episode 9 title

Episode 9: The Bizarre Dark Karate
(featuring Shadow assassins Dark Lizard & Shadow Weasel)

Dark Lizard & Shadow Weasal Dark Lizard & Shadow Weasa

Kojiro and Shu are out hunting for beetles and witness the murder of a business man by the Yamikage brothers, Shadow assassins Dark Lizard & Shadow Weasel. They follow the killers (Shu's idea not Kokiro's). Dragon finds a crowd standing around the body of "the poor man who fell down the stone stairs and broke his neck". Dragon hears a man talking to himself "have to hand it to Shadow" so he knows it was know accident. Shu and Kojro spy on the killers through a hole in the wall of the boat shack they are hiding in but Kojiro sneezes giving them away and Shadow Weasel kicks through the wall, hitting and wounding Shu. Kojiro picks him up and tries to carry him to safer but the assassins follow. While the brothers mock Kojiro saying "Karate means empty hand and he certainly shows that" Dragon who was following their client appears. Kojiro puts Shu in a boat and paddles off. When Dragon is knocked into the water by the brothers "Rock Drop" move (only second time an attack is named in this series) and Shadow Weasel says Dragon won't be able to use his left arm for awhile, Shu hears Koirjo say Dragon got hit and realizing his hero lost a battle the boy passes out. Shu suffered 3 broken ribs but the greater damage is to his will to get well. This child nearly wills himself to die because his hero failed bit was done the in the original Kamen Rider (1971) and in Kamen Rider V3 (1973), so its not original to this series. Dr. Kurii is no Tachibana, Tobei. Neither is Kojiro, who is the one that actually throws rocks at Dragon so he can come up with a new defense.

Dragon confronts the man who hired Shadow to kill his boss so he could take over the company but before he can tell Dragon how to contact Shadow a fist comes through the wall behind the man and delivering a fatal blow. Dragon offers to let Dark Lizard & Shadow Weasel move to a location where they can use their special technique. And with his new technique he kills them both at the same time. Dragon off triumphant. Shame he didn't turn back around to see Black Jaguar watching from the shadows (all the camera shows is a hand holding a cigar) and hear the Shadow boss threaten to end his life soon.

Note: Dark Lizard dressed in black is the fourth Shadow assassin who's clothes match his name. His brother is first Shadow assassin who's name has Shadow in it.

‹To Be Continued›

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