Inazuman aired October 2, 1973 - March 26, 1974 (25 episodes & 1 movie)

Sanagiman Inazuman

Created by Ishimori, Shotaro
Produced by Hirayama, T˘ru
Music by Watanabe, Michiaki

Character Actor
Watari, Goro Ban, Daisuke
Inazuman Bunya, Nakamura & Nakamura, Yu
Emperor Bamba (voice) ╬zuka, Sh˘z˘

Youth Corps Watari, Goro in Youth Corps Uniform

Watari, Goro joins the Youth Corp, an organization founded to battle the evil mutants of Shin Jin Rui (New Human Order). When Goro is tested he's revealed to be a powerful mutant himself. Chaneling electricity through his body he becomes the "Champion of Justice", Inazuman (Lightningman).

henshin to Sanagiman henshin to Inazuman

Watari, Goro has to henshin into Sanagiman before he can become Inazuman.

"G˘riki Sh˘rai!" (Gain Herculean Strength)

Sanagiman's body absorbs every attack used against him, storing the kenetic energy to charge the henshin belt. When Sanagiman's belt is fully charged he can become Inazuman.

"Ch˘riki Sh˘rai!" (Gain Super Strength)

Inazuman is a moth. Watari, Goro is like the caterpillar stage, Sanagiman is the cocoon. In the early episodes Sanagiman explodes as Inazuman breaks out of his shell.


Watari, Goro and Inazuman both drive the flying car Raijingo.


Raijingo could fly and could fire missiles out of it's mouth.


Inazuman Episode Titles

Inazuman Songs

In episode 24 a new group appears which hates mutants but is not on the side of normal humans either,
and Inazuman discovers that a new enemy threatens the peace of the world.

The story continues in Inazumana Flash

In a 2002 Anime DVD titled "The Boy Who Carried a Guitar: Kikaida vs. Inazuman" (Guitar wo Motta Shounen - Kikaida tai Inazuman), Inazuman meets Kikaida.

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