episode 26 title

Episode 26: Farewell, Dragon
(featuring Shadow assassins Four Shadow Great Gods: Wind, Lightning, Water, Fire & Shadow Boss: Dark Tiger)

god of wind

God of Fire (second on the left) manages to get Dragon's map piece. And all four watch as Dragon appears to fall to his death inside the crater of the volcano. God of Wind (first on the left) says he will take care of Dragon's friends while the other tree report back to "boss".

god of wind

God of Wind goes to their prisoner, Kojiro (tied to a tree) and tells him that Dragon is dead., trying to use Dragon's piece of the map (which he must have gotten from God of Fire) as proof., Kojiro just mocks him. Wind cracks his knuckles preparing to slowly beat Kojiro to death so he can go see Dragon in hell. But Dragon walks out from behind a tree stating that "its not necessary to go that far". He also thanks Wind for the use of his rope (which is how he kept from falling into the lava). Wind says he will just have to kill Dragon again. Dragon laughs at the notion that if the four couldn't kill him one certainly cannot. Kojiro tells God of Wind to flee for his life. When Wind moves towards Kojrp, Dragon strikes and says that Wind should listen to Kojiro but of course he doesn't. Scratch one false god as he ends up smacking his head into a tree from a blow from Dragon and Dragon with complete contempt turns his back on him, Only turning around to retrieve the map piece from his corpse. Dragon rips the ropes of Kojiro tells him about the gold and the two hurry to get to Dr. Kuri and Rika before Shadow does.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Rika and Dr. Kuri decide they are wasting time waiting for Dragon and Kojiro and each set off for the locations on their pieces of the maps, not even knowing what they are looking for. They fail to notice the car containing Dark Tiger, God of Fire, God of Water and God of Lightning. Dark Tiger is revealed that they had made the job of getting them easier by leaving the hotel. Water and Lightning set off after them on foot. Dark Tiger has Fire drive off. Dragon and Kojiro arrive to learn their friends have left. When Dragon surmises that they went to the locations on their pieces of the map, Kojiro says that means Rika went to the Tennis Plaza. And Dragon says that Dr. Kuri went to Kazahaya Peninsula. Kojiro heads after Rika, promising not to screw up again. Dragon goes after the doctor.

god of lightning

God of Water catches up to Rika, and despite there not being another soul in sight, complains that he cannot do anything in such a public place. God of Lightning finds Dr. Kuri alone and reclaims the map piece saying "it was ours to begin with". Dr. Kuri realizes he's from Shadow and never having actually seen Dark Tiger he assumes this is him. God Lightning laughs at the notion of the boss wasting his time on such a nothing as this old man.. He takes the map piece and tries to throw the doctor off a cliff to his death but Dragon appears and tells him he has the wrong opponent and asks "do you want to follow God of Wind into the next world?" God of Lightning swears revenge before joining the other false god in hell from a kick to the face by Dragon. Dragon retrieves the third map piece and returns it to Dr. Kuri..When the Doctor asks about Kojiro and Dragon tells him he went after Rika, the doctor wonders if the are okay and Dragon taking the doctor by the arm they leave to find out.

god of water god of fire

Kojiro and Rika are riding bicycles. Korjiro runs his into a a branch on the road and crashes, because he wasn't paying attention but bragging to Rika that since he is there everything will be all right, so much for not screwing up again. Of course the branch was placed there by God of Water who apparently decided a city street was less crowded than an empty tennis court. Kojito attacks God of Water who doesn't even flinch he just knocks him out and grabs Rika. Boss arrives calls God of Water an idiot and informs him that Dragon is still alive but Wind and Lightning are dead. Dragon receives a phone call demanding the map pieces for Kojiro and Rika. Dragon desperate for a way to rescue his two friends from 3 opponents (God of Water, God of Fire and Dark Tiger) comes up with a plan requiring Dr. Kuri's help (desperate in deed). Kokiro and Rika are tied, fully dressed (they are never nailed or naked on TV) to opposite sides of the same cross. Usually the plan isn't to actually crucify them but to shoot them. In this case they would be beaten to death if Dragon doesn't hurry up and bring the map pieces. Dark Tiger sees Dragon in the distance and yells at him to hurry up. But then Dragon appears on the hilltop to take down the last two false gods, Water and fire before he frees the hostages. Dragon yells at Dr. Kuri who is wearing a white suit like Dragons and still not in close range to Dark Tiger, to "get out of there". Dark Tiger at the bottom of the hill can only watch as Dragon free Kuri and Rika. Water and Fire don't put up much of fight, Dragon simply kicks them out of the screen, we don't even seem them drop dead, they are just gone.

Dark Tiger

Dark Tiger's response to all this is "You deceived me, Dragon!" Dragon tells Kojiro to take Rika away to safety, but of course the two simply hide behind some rocks to watch the final battle. Dr. Kuri joins them. Dragon fights unarmed, Dark Tiger with a metal crutch. (The stuntman doing the actual fighting for Dark Tiger is too thin). Dark Tiger losses, his weapon, his hate and his sun glasses, His last attack on Dragon, he strangles him and hits him on the head. Dragon's head bleeds. Dark Tiger staggers back shouts "A'salam" (Arabic for "peace" and part of a longer Muslim greeting), as Dragon silently drops. Dark Tiger adds "I've won, Behold the glory of Shadow!' before getting a pained look on his face, dropping to the ground, rolling, groaning and then falling still and silent. The boss of Shadow Japan is dead! He did not live to see, Dragon slowly, painfully raise to his feet. His friends run to him, in slow motion, Kojiro shouting "Bro! Bro!" (aniki), Dr. Kuri shouting "Ryuma!" (his name) and Rika shouting "Brother!" (oniisan). Sometime later, they shout the same (accept its Kokiro, Rika and then Dr. Kuri) at a jet plane as Dragon flies off to find and defeat Shadow in other countries, it is after all an international assassins guild. As Dragon sits inside the jet he speaks his final words of the series to the camera: "Kokjiro, Rika-chan, Dr. Kuri, I will wipe out Shadow every where in the world. One day I will return to Japan, I promise. Until then, be well". But Kojiro has the last word as he screams out "Bro!" then says a quick prayer for Dragon followed by one last "Bro!" with tears in his eyes.


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