Flowery Kunoichi Team

Flowery Kunoichi TeamFlowery Kunoichi Team

The first all female, all evil super sentai team. They don't have giant robots they depend on the Yokai of the week to giant size. Although they follow a flower theme, they are actually Young Noble Junior's pet cats which he transforms into human females whever the mood strikes him. After their failure to kill the Kakurangers in episode 16 he tells them they need a rest and turns them back into cats. Not allowing them to try again to kill the Kakurangers untiil episode 20. After the death of Gashadokuro aka Young Noble Junior [episode 31] they will serve his father, Daimaou. They appear in episodes 15, 16, 20, 24, 31,35, 39, 42, 43, 44. 48, 51, 52, 53. They're appearance in episode 31 is merly a cameo they are simply there with other Yokai to welcome Daimaou. There longest appearance under Daimaous's command is in episode 35 when they disguise themselves as three school teachers, the school cook and a coach while a Yokai is diguised as the principle. After this they are used just as back up to various Yokai. In the end they turned back into cats, never again to be a threat to anyone.

Flower Ninja AyameFlower Ninja Ayame

Flower Ninja Ayame (Iris), arrogant leader of the team - rival of Sasuke

Flower Ninja SakuraFlower Ninja Sakura

Flower Ninja Sakura (pink cherry blossom) - rival of Seikai

Flower Ninja SuirenFlower Ninja Suiren

Flower Ninja Suiren (green water lilly) - rival of Saizou

Flower Ninja YuriFlower Ninja Yuri

Flower Ninja Yuri (orange lilly) - rival of Tsuruhime

Flower Ninja RanFlower Ninja Ran

Flower Ninja Ran (purple orchid) - rival of Jiraiya