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Episode 25: Counterattack! The Dark Tiger
(featuring Shadow Boss: Dark Tiger & Shadow assassins Four Shadow Great Gods: Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire)

old manold man

Dragon continues to believe he can actually train Kojiro and is trying to teach him nunchucks when his lesson is interrupted by a visitor. And old man claims Shadow is trying to extort 50 million yen from him and he's head Dragon could protect him. Dragon agrees to go with him, but when the old man shakes his hands Dragon notice the hands don t look as aged as the man's gray hair and beard, So when the reach the place Shadow is supposed to be and he old man says Shadow is not there Dragon says Shadow is before his eyes. Realizing Dragon sees through his disguise the old man reveals himself to be Dark Tiger (without his sunglasses, hat, or pipe for the first time), He tells Dragon that Shadow is shooting down operations in Japan but before they go Dragon who has repeatedly interfered in their plans must die. And it is up to him to make that happen. After a very short fight, Dark Tiger declares it a draw and staggers away, Dragon collapses. Dragon awakes in Dr. Kuri's clinic, Kojiro having carried him there. Kojiro suddenly realized he picked up Dark Tiger's broken cane and there is a map ruled up inside it. Korjo, Dr. Kuri and even Rika want to go with Dragon to find out what Shadow secrets the map will lead too. Rika because Shadow killed her father. Dragon agrees that they should all go.

Before they board a boat to Oshima, Kojiro is fidgety look out for Dark Tiger, but once they are aboard he completely fails to notice him watching them. After looking at the map Dragon suggests checking out the island's Hawaiian Botanical Gardens first. Kojiro gets seasick and goes on deck to vomit into the sea but has an encounter with Dark Tiger, who tells him to tell Dragon he will get the map back no matter what and take Dragon's life too. Since the map has four red circles on it and there are four of them, Dr. Kuri suggests tearing the map into four parts and they each take one piece so even if Shadow captures one of them Dark Tiger won't get the whole map back. They do this than all four go to the Hawaiian Botanical Garden and once there split up to search for Shadow's secret.. Kojiro, literally runs into Dark Tiger, who knocks him out by hitting him the stomach (which is how you render someone unconscious on TV not by hitting them in the head). Dragon catches a dagger thrown at him, it has Dark Tiger's demand that he bring the other three map pieces to the crater at Mount Mihara if he wants Kojiro back. This time Dragon goes alone.

god of wind god of water god of lightning god of fire

Dragon arrives without the other map pieces, and Dark Tiger arrives without Kojiro. Dragon asks what the map is about. And Dark Tiger stating that since he's about to send Dragon to hell he figures its safe to tell him, the four places on the map are were Shadow has hidden bars of gold worth billions purchased from the money made off Shadow's clients. Now Dragon figures he can kill Shadow Japan's boss and cripple Shadow by confiscating their gold. But instead of finishing their fight, Dark Tiger calls forth "Shadows four great gods" to finish Dragon. Wind, Water, Lightning, Fire. Wondering which one will survive to take the map pieces from Kuri and the girl, Dark Tiger laughs and vanishes.

‹To Be Continued›

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