episode 8 title

Episode 8: Dragon In Danger! Certain Death
(featuring Shadow assassins Green Spider & Golden Bat)

Green Spider Golden Bat

Shocker! Kojiro actually had a good idea. Waking up and discovering Dragon is being beaten without fighting back and his friend his being held prisoner, Kojiro find a bullhorn in a fan and uses to announce that the police have Shadow assassins surrounded and apparently they fall for this hoax because they retreat, leaving Dragon and their prisoner. The man who threatened to kill Dragon's mentor's daughter in episode 7 is revealed in this episode to be Golden Bat when his just misses being hit by a knife thrown at him by Green Spider who is angry at his "interference". Golden Bat of course tells him he was following orders. Their boss is concerned Green Spider's personal hatred for Dragon will cause him to make mistakes. Green Spider says he's thought out Dragon's demise very calmly and rationally, he will lure him to Devil's Island and kill him there.

Golden Bat and Hayato

Meanwhile, in Japan, the "Acorns" accuse Dr. Kurii of suffering from a hangover (actually he seems currently drunk to me). Dragon phones to see how they are doing. after the call Hayato shows up claiming he had been searching for ways to sneak onto Devil's Island. He says he has discovered a but is scheduled to go there. Kojiro wants to go but Dragon tells him he needs to stay to protect his mentor's daughter. Dragon and Hayato stowaway on the boat by swimming to it (which allows them to both lose their shirts). Dragon is wearing his common white pants. Hayato is wearing green pants (just in case all the hints in the dialogue and the fact he's never around when Green Spider is are not obvious enough clues). Dragon and Hayato are discovered and in the ensuing fight Hayato goes overboard. When the boat arrives at Devil's Island it appears to have been abandoned. Green Spider appears (wearing gray pants) and is told by a henchman no one is onboard. Dragon makes it to the island's radio room and over hearing that the boss is calling for Green Spider, he knocks out the two henchmen and holding his nose tries ti impersonate Green Dragon. But Golden Bat (now earing a golden sweater) appears holding Hayato prisoner and threatening to kill him. Dragon laughs, then says Bruce Leung from INTERPOL has arrived on the island with the Hong Kong police. A bluff that gives Dragon a chance to grab Hayato and lead him out of gave where the radio was kept. A little fighting against the islands students before Hayato finally reveals that he is Green Spider, that he despise Dragon because before him he was their mentor's best and most loved student. Dragon denies that their mentor played favorites. Dragon doesn't want to fight Hayato whom he loves like a brother but he and Golden Bat give him no choice. When Green Spider thinks he has Dragon imobolized he tells Golden Bat to kill him. Golden Back removes his sweater, rules it up and uses it likc a whip (don't know what he had inside it) but Dragon spins around and Green Spider get hit in the head instead and dies creaming. Enranged, Dragpm again mimics Kamen Rider and gets Golden Spider with a deadly flying kick..

Dragon's bluff becomes at least partially true as INTERPOL agent Bruce Leung arrives on Devil's Island. Dragon and Bruce Leung spar a bit, Bruce Leung warns Dragon that if he interfers in INTGERPOL's missions he will turn him into an enemy. But they shake hands before they part. And Dragon, with Kojiro and his mentors daughter fly back to Japan.

Note: Golden Bat's changing into a gold sweater makes him the third Shadow assassin to wear the color matching his name.

‹To Be Continued›

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