The Super Inframan

The Super Inframan (1975) is a tokusatsu like super hero movie from the Shaw Brothers in Hong Kong.

Character Actor
Rayma & Inframan Li Hsui-Hsien (aka Danny Lee)
Dragon Mom/Princess Elzibub Terry Liu
Professor Chang/Llu Wang Hsia
Mei Mei/Lin Yuan Man-tzu

Dragon Mom/Princess Elzibub and soldiers

"Greetings to you, Earthlings, I am Princess Dragon Mom. I have taken over this planet, now I own the Earth and you'll be my slaves for all eternity."

Professor Chang (Llu)RaymaInframan

When the evil Dragon Mom (Princess Elzibub) and her army of monsters awakens from their long sleep beneath the surface of the Earth and starts bringing death and destruction to the surface world Professor Chang (Llu) of the Science Patrol transforms his best agent, Rayma, into the cyborg warrior Inframan.

Fire Bombskick

Inframan is armed with "Fire Bombs" (exploding darts), he can generate an explosive charge through his feet.

beam giant Inframan vs giant monster

He fires a solar powered ray through his hands. He can grow to giant size to fight giant monsters.

beam beam

He has a laser cutter. His most powerful weapon though is "Thunder Fists". His gloves shot off to hit the target then fly back to land on his hands. He then crosses his arms and fires an energy beam that can cut through anything.

Inframan movie boxThe Super Inframan VCD boxInframan movie box

The Super Inframan was originally released in the US under the title "Inframan" and was dubbed in English. The VCD version has Chinese dialogue (Cantonese or Mandarin depending on which audio channel you listen to) with English subtitles. Some of the names are different in the two versions. The movie has since been released in the US on a DVD which includes all 3 language versions with optional English subtitles.

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