Mogura Jųjin and Kamen Rider Amazon Mogura Jųjin

From Kamen Rider Amazon episodes 5-20


Mogura Jųjin (Mole Beastman) was sent to kill Kamen Rider Amazon but of course was defeated by Amazon. Mogura Jųjin returned to Geddon only to be sentenced to death by exposure to the noon day sun, for failing in his mission. Amazon found Mogura Jųjin and taking pity on the defeated muntant, gave him water, cut him free and tended his wounds. After this Mogura Jųjin became Kamen Rider Amazon's trusted friend. Later Mogura Jųjin sacrificed himself to save Amazon.

Height: 190 cm (approx. 6.2 feet)
Weight: 102 kg (approx. 225 lbs)

Voice of Mogura Jųjin provided by Ryuji Enju episodes 5 & 6 (Sasori-Otoko in Kamen Rider 3) and Keiken Mine episodes 7-20 (Kumo-Otoko in Kamen Rider 1)

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