiro but his student has decided to follow the masked man. Landslide meets with a Shadow henchmen whews' cocky until Landslide, now unmasked asks if he is lying about his brother being taken care and then the look on the Karate champions face terrifies him. Landslide wants Dark Tiger to send Dragon a letter challenging him to a match. The henchman doesn't like it but he takes the message to the boss. Kojiro changes targets and follows the henchman. Dragon returns to the clinic expecting to find Kokiro there instead he finds the letter of challenge. Gojo, Youji keeps asking his guard when he can see his brother, they tell him when the phone rings and says his brother has won. Someone knocks on their door. When they ask who it is a dark voice says "Tiger. Dark Tiger". believing it to be their boss they open the door, but its Kojiro. And these have to be the most inept Shadow agents ever because he's actually able to deck them. The he has some trouble rescuing Youji who insists he has to wait there for his brother.

For their final battle, Landslide appears without his mask. As Dragon and the World Karate Champion slowly walk toward each other, Kojiro arrives at the clinic with Youji. Dr. Kuri and Kojiri than leave for the match hoping to stop it. Landslide's signature move doesn't work on Dragon, probably because he watched the fights. He and Dragon are in fact evenly matched. When Kokiro arrives with Youki, the fight ends. Gojo, Shinichi begs Dragon's forgiveness and hurries towards his brother, but Shadow henchmen appear and attack him calling him a traitor. He can obviously handle himself but Dragon joins the fray making quick work of them. Happy to reunite the brothers no one notices Dark Tiger watching his "Landslide" abandon Shadow and his henchmen fall.

Note: this the third masked assassin, after Green Spider and Black Jaguar. Although unlike the others he choses to reveal himself to Dragon in the end.

‹To Be Continued›

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