Ballads of Godzilla Ballads of Godzilla

  1. (SE) Footsteps ~ Roar / Godzilla Main Theme
  2. (SE) Fighting Scene / Godzilla March
  3. Destroy Gigan
  4. Rock Rock Godzilla (vocals: Shimon, Masato)
  5. Destroy Hedorah (vocals: Keiko Mari)
  6. Kaiju (Monster) Christmas (vocals: Kenbou Kaminarimon)
  7. Kaiju (Monster) Game vocals: Kenbou Kaminarimon)
  8. Go! Go! Godzilla (vocals: Susumu Ishikawa & Kunio Miyauchi)
  9. Destroy Megalon (vocals: Shimon, Masato & Riichro Manabe)
10. Punch Punch Punch with Godzilla & Jet Jaguar (vocals: Shimon, Masato)
11. Song of Mothra (vocals: Pair Bambi)
12. Miyarabi's Prayer
13. (SE) The Battle of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla / Destroy Mechagodzilla
14. Take Back the Sun! (vocals: Keiko Mari & Riichiro Manabei) / (SE) Footsteps that is going far away
15. Godzilla-san
16. Our Angilas

(SE) = Sound Effects

Translated by "zonnel ii"

Alls songs have vocals except Godzilla Main Theme. I only list the ones I know, either from "zonnell ii" or found on Youtube.

Apparently this was originally a vinyl LP record. I don't remember where I got this CD, but somebody did a good job on it, even has an illustrated cover on he CD itself,