Mutants Of
The New Human Order & Phantom Army

Teiou Bamba
"Bara bara bara Bamba!"

Teiou Bamba [Emperor Bamba]
(voice by ╬zuka, Sh˘z˘))

Teiou Bamba considers himself to be the ruler of all mutants and seeks to kill those who refuse to join Shin Jin Rui. He believes he is destined to rule a new world order in which the Earth belongs to mutants.

Itsutsu-Bambara Mizu-BambaraKobu-Bambara

Episode 1: Itsutsu-Bambara (Itsutsu=five)
Episode 2: Mizu-Bambara (Mizu=water)
Episode 3: Kobu-Bambara (Kobu=bump, swelling)


Episode 4: Hone-Bambara (Hone=bone)
Episode 5: Kaze-Bambara (Kaze=wind)
Episode 6: Yuki-Bambara (Yuki=snow)


Episode 7: Hyakume-Bambara (Hyakume=hundred eyes)
Episode 8: Suna-Bambara (Suna=sand) (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 9: Kabi-Bambara (Kabi=mold)


Episode 10: Gasu-Bambara (Gasu=gas)
Episode 11: Bara-Bambara (Bara=rose)
Episode 12: Akuma-Bambara (Akuma=devil)

Abura-Bambara Kiri-BambaraaKage-Bambara

Episode 13: Abura-Bambara (Abura=oil) (voiced by Watabe, Takeshi)
Episode 14: Kiri-Bambara (Kiri=paulownia tree)
Episode 15: Kage-Bambara (Kage=shadow)


Episode 16: Toge-Bambara (Toge=thorn)
Episode 17: Shashin-Bambara (Shashin=photograph) - turned into fake Watari, Goro
Episode 18: Doku-Bambara (Doku=poison)


Episode 19: Kagami-Bambara (Kagami=mirror)
Episode 20: Hoshi-Bambara (Hoshi=star)
Episode 21: Take-Bambara (Take=bamboo)


Episode 22: Tsuchi-Bambara (Tsuchi=earth OR soil)
Episode 23: Enogu-Bambara (Enogu=colors OR paints)
Episode 24: Ishi-Bambara (Ishi=stone)


Episode 25: Kasai-Fighter (Kasai=fire) - monster form of Emperor Bamba

Shin Jin Soldier Traitor Phantom Soldier - episodes 24 and 25Burakuburazar - episode 25

The mutants were assisted by New Human Order soldiers (epsiodes 1-25). In addition to their claws soldiers were often armed with machine guns or rifles. The Traitor Phantom Soldiers (in the middle) betrayed the Shin Jin Rui to the DespÔ Gundan (episode 25). The Black Buraza were Teiou Bamba's body guards (episode 25).


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