The Vehicles


Momochi, Sandayu gives the Kakurangers a bus which is actually alive, Nekomaru as their mobile base (episode 2). Being magical Nekomaru can teleport itself and its passangers out of harms way. Since they cant't make money fighting Yokai, Tsuruhime insists on using Nekomaru as a food truck selling crepes (episode 3). Nekomaru can also fly (first done in episode 8).


Tsuruhime magically conjures up three motorcycles (episode 3): Shark Bleeder (which Ninja Red drives alone), Shark Launcher (which Ninja Blue drives while Ninja White rides in the righthand sidecar) and Shark Slide (which Ninja Yellow drives while NinjaBlack rides in the left hand side car). These motorcycles are rarely actually used as transportation since they have Nekomaru, and only appear when Tsuruhime conjures them up. Their prrimary use is as a weapons platform.

Shark Driver

The three motorcycles can combine to become Shark Driver, launching Shark Bleeder like a missile (first used in episode 6).