episode 6 title

Episode 6: Dragon VS, Female Dragon
(featuring Shadow assassins Striped Wolf & Spotted Wolf)

Striped Wolf

Dragon is out in the woods practicing, break boards and bricks when he senses a presence and manages to dodge a hand full of shuriken (throwing stars). A man appears, identifies himself as "Striped Wolf" and claims he's not there on orders but just wants to kill Dragon because he wants all other strong men dead. As if he were a tokusatsu kaiju Striped Tiger names his attempt to pock Dragon in the eyes "Blinding Attack". Dragon blocks his attack and the man begs Dragon to kill him but Dragon tells him to go kill himself if he wants to die so badly.

Shadow's four heavenly karate guards Shadow's four heavenly karate guards

Striped Tiger is summoned before his boss, who tells him to sit down then saying he did not order Dragon to be killed and he doesn't need a Shadow member violating Shadow's Code (all murders are to look like accidents or suicides) and flipping a switch on his desk Black Jaguar, electrodes Striped Tiger to death. Ogawara, Eizo receives a phone call, telling him to immediately stop providing Dragon with financial assistance. The voice is shown to be coming from a cassette tape recorder. As soon as Ogawara, Eizo hangs up the phone 4 other men dressed in black and calling themselves "Shadow's four heavenly karate guards" appear in the room threatening to send him to the netherworld. He tries to defend himself with a cane but they break it and knock him out.

Spotted Wolf

As the four thugs place their unconscious victim in their car a woman in blue appears and asks what they intend to do with that man. "Kill him, and before that we kill all witnesses". They attack her but she defends herself with kicks and karate chops. She steals there car and drives off, taking Ogawara, Eizo to Kurii 's clinic. Kojiro appears announcing that someone has crashed their dojo and is beating up the students. Dragon goes to confront this intruder and meets "Hayase, Ryuko of the Kurma Hachiryu karate style", the young woman who knocked down all his students.They spar, Dragon wins but claims that if she had not had previous fights it would have been a draw. She asks to join him in fighting Shadow, claiming Shadow killed her father. Dragon is against putting a woman in such danger but Kojiro talks him into accepting her assistance. Dragon sends Ogawara, Eizo into hiding with Hayase, Ryuko (whom Kojiro calls Female Dragon) to guard him.

Dragon in Ogawara, Eizo house receives a phone call from Black Jaguar saying that if Dragon is taking Ogawara, Eizo's place than the other is unneccsary and may die soon. Dragon decides he better guard his friend himself but as he tries to leave he's attacked by the four Shadow assassins who don't have a color in their names,now claiming to be the Big Four Karate Masters. Koirjo joins the fight but only serves a distraction not a real threat. Meanwhile Shadow henchmen attack Ogawara, Eizo. As Female Dragon, fights Ogawara tries to escape but more henchmen catch up with him.. Dragon appears. But Female Dragon has been captured and the henchmen threaten to kiill her. Dragon laughs, because the four men he fought had the same fighting style as her, meaning she is in fact their leader. She admits it she is in fact Spotted Wolf, the daughter of Stripped Wolf. Black Jaguar told her Dragon killed her father.and she wants revenge. During the fight she she almost falls off the roof but Dragon saves her and walks away with his friends. Later he receives a letter informing him that she is running away from Shadow and giving him one of Shadow's secret, the own an island near Hong Hong where they train their assassins.

‹To Be Continued›

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