Gurosu Seijin

Evil aliens from the Gurosu Star (Growth Star) attempt to conquer Earth.

Anti Gorne

Episodes 1-13: Anti Gorne

Although capable of taking giant form, usually appears human sized to zap an ordinary animal or inanimate object with his wand which transforms the object(s) into a giant monster.

King Gigras episodes 1, 21 monster 2

Episode 1: King Zaigrasu
Episode 2: Rubangar King

monster 3 monster 4

Episode 3: Chitander
Episode 4: Giant Robo Zero

monster 5 monster 6

Episode 5: Deathkong King
Episode 6: Mons Robo

In episode 5 Anti Gorne turns a child's toy panda into a giant monster.

monster 7 monster 8

Episode 7: King Deadgone
Episode 8: Glass King

In episode 7 Anti Gorne sends "Growth Star Men" to take over a hospital and build a monster in it. The monster in episode 8 is somehow connected with Tachibana, Naoki's girlfriend.

monster 9 monster 10

Episodes 9 & 10: King Ginger and Flight King

Episodes 9 & 10 feature two monsters.

monster 10 repaired monster 11 episodes 11, 21

Episode 10: Flight King
Episode 11: Dokuros King

The first monster from episode 9 is destroyed at the beginning of episode 10.Anti Gorne modifies the surviving monster, giving it a new weapon. In episode 11Anti Gorne turns a orphan's puppy into a monster. That was an especially cruel thing to do as it was one of Anti Gorne's other monsters which killed the boy's parents.

Golden Arm Deadfire episodes 12, 13, 21

Episode 12: Golden Arm & Deadfire

Episode 12 features two monsters. The first is sent to drain Jumborg Ace's energy, the second to destroy the weakened warrior. (Fails of course.)

Deadfire episodes 12, 13, 21 Anti Gorne giant sized

Episode 13: Deadfire & Anti Gorne

Deadfire from episode 12 survives to episode 13. It and a giant sized Anti Gorne fight Jumborg Ace together.

Mad Gorne

Episodes 13-32: Mad Gorne

After Anti Gorne dies his older brother, Mad Gorne appears. Anti Gorne often left the space ship, Mad Gorne tends to stay in the space ship. Mad Gorne makes far more use of the Growth Star Men then his brother did.

monster 14 monster 15

Episode 14: Mad Saturn
Episode 15: Mighty Gurosu

monster 16 monster 17

Episode 16: Demonstar
Episode 17: Freezerkiller

In episode 16 a mysterious woman sings a hypnotic song to cause pilots to crash their planes. When Tachibana, Naoki is able to resit her song she shoots him down with beams from her eyes. After PAT fines a way to block out the woman's song Mad Gorne transforms her into a giant monster. Freezerkiller causes the death of Kain.

Antron monster 19

Episode 18: Antron
Episode 19: Valentine

In episode 18 Antron splits into 6 pieces each of which turns into a human. The 3 men and 3 women form a human pyramid to transform back into the monster. In episode 19 Mad Gorne takes control of a bomber which he intendes to use to destroy Tokyo. When the giant monster appears PAT faces a dilemma. Do they concentrate on stopping the bomber or fighting the monster?

monster 20 monster 21

Episode 20: Dumpkong
Episode 21: Wutan

In episode 20 Mad Gorne sends 6 Growth Star Men to a junk yard to steal old, junked vehicles, convert them into mobile bombs, then drive them onto city streets to crash into other vehicles and buildings. (Kind of like modern terrorists). After PAT ruins that plan the Growth Star Men merge with an old dumptruck, turning it into a giant monster. In episode 21 Jumborg Ace follows a rocket, launched from Earth, into space and ends up fighting three monsters he has already destroyed (in episodes 1, 11, 13). While he's in space Earth is attacked by a new monster.

monster 22 monster 23

Episode 22: Terro King
Episode 23: Stone King

In episode 22 three Growth Star Men kill humans and take over their bodies then try to turn the townspeople against PAT. When the plan failes Mad Gorne turns the three into a giant monster. In episode 23 a shadow man succeeds in stealing secret plans from PAT headquarters. This doesn't stop PAT from celebrating their founding day anniversary. A group of Growth Star Men shrink themselves and hide inside a statue used at the celebration in an attempt to infiltrate PAT's Japanese headquarters. When they're discovered they turn the statue into a giant monster. This monster has probably the shortest screen time of any in the series.

monster 24 monster 25

Episode 24: Chameleon King
Episode 25: Gaiagnes

Episode 24 features a sea monster and more Growth Star Men, but this time they are not the monster. In episode 25 Growth Star Men take control of two teachers in an attempt to capture children.

Nombirigon Super Robto Warrior Kaiju

Episode 26: Nonbirigon
Episode 27: Jum Killer

Nonbirigon sends out waves which put adult humans to sleep. The waves have no effect on children, who like not having adults telling them what to do. Nonbirigon also carries Growth Star Men in its chest. They take over some adults who were not put to sleep, and use their bodies to plant explosive devices all over town. In episode 27 Mad Gorne releases his own super robot warrior, which defeats Jumborg Ace (but is the first to be destroyed by Jumborg 9).

monster 28 Imitation Jumborg Ace

Episode 28: Airdriller
Episode 29: Imitation Jumborg Ace

In episode 28 the monster stores Growth Star Men inside its claws. They abduct a scientist who is an expert on RADAR. The monster escaped from Jumborg 9 by flying away but it couldn't escape the repaired Jumborg Ace. In episode 29 Matazone sends an imitation Jumborg Ace to ruin the reputation of the real Jumborg Ace and to steal plutonium from PAT. This Jumborg Ace was armed with a whip instead of a sword.

monster 30 monster 31

Episode 30: Double Killer
Episode 31: Arumazigon

In episode 30 Mad Gorne sends two monsters to destroy Jumborg Ace and 9. They nearly did. For a change, there were no Growth Star Men in this episode. The monster in episode 31 is a giant armadillo, and can roll into a ball. It fights Jumborg 9 only. The Growth Star Men are back in this episode.

Mad Gorne

Episode 32: Mad Gorne

For episode 32 a giant sized Mad Gorne faces Jumborg 9 alone. The last two Growth Star Men sneak into PAT headquarters.

Satan Gorne

Episodes 32-46: Satan Gorne

Before he died Mad Gorne warned that his place would be taken by Satan Gorne. Satan Gorne is heard but not seen in episode 32. In episode 33 he impersonates Santa Claus to trap children. He turns them into toy monsters. He fought Jumborg 9. Wounded in the battle, he flew away before the super warrior robot could kill him. There is no other monster in episode 33.

monster 34 Goldragon

Episode 34: Butterfly King
Episode 35: Goldragon

The episode 34 monster disguises itself as woman dressed in white, who controls a bunch of deadly alien butterflies. Goldendragon first appears as a golden chains which moves through the air to strangle people to death. When Jumborg Ace is about to attack Satan Gorne he calls for Goldendragon and the chains transform into a two-headed monster with a tail but no feet, instead chains hang down from its body.

monster 36 monster 37

Episode 36: Orolonger
Episode 37: Electric Bird

The monster in episode 36 is guarding a secret mountain base and only attacks when someone approaches the base. The monster in episode 37 grows inside a giant egg which was hidden under an amusement park.

monster 38 monster 39

Episode 38: Kendaurusu
Episode 39: Death Moon

In episode 38 Satan Gorne sends out cyborgs dressed in black to release a deadly poison. After PAT kills all the cyborgs the head of the last one flies off and transforms into a giant monster. Episode 39 is a ghost story. The monster hidden in a lake kills people then animates their skeltons.

monster 40 Satan Gorne

Episode 40: Skeleton

When it looks like Jumborg 9 may lose to the monster Satan Gorne appears to share in the victory. Of course when Jumborg 9 defeats the other monster Satan Gorne flies away.

Space Witch Barabas Onesto King

Episode 41: Space Witch Barabas & Onesto King
Episode 42: Space Witch Barabas

In episode 41 the space witch Barabas appears before Satan Gorne with a plan to defeat Jumborg Ace & Jumborg 9. She summons a robot, Onesto King, which becomes Kazuya's friend and tries to corrupt him, to make him spy on PAT. When Bamos II shoots at the robot the robot becomes a giant and tries to destroy Bamos II. When Jumborg Ace seams to be losing to Onesto King, Barbasa appears to join the fight. When the robot is destroyed she vanishes. In episode 42 Barabas casts a spell on the bicycle Onetsto King had given to Kazuya, so that it flies into the air, carrying the boy off. Kazuya is used as bait in trap set for Tachibana, Naoki. The Growth Star Men return is this episode. After PAT rescues Naoki (at the cost of a man's life) Barabas and Satan Gorne fight Jumborg 9. Of course Satan Gorne vanishes once Barabas is dead.

monster 43 monster 44

Episode 43: Jum Killer Jr
Episode 44: Mirror King

In episode 43, seaking revenge for the death of Barabas, Satan Gorne summons a deadly robot monster to Earth. Growth Star Men abduct a busload of children. When the bus rockets into the air Hunter Q takes off after it and is shot at by the robot which is hiding in the clouds. When Jumborg Ace grabs the bus the robot appears to fight. Jumborg Ace is defeated (but not destroyed). Satan Gorne appears, to gloat. His celebration is cut short when Jumborg 9 shows up. In episode 44 the monster intrudes in the dreams of Naoki's sister-in-law. And because PAT has invented a new weapon the Growth Star Men repeatedly attempt to infiltrate PAT headquarters. They finally succeed in abducting Naoki's sister-in-law and nephew. One of the Growth Star Men turns into the giant monster. The hostages are kept in its stomach.

King Beetle Satan Gorne

Episode 45: King Beetle

King Beetle hides under the sand, and grabs children. Satan Gorne loses an eye to PAT. When King Beetle takes Kazuya the monster seals his fate, Jumborg Ace takes him out. Satan Gorne joins the battle but can't save King Beetle.

Satan Gorne

Episode 46: Satan Gorne

In episode 46 the leader of the Gurosu Seijin, Demon Gorne, comes to Earth and gives Satan Gorne one last chance to defeat Jumborg Ace and Jumborg 9. PAT headquarters is invaded, by mice. They kill a maintainace man and terrorize the female officer. They also get into Tachibana, Naoki's car. Their high pitched squeeking nearly drives him mad. In his final battle with Jumborg Ace, Satan Gorne is wearing armor and a helmet. For this battle SGM sends several jet fighters to assist PAT.

Demon Gorne Demon Gorne

Episodes 46-50: Demon Gorne

At the beginning of episode 46 the true leader of the Gurosu Seijin comes to Earth. At first its seen only as a shimmering blur. Demon Gorne is unsual in that it can appear as female (no horns and femine voice) or male (horns and masculine voice). Demon Gorne uses no other monsters, it fights Jumborg Ace and Jumborg 9 itself.

In episode 47 Demon Gorne first appears as a human female before appearing in monster form. After defeating Jumborg 9, Demon Gorne takes control of the super warrior robot, forcing it to attack Jumborg Ace. Demon Gorne then begins to destroy Tokyo. In episode 48 Demon Gorne abducts Kazuya, his mother and two PAT officers, then causes Hunter Q to launch itself. Tachibana, Naoki and the two remaining PAT officers are nearly ran over, by Naoki's car. In episode 49 Demon Gorne is able to alter the flow of time, speeding it up so hours pass in seconds or slowing it down so seconds take hours, or even reversing it. Kazuya and a friend are shrunk and sucked into a clock. In episode 50 (the final episode) Demon Gorne places a giant mirror on the moon and uses it to reflect concentrated rays from the sun onto Tokyo, setting the city on fire. When Hunter Q is shot down, on the moon, by Demon Gorne, Jumborg Ace flies to the moon to confront Demon Gorne. When Demon Gorne turns the heatray on Jumborg Ace, causing major damage, Tachibana, Naoki has no joice but to retreat, returning to Earth. Later, as the one woman and three men of PAT flew their jet fighters to the moon, Naoki attached Jumborg 9 to a missle aimed at the mirror, so Jumborg 9 is carried to the moon for the final battle against Demon Gorne.

Growth Star Men aliens

Episodes 7, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 32, 42, 43, 44, 46, 48: Growth Star Men
Episodes 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40

Along with the giant monsters Anti Gorne, Mad Gorne, Satan Gorne and Demon Gorne sometimes send out human sized aliens known as Growth Star Men. These aliens can take control of humans. Sometimes they turn into giant monsters. A second group of human sized aliens also work with Satan Gorne. These don't take over humans or become giant monsters, although they do sometimes become human sized monsters which are easily killed.


Monster names provided by Walter O.