Phantom Militia

The Phantom Oppostion Party's Phantom Miitia seeks to overthrow the "Yamato Government" for some unspecified reason. They use dinosaur robots for their evil schemes. Most of the Phantom Millitia officers and their robotic monsters appear briefly immediatley after the destruction of the Shiranui Clan (in episode 10) but do not immediatley launch their first attack (until episode 11).

Phantom Militia Leader
Phantom Militia Leader Phantom: Gekko [Moonlight] (episode 10-18)
like the leader of the Shiranui Clan he favoried a samurai sword, while his men are armed with more modern swords and firearms.

Phantom Militia officcers Phantom Militia officcers

Under Phantm Gekko (front right) there were eleven officers (six shown here). Officers had different colored uniforms, all with a white skull on the chest. The officers are assisted by soldiers whos uniforms are dark blue with a red band and red shoes. All the militia members, officers and soldiers, wore the white keffiyeh (they are probably supposed to be an ancient people like the Shiranui Clan (and their use of the keffiyeh is probably supposed to predate the use of it in Arabia). Although there were eleven total officers (plus the leader) appearing in the series the maxmim on camera at one time was six.(plus the leader). It seems like new ones would come in as old ones got killed until the end when it was down to the leader and one offficer and some troops.

Phantom Militia:
Phantom Gekko [Moonlight] (gold & purple uniform) - Phantom Opposition Party/Militia Leader (killed in episode 18)
Phantom Mutsuki (blue uniform) - controlled Zaira Unicorn (along with Phantom Kisaragi) (killed in episode 11)
Phantom Kisaragi (blue uniform) - controlled Zaira Unicorn (along with Phantom Mutsuki) (killed in episode 11)
Phantom Yayoi (blue uniform) - controlled Tongazaurus (killed in episode 12)
Phantom Uzuki (green uniform) - controlled Tongazaurus (after Phantom Yayoi) (killed in episode 13)
Phantom Satsuki (green uniform) - tried to get Phantom Uzuki's girlfriend to kill Shizuka, Gentaro as an intiatiation into the Phantom Militia (killed in episode 13)
Phantom Hazuki (red & blue uniform) - controlled Jurassdon (killed in episode 14)
Phantom Fumizuki (yellow & blue uniform) - controlled Capri-Gon (killed in episode 15)
Phantom Shimotsuki (orange, blue, gray uniform) - controlled Dodzillau (killed in episode 17)
Phantom Kannazuki (orange, blue, yellow uniform) - did not get to control a monster (killed in episode 17)
Phantom Shiwasu (brown & blue unfiform - controlled Kumagross (killed in episode 18)

Phantom Uzuki had a girlfriend, Reiko, who tried to get him to leave the Phantom Militia for her (episode 12). When that didn't work she said would join but they don't accept women. Phantom Satsuki tells her they will accept her if she kills Shizuka, Gentaro. Of course its Shizuka, Gentaro who ends up killing the two militia officers and Reiko ends up with no one (episode 13). I don't know the name of the officer who controlled Tora-Girasu but he wore a brown and blue uniform (died in episode 16). Phantom Kannazuki originally named Takeshi, had a sister Makoto who tried to get him to desert the Phantom Militia (episode 17), shoots Goro with a machine gun and only manages to hit him in the leg (thats what happens when you don't actually aim you just point and shoot).

Phantom Militia officers and soldiers will dress in civilian clothes when tryiing to blend in. Doesn't fool Shizuka, Gentaro of course.

Zaira Unicorn Tongazaurus Tongazaurus

11: 12-17-1972 Zaira Unicorn: armed with a 4-barreled cannon in its mouth - sent to destroy Tokyo (briefly seen in episode 10 after the destruction of the Shiranui Clan)
12: 12-24-1972 Tongazaurus: releases dinosaur-shapped tanks from its chest - sent to Tokyo to kill a visiting American scientist (talk about "over kill"), decapitated by Gentaro's "Iron Band"
13: 12-31-1972 Tongazaurus: with its head detached and floating in the air beside it, the hole in its neck now functions like a cannon, the head fired an energy weapon - attacks Tokyo (were else its the Milita's primary target)

Jurassdon Jurassdon Capri-Gon

14: 01-14-1973 Jurassdon: has two heads, the first, low on the body breathes fire, the second which can be store inside until it pops out on top of the body to sprays a freezing gas, also shoots those metal plats of its body as bladed weapons - sento destract Shizuka, Gentaro so they can kidnap a robotic expert who's daughter looks suspciously like Misao in (for a very good reason)
15: 01-21-1973 Capri-Gon: runs fast, shoots spears out of its nostrils and explosive charges out of its horns - ordered to kill Shizuka, Gentaro it smashes a train, apparently to get his attention

Tora-Girasu Dodzilla Kumagross

16: 01-28-1973 Tora-Girasu: shoots missiles out of its back - its attack on Tokyo threatens a school run by nuns, killed by Iron King, without Gentaro's help (a first)
17: 02-04-1973 Dodzilla: has a six-barreled cannon inside its chest and its hands are massive spikes - sent to destroy a newly opened highway, because it would damage the prestige of the Yamato government, later after Phantom: Gekko learns that Kirishima, Goro has been shot in the leg by Phantom Kannazuk the militia leader orders Dodzilla to be sent to see if Iron King will appear with a wounded leg, he does and now they know (of course Gentaro is obilivious to the obvious as usual)
18: 02-11-1973 Kumagross: fires explosive rocks from its back, explosive charges from its chest, missles from the tip of its tail and launch a tank from its left food - sent to destroy the Japanese congress in Tokyo, destroyed by Iron King (without Gentaro, that's twice) as Gentaro kills the remaiing Phantom Opposition Party, Phantom Militia members

Ten black robbed figures their faces covered in white masks watch Gentaro and Goro drive off, fresh from their victory over the Phantom Militia, and they laugh, their laughter is unearthly.