Giant Warriors

Giant Beast Generals
"Kakureryu Kyodai Jusho no Jutsu" ("Hidden Style: Giant Beast General Jutsu!")

Redsaruder Saruder Slicer

There are five scrolls which the Kakuranger need to find order to transfrom into giant warriors. Sasuke easily finds the first one (episode 2) and transforms into Giant Beast General Red Saruder, Red Saruder, is an ape and is armed with Saruder Slicer which rolls across the ground, gathering speed into it hits the giant Yokai and cuts it in two. The other scrolls are found by Jiraiya, who's family has been searching for them ever snce they were stolen in 1594 (episode 3).

White KarkKark Beaks

Ninja White becomes Giant Beast General White Kark is a crane and is armed with Kark Beaks

Yellow KumardKunarrd CLaw

Ninja Yellow becomes Giant Beast General Yellow Kumard is a bear armed with Kumard Claw,

Blue LoganLogan Shaft

Ninja Blue becomes Giant Beast General Blue Logan is a wolf and is armed with the Logan Shaft (which is the only weapon not to match the Kakuranger's normal weapon)

Black GammerBlack Bow

Ninja Black becomes Giant Beast General Black Gammer is a frog and is armed with Gammer Bow

eye catch 2 Vacuum Hurricane

Together the Giant Beast Generals can peforme Vacuum Hurricane, Blue Logan and White Kirk stand on the shoulders of Yellow Kumard, Red Saruder and Black Gammer and they all spin around producing a tornado like effect that slams inot the giant sized Yokai (first used in episode 3)

Muteki ShogunMuteki Shogun
"Ninja Gattai" ("Ninja Fusion!")

The five Giant Beast Generals combine to form Muteki Shogun (first used in episode 4). It's Yokai killing weapon is "Flaming Shogun Sword". Muteki Shogun is also capable of appearing on its own without the Kakuranershaving to use the Giant Beast Generals to form it.

Beast General Fighters

"Kakure-ryu: Jusho Faita no Jutsu"
(" Hidden Style: Beast General Fighter Jutsu!")

Using the Kakure Medals removed from their Doron Changers the Kakurangers can summon Beast General Fighters (introduced in episode 12), lighter armoed, more agile, faster moving version of the Giant Beast Generals. While they can merge with them to increase their strength (first done in episode 14 when Beast General Fighter Saruder called for his master's aide) they can also allow the Beast General Fighters to fight on their own beside the Giant Beast Generals or Muteki Shogun, thus increasing their numbers. To merege with the Beast General Fighters the Kakurangers have to abadon their Giant Beast Generals formsBeast General Fighter Battle Saruder peforms Saruder Claw double claw strike. Beast General Fighter Battle Kark peforms Kark Cut. Beast General Fighter Battle Logan peforms Logan Kick. Beast General Fighter Battle Kumard performs Kumar Head, a flying headbutt. Beast General Fighter Battle Gamma performs Gamma Three Attack, palm strikes and back flips. They're combined attack is FIghter Crash in which Red Saruder leeps off the others and turns into a fireball before hitting the Yokai. They can also perform Super Kakure Shoot using a giant version of Kakuranger Ball.


Momochi, Sandayu summons Sacred Ninja Beast Tsubasamaru, a giant white bird, with guns in its wings, appears to help the Kakurangers (episode 23), later it gives Ninja Red the Thunder Sword Hikarimaru (episode 31) as a second sword

Super Muteki Shogun Super Muteki Shogun
"Super Ninja Fusion"

Tsubasamaru can merge with Muteki Shogun (which appears on its own without the Kakurangers first become the Giant Beast Generals) to form Super Muteki Shogun which uses Mutekl Cannons Full Discharge to destroy Yokai. During a battle with the Yokai Nue, Muteki Shogun vanishes (episode 27) before Tsubasamaru can appear leaving everyone Kakuranger and Yokai alike convinced he was killed. Much to their surprise he reappears to help deal with Daimaou and Karakasa (episode 37).

Super Ninja Beast God Saurder Twin Sword Cut

Unable to defeat Gashadokuro and therfore unlikely to be able to defeat his father Daimaou, the Kakurangers are told by Momochi, Sandayu to disband and go searching for five Shinobi Scrolls (episode 24). Sasuke is the firsr to find one (episode 25). His scroll protects the weaker creatures of Earth like butterflies and rabbits. Using it Sasuke summons Super Ninja Beast God Saurder, which is armed with twin swords and combines them into single double-bladed sword for Twin Sword Cut.

Super Ninja Beast God Kark Flying Beam

Tsuruhime is the second to gain her scroll (episode 26) allowing her to summon Super Ninja Beast God Kark, which fires Flying Beam.

Super Ninja Beast God Kumard Eye Beam

Saizou & Seikai find the third and fourth Shinobi Scroll's together (episode 27). Saizou is able to summon Super Ninja Beast God Kumard which can fire Eye Beam (yellow orange) and perform Stomp Attack which is strong enough to cause earthquakes.

Super Ninja Beast God Logan Logan Attack

Seika is able to summon Super Ninja Beast God Logan which can fire Eye Beam (blue) and use its super sharp tail in a somersauilting Logan Attack.

Super Ninja Beast God Gamma Gammer Fire

Jiraiya finds the final scroll after after having to battle his sensei who has turned evil (episodes 28 & 29) allowing him to summon Super Ninja Beast God Gamma which is armed with a flame thrower in its mouth, Gammer Fire, and can perform Gammer Dynamite (releasing smaller versions of itself which attack to the yokai and explode).

Kakure Daishogun

The five Super Beasts combine to form Kakure Daishogun (introduced in episode 31) which has no range weapons but uses only its fists and feet to fight. Like Muteki Shogun and subasamaru, Kakure Daishogun can simply choose to appear on his own.

Super Kakure Daishogun
"Super Ninja Fusion"

Tsubasamaru can merge with Kakure Daishogun to form the form the Kakuraners last giant warrior, Super Kakure Daishogun, gaining the ability to fly and Iron Fist Flying Finish (introduced in episode 31)

eye catch 3

After the Kakuranger gain all five Super Beasts they never summon the Beast General Fighters or transform into Giant Beast Generals again. They just call the Super Beasts and quickly formi Kakure Daishogun. Most of the time Tsubasamaru appears to merge with Kakure Daishogun in order to create Super Kakure Daishogun, But occassionaly Muteki Shogun chooses to appear and merge with Tsubasamaru to become Super Muteki Shogun instead. So that they have Kakure Daishogun, Super Muteki Shogun and Ninjaman/Samuraiman fighting the giant Yokai.

After the Yokai are trapped behind the Seal Door once more Muteki Shogun, Tsubasamaru, Kakure Daishogun and Ninjaman leave the Earth as they are no longer needed.