Yokai Army Corps


Episode 1: Nurarihyon - seen only in the flash back to the Kakaurangers' ancestors cealing him and the power of the Yokai behind the Seal Door. Although he was presumably freed when the door opened he never appeared to challange the Kakurangers. He left the Yokai with no single leader. Those who imagined themselves leaders of the Yokai would arise from time to time.


Episodes 1 & 2: Kappa - disguised as a man being mugged he tricked Sasuke and Saizou into opening the Seal Door releasing the energy of the Yokai, regaining his true form
Episodes 1 & 2: Rokurokubi - Kappa's wife she mistakes human children for her long dead child and keeps kidnapping them, she and her husband disguise themselves as humans an run an arcade, giant size together (episode 2)


Episodes 1, 3, 4: Azukiarai - terrorizes Sasuke and Saizou (episode 1), disguises itself as a human police chief (episodes 3 & 4)
Episode 3: Oboroguruma - disguises himself as a taxi driver, what else, works for Azukiara


Episodes 1, 5, 6: Nurikabe & Mokumokuren (brothers) - terrorizes Sasuke and Saizou (episode 1), capture humans and bet on which can escape their maze first (episode 5), Mokumokuren falls in love with, gives her a necklace and tries to marry here in a Yokai court (episode 6)


Episode 7: Gakitsuki - tries to eat Seikai, then transforms into a fly and flies down his throat causing Seikait to become ravenous
Episode 8: Bakeneko - disguised as a woman pet shop owner, hates humans for "crimes against cats" so she hunts children for use as meat at a Yokai resteraunt

Hitotsume Kozou BrothersHitotsume Kozou BrothersOonyuudou

Movie: Hitotsume Kozou Brothers & Oonyuudou, their master


Episode 9: Dorotabo - disguised as a human obssessed with televsion, Jiraiya has the same problem ever since he started watching Japanese TV, when Jiraiya goes on a game show with a boy whose father Dorotabo put in the hospital and the two win a trip Dorotabo bursts into the station so it can be on live TV, Jiraiya challanges him to single combat, a cage match, on TV, both are fans of the same series "Rescue Samurai" and quote its tag lines at each other
Episode 10: Konakijiji - disguised as owner of a store called "Neverland", transforms himself into a crying baby to steal human souls to place in dolls in order to create a family for himself


Episode 11: Shirouneri - disguised as a badly dresses man, goes around turning girls and women's dresses into rags, gets mad when he finds human recycling clothes

TenguProfessor Yugami

Episode 12: Tengu - no human disguise, wants to defeat Kakuranger to prove his is the strongest Yokai because "Yokai Weekly" magazine didn't list him as the strongest Yokai, kidnaps children for use in his evil scheme
Episode 12: Professor Yugami - Yokai scientist working for Tengu to help him kill the Kakurangers, likes to make children cry

Yokai Replicas

Using children kidnapped by Tengu, Professor Yugami creates enchanced versions of Yokai the Kakurangers previously defeated: Azukiarai, Kappa, Nurikabe, Mokumokuren, Oboroguruma

KanedamaProfessor Yugami

Episode 13: Kanedama - bringer of misfortune through cursed coins would have been killed by Ninaja Red alone in the first five minuttes if Professor Yugami hadn't interfered, impersonates a "Yokai Exorcist" who promes to remove the curse he caused, when they pay him for removing the curse (by removing the coin) he acts insulted by whatever the offer and robs them
Episode 13: Professor Yugami - while the bad professor worked for the monster in the previous episode seems like the monster works for him in this episode

Young Noble JuniorGashadokuro

Episodes 14-31: Gashadokuro aka Young Noble Junior - a Yokai prince (son of Daimaou) - first appears as a giant skull in the sky then as this extremly annoying punk rocker,the first time he shows his true form its only the audience (and The Announcer) as he is in a room by himself. Professor Yugami claims Young Noble Junior is the ruler of the Yokai (he's wrong, he's only holding his father's place for him). Gashadokuro has to sacrifice 15 humans during a month long ritual to brring his father the trure rule of the Yokai to Earth, and the Kakurangers will do their best to stop him.

Professor Yugami

Episodes 14, 16, 20, 30, 31: Professor Yugami - has a new master, Gashadokuro, lives to see his master killed, but dies himself soon after


Episode 14: Keukegen - disgused as a crazy doctor, spreads disease, should have died in first 7 minutes but was saved by the Yokai's new leader and then made stronger by Professor Yugami

Shuten Douji BrothersShuten Douji Brothers

Episodes 15 & 16: Shuten Douji Brothers - Yokai criminals imprisoned for getting drunk and killing 100 other Yokai in one night, Young Noble Junior releases them to kill the Kakurangers, the blue one on the left is the younger brother which makes the orange one on the right the older brother, when they giant sized (in episode 16) they received extra armor and weapons Professor Yugami had prepared for them, didn't keep them alive of course

Flowery Kunoichi TeamFlowery Kunoichi Team

Episodes 15 & 16: Flowery Kunoichi Team - an all female, all evil super sentai team created by Gashadokuro. Young Noble Junior gives them the task of lurring the Kakurangers to the forrest where the Shuten Douji Brothers are waiting to kill them. (Kunoichi were originally female ninja sent to sleep with the enemy to gain information than kill them once they were no longer useful), while Ninja Red was batteling the Shuten Douji Brothers on camera the other Kakurangers were dealing with Flowery Kunoichi Team off camera, once the brothers giant sized the Flowery Kunoichi Team simply wasn't there. At the end of the epiisode Young Noble Junior tells them to rest and when he snaps his fingers they return to their true forms, cats


Episode 17: Amikiri - disguised a woman in red, who Saizou (who is always thinking of food and girls) offers a ride in his new car, she draws a sword and chops his car to pieces,then cuts off his clothes leaving him in his underwear, because his ancestor cut off her arm (since replaced with a mechanical arm)

Zashiki warashi true formZashiki warashi corrupted

Episode 18: Zashiki warashi - diguised as boy,a playful yokai who liked human children and was befirend by Jiraiya turned into an evil giant by Gashadokuro reveals himself to the Kakurangers for the first time by fighting Ninja Black. He defeats Ninja Black but leaves when Zashiki warashi, who can't lie agrees to turn himself in. Young Noble Junior turns Zashiki warashi into an evil yokau,then when Zashiki warashi was able to break free of the spell Gashadokuro murdered him, he died in Jiraiya's arms surrounded by the children he had befriended, his body turns inot a mushroom


Episode 19: Tsuchigumo - disguised as a tow truck driver, captures people with webs because he we wants to make "human sausages". Gashadokuro being the coward he is will fight one Kakuranganger in this case Ninja Red but when the others show up he runs away, he turns back into Young Noble Junior and flies away in a hot air balloon

Flowery Kunoichi TeamFlowery Kunoichi Team

Episodes 20: Flowery Kunoichi Team - they get an episode of their own, no yokai to giant size at the end, apparently Young Noble Junior decided they rested enough and turned his cats back into women, their evil scheme and it really is an evil scheme, is to threaten the life of a child forcing Sasuke to protect the boy and then jamming the Doron Changer's radio signal so Sasuke cannot call the rest of team for help. Flower Ninja Sakura seems to have a particular hatred for Sasuke/Ninja Red. They mock the Kakuraners (all super sentai really) by doing a "roll call" and laughing at it. Of course their evil scheme fails, and they are not seen again until Young Noble Junior has been dead for some time, and they have a new master.

Sarugamii Enra Enra

Episode 21: Sarugami - a moneky yokai which disguised itself as a dojo owner with a sick wife (a Dorodoros) in order to play on Saizou's sympathies and get the Kakurangr's to show off the secret moves so he and four Dorodoros could copy their movies, made Saizou so mad that Beast General Fighter Battle Logan took Beast General Fighter Battle Saruder's place in doing the Fighter Crash attack to kill the giant sized yokai
Episode 22: Enra Enra - disguises it self as a can of tear gas not a human, born of car exhaust it likes polluting the air, sprays laughing gas, tear gas and a numbing gas, immune to Muteki Shogun's "Flaming Shogun Sword because it turns into gas and the flaming sword can't hit it (which is actually wrong as all those flameble gases its made of word make it burn faster) its actually killed by being frozen by a woman inventors portable freezer (which she invented in under 5 minutes) and shattered by Super Kakure Shoot


Episodes 23-30: Daimaou - the true leader of the Yokai Army Corps, Young Noble Junior/Gashadokuro's father, first appears all in black, still trapped in the spirit world (episodes 23-30)


Episode 23: Umibozu - crashes Tsuruhime's sixteenth birthday party destroying her birthday cake and kidnapping a child friend of hers, kidnaps children and turns them into stone as part of a ritual to steal the Seal Door which is need in another ritual to bring the true leader of the yokai to Earth, immune to Muteki Shogun's "Flaming Shogun Sword it requires the first use of Super Muteki Shogun's Mutekl Cannons Full Discharge to destroy it, though Umibozu is defeated the first ritual suceeded. Young Noble JuniorGashadokuro is so arrogant he sings a song praising himself rather than his father while promising to bring Daimaou to Earth.

Flowery Kunoichi Team Gashadokuro

Episode 24: Flowery Kunoichi Team & Gashadokuro - Kakuranger challanges Gashadokuro but he summons Flowery Kunoichi Team and vanishes. Only after the evil ninja have been defeated (though not killed) does Gashadokuro reappear and giantsizes. Although Daimaou cannot leave the spirit world he can send some of his power to energize Gashadokuro's sword he is able to stop the Kakuranger's from forming Muteki Shogun, and forces them back to their normal human forms, but in typical super villian arrogance instead of finihing them off he gloats and returns to his base, to play a magic oragn that turns ordinary humans who hear into statues, giving Tsubasamaru. time to swoop in and carry the Kakurangers off to safety so they can one day defeat him. To find the power to defeat Gashadokuro and more imprortantly Daimaou, the Kakurgangers disband as each goes on their own personal quest.

Ittan-momen Kasabake

Episode: 25: Ittan-momen - yookai asssassin sent by Gashadokuro (the coward) to kill Sasuke before he could find the first Shinobi Scroll, breaks the fourth wall to explain his origin to the children watching the show (since The Announcer is gone)
Episode: 26: Kasabake - sent by Young Noble Junior to kill Tsuruhime as she searches for the second Shinobi Scroll, Kasabake explains its origins to Tsuruhime and thefore the audience as well (since The Announcer is still gone)

NueHitotsume Kozou BrothersHitotsume Kozou Brothers

Episode 27: Nue - claims to have been sent by Daimaou because Junior is taking too long, attempts to stop i from finding the third and fourth Shinobi Scroll's by turning them into kappa and demanding they fight each other to the death to become human again, it's Junior who explains Nue's origins this time (I'm beginning to miss that silly announcer), Nue made several mistakes not the leasf of which was killing a Dorodoros, it caused the others to side with Saizo & Seikai to bring the badly wounded kappa water
Episode 28: Nue - only trapped underground not killed by Saizou & Seika's super beasts raves that he will kill Jiraiya before he can find the last scroll
Episode 28: Hitotsume Kozou Brothers - kidnapp two boys, no explination as how they are back after having been killed a long time ago in the movie, don't giant size, defeated by Ninja Red alone. Jiraiya' tried to henshin but was attacked by another


Episode: 28: Gali-Sensai - Jiraiya's martial arts teacher and foster father (after his father was murdered) from America appears in Japan and seems to have turned evil, siding with the Yokai Army Corps, ends with Sasuke down and Jiraiya fighting his master alone
Episode 29: Gali-Sensai & Nue - while Jiraiya fight his master, Sasuke calls for the rest of the team, but they are not needed, not for this battle anyway, after his master is dead Jiraiya calls on Nue who he realizes is behind all this to show himself and he does of course, immediatly giant sizing, after Ninja Black gets to try out his new Super Beast the rest of the team arrves and all five Super Beasts plus Tsubasamaru take down Nue, after Jiraiya buries his sensai the reformed Kakurangers vow to stop Daimaou from arrving (they fail) and take down Young Noble Junior (they succeed)

HakumenrouProfessor Yugami

Episode 30: Daimaou's Strategist Hakumenrou - another human working with the Yokai Army Corps, a white masked warrior, who much to Tsuruhime's shock turns out to be Lord Yoshiteru, her father, and Sandayu's master, stops the Kakurangers from destroying the Seal Door which would have left Daimaou trapped in the spirit world, Daimaou trusts his strategist, but Junior thinks he's still loyal to the humans so he puts him to the test be telling him to take down the Kakurangers once and for all, he appears to kill the males, their bodies falling into a river. Episode 30: Professor Yugami - the bad professor whom we haven't seen in quite some time is back

Hakumenrou Gashadokuro

Episode 31: Daimaou's Strategist Hakumenrou is about to kill his own daughter, when Sandayu appears to teleport her to safety, Bun who looks like a littly boy but isn't pulls the male Kakurangers out of the river
Episode 31:Young Noble Junio kills Sandayu with his own sword but before he dies he tells the Kakuranger they can merge their Super Beasts into a new Shogun warrior, and they finally kill Gashadokuro, however his death provides the sacrifice Daimaou needed to enter our world, so they saved all the people who had been turned into stone by providing a different sacrifice, but failed to stop Daimaou returning to Earth

Professor Yugami

Episode 31: Professor Yugami witness his master's death then is killed himself when the Kakurangers destroy the Seal Door and the pieces fall on him, that's the good news, the bad news is the Seal Door reassembeld itsefl as Gashadokuro death completed the ritual and brought Daimaou through to Earth'


Episodes 31-53: Daimaou - the true leader of the Yokai Army Corps, after Gashadokuro's is killed Daimaou finally escapes the spirit realm to Earth (episode 31) to take command of the Yokai Army Corps and vow revenge against the Kakurangers

Nuppefuhofu Amanojaku

Episode 32: Nuppefuhofu - been awhile since a yokai bothered to disguise itself, as a man selling icecream, steals people's faces, continues the trend of explaing itself to the audience since the Announcer abandoned us
Episode 33: Amanojaku - impersonated a priest of a temple in an area known for its mushrooms, replaced the safe ones to eat with ones that turn those who eat them homicidal, his mistake was threatening Sasuke's younger cousin, this yokai was described by Ninja Red

Sunakake Babaa

Episode 34: Sunakake Babaa - disgused as woman, a love sick female yokai all the other male yokai she wanted to marry got killed by Kakuranger, claims to be engaged to Daimaou (which is news to him, he's probably releaved when she dies), turns food including the Kakuranger's crepes into sand

Kamaitachi Flowery Kunoichi Team

Episode 35: Kamaitachi - disguised as school principle, this yokai explained by Flower Ninja Sakura, digused as a teacher, Kamaitachi does not giant size and is killed by Ninja White alone
Episode 35: Flowery Kunoichi Team - on their first mission for Daimaou, disgused as teachers and staff of a school, the plan was to turn human children into Yokai, they retreat after Kamaitachi is dead

Bakuki Hakumenrou

Episode 36: Hakumenrou & Bakuki - sent by Daimaou to retreive the magically sealed jar contianing Ninjaman before Tsuruhime can open it as only she or her father can, Bakuki explains himself, when Bakuki drops the pot neither her nor the Kakurangers realize its because a glowing arrow fired by Hakumenrou a long distance away struck the yokai, so Hakumenrou wants his daughter to free Ninjaman?

Karakasa Ushioni

Episode 37: Karakasa - disguised as a woman this yokai likes to dance and is preparing a dance to celebere Daimaou's 1,200 birthday when he decides to use he to trap the Kakurangers. she explains herself to Ninja Red, she captures 2 of the Kakurangers and 2 boys and plans to serve them as the main course at the birthday party after the other Kakurangers and Ninjaman crash the party Karakasa and Daimaou both giant size, when much to everyones surprise Muteki Shogun (thought killed in episode 27) appears and merges with Tsubasamaru to become Super Muteki Shogun, Daimaou flees leaving Karakasa to face Samuraiman and Kakure Daishogun alone
Episode 38: Ushioni - explains itself to the viewer, armed with an automatic rilfe (aka machine gun) loaded with bullets containging its DNA so that humans shot are turned into oni who steal for the Yoka, Jiraiya the American ninja plays cowboy and Ninjaman plays matador

Nopperabo Flowery Kunoichi Team

Episode 39: Nopperabo - explains himself to the Kakurangers, claiming to be the Yokai's most feared killer (they've heard that before), in the middle of the fight The Announcer appears, after the Kakurangers defeat Nopperabo with Shark Driver (something they haven't used in a long time) the Announcer takes us on a tour of the Kakurangers and Yokai daily lives during which we not only see him but also his camera crew, while spying on the Yokai he learns that Nopperabo survived and has been given new weapons by Daimaou, he's caught and thrown off a bridge, later the Kakurangers meet Nopperabo again back up by the Flowery Kunoichi Team, after the Yokai is dead The Announcer appears in a neckbrace and with his arm in a swing, he won't appear again

9-Tailed Kitsune Chochin Kozo

Episode 40: 9-Tailed Kitsune - disguised as an old woman and a young girl, kidnaps children for ransom, but doesn't return them after she's paid, Tsuruhime explaind this Yokai to a girl whose brother has vanished and thus the viewer
Episode 41: Chochin Kozo (Lantern Novice) - summons five evil ghosts to cause havoc, except he got one wrong ghost, number five is just an old man who wants to see his grandson once more, Chochin Kozo explains his origins to the Kakurangers

ghost ghost ghost ghost

Episode 41: four evil ghosts: #1 is a jewel theif, #2 runs people over with his motor cycle, # 3 is hungry and haunts a resteraunt and #4 is a shoots people with military weapons


Episode 41: ghost #5 is just a grandfather who just wanted to see his grandson, when Chochin Kozo realizes he brought this harmless old man instead of the homical maniac he wanted he tries to return the ghost but Kakuranger and Ninjaman get in his way

Daradara Daradara

Episodes 42:: Daradara - Daimaou cloned himself then sent his clone to capture Ninjaman in order to drow power fron Ninjaman, allowing him to survive Super Kakure Daishogun's Iron Fist Flying Finish and transform into an even more powerful Yokai, when Muteki Shogun arrives and hits Daradara with his flaming sword Ninjaman screams out in pain, any damage done to is reflected back to Ninjaman, Muteki Shogun, Tsubasamaru and Kakure Daishogun are reluctant to hurt their apprentice and the Kakurangers their friend, Hakumenrou ordered to stand guard over Ninjaman has no choice but to hold a sword to his throat when the move to rescue him, with the giant warriors down Daradara moves towards them to draw out their power then kill them

Flowery Kunoichi Team

Episode 42: Flowery Kunoichi Team assist Daradara in capturing Ninjaman by attacking a girl he had befriended (episode 42)

Daradara Daradara

Episode 43: As Daradara approaches the fallen warriors they vanish, and the Kakurangers find themsleves in the Wind Illusion Castle, later four of the five Kakuranger fall into a trap (only Sasuke escapes), Daradara drains their power becoming even stronger

Flowery Kunoichi Team Hakumenrou

Episode 43: Flowery Kunoichi Team are sent to capture the Kakurangers when Daimaou discovers Hakumenrou is going to meet them, Daimaou spoting the Flowery Kunoichi Team hiding behind trees, attacks the Kakurnagers to make it appear he was planning on capturing or killing them himself, but it dodesn't work and he appears to be killed by Daimaou, as Muteki Shogun, Tsubasamaru and Kakure Daishogun have to decide whether or not to kill Daradara knowing four of the five Kakurangers and Ninjaman will die to the five ranger is in danger of dying at the hands of the Flowery Kunoichi Team

Daradara Flowery Kunoichi Team

Episode 44: as Muteki Shogun, Tsubasamaru and Kakure Daishogun fight Daradara knowing what will happend to the four Kakurangers and Ninjaman, Sasuke is saved from death by Bun and his two dogs, which turn into young men, Daradara is finally defeated when a message Hakumenrou left behind tells Sasuke what the Yokai's weakness is, just as those it absorded power from suffer when its attacked, it will suffer if Daimaou from whom it came, is attacked, so Ninja Red wounds Daimaou causing Daradara to lose all the power it absorbed, Daradara is killed by one very angry Samuraiman and Super Muteki Shogun, Daimaou is wounded by both Super Muteki Shogun and Super Kakure Daishogun and flees, Hakumenrou is alive but a prisoner, when he tells Daimaou the Earth will never be his Daimaou turns him into a statue, this act even horrifies the Dorodoros and Flowery Kunoichi Team

Skull Castle

Having destroyed his previos base when he giantsized, Daimaou launches his new Skull Castle at the end of episode 44. (However, the final scene of the episode is of the Kakuangers and Ninjaman standing by a tree decorated with Christmas lights as it begins to snow, not of this ugly sight). Tries to destroy the Kakurangers by crassing it into them (episode 52).

Oumukade Mujina

Episode 45 Oumukade - disguisded as Santa Clause, discribed himself after Ninja Black asked his name. but wouldn't tell all, because his evil scheme is to give children centipedes for Christmas presents once biten the children will be under his control
Episode 46: Mujina - disguised as comic book store owner, explains his origins, sucks Kakuranger into a manga


Episode 47 Kasha - disguised as a man in black, who uses a little girl to lure other children he kidnaps because he wants to turn them into human fireworks to launchi intot the winter sky for Daimaou pleasure, explains his origins to Kakurangers,

Yuki-Onna Flowery Kunoichi Team

Episode 48: Yuki-Onna - turns four atheletes and by accidnt one police officer into snowmen as part of a ritual to freeze the entire planet, explains herself and her evil scheme to Jiraiya
Episode 48: "Flowery Kunoichi Team - one of Yuki-Onna's human snowmen (the policeman) is missing and they are sent to find it before it melts and ruins her rittual to freeze the world


Episode 49: Binbogami - hates humans being financally stable so makes them instantly poor, particularly nasty because did it to a family for whiht the man spend 5 years paying of their debit, zaps the Kakurangers so their costume look like trash and their swords break, then explains his origins to them, then turns their motorycles into bicyles and even turns Nekomaru into an old machine with bad brakes and s stearing wheel which comes off

Yamamba Daidarabotchi

Episode 50: Yamamba - Daimaou's estranged younger sister, disguised as an inn keeper, kidnaps children to eat them, explains her origins to four of the Kakurangers, survives to threaten the Kakurangers with new powers given her by Daimaou
Episode 50: Daidarabotchi - Daimaou and Yamamba's younger brother, disguised as an inn keeper as a mountain, explains his origins to Ninaj Red, killed by Ninjaman and his masters

Hakumenrou Yamamba

Episode 51: Hakumenrou - controled by Daimaou he has become a mindless killing machine firing beams from his eyes
Episode 51: Yamamba - returns seeking vengence for Daidarabotchi's death, schemes to turn surviing victims of Hakumenrou's attacks (really her brother's) against Tsuruhime and Tsuruhime against her father
Episode 52: Hakumenrou - controled by Daimaou attacks the Kakurangers
Episode 52: Yamamba - returns seeking vengence for Daidarabotchi's death

Flowery Kunoichi Team

Episode 51: Flowery Kunoichi Team - assists Yamamba, they blame Tsuruhime for her father's killing spree leaving out he's being controled by their master in an attempt to turn survivors of his attacks against Tsuruhime, what the humans don't understand is that Hakumenrou is being controled by the Yokai and that their hatred, anger, despair and sour empowers the Yokaii including these female ninja making it appear that the male Kakurangers can't defeat them
Episode 52: Flowery Kunoichi Team - for no apparent reason they have lost their helmets, I guess somebody thought we should see their faces and long hair, as usual they just disappear without explination when the Yokai giant sizes
Episode 53: Flowery Kunoichi Team - in attempt to keep from being captured by the Kakurangers, Daimaou summons the female ninja, but the Kakuranger's masters the giant warriors turn them back into cats and apparently


Episode 53: Daimaou - the final battle. Daimaou appears before the Kakurangers and tries to bait them into attacking, but its a trick, he's the living embodiment of hatred if he's killed the hatred will return to the humans from whence it came and all the defeated Yokai will come back to life, so they have to take him alive and place him behind the Seal Door, except they have to find it and then sealling it will requrie sacrifcing the Doron Changers, they will never be Kakurangers again (whichi is why the movies that have them in them after the series are impossible.)


Episodes 1-51: Dorodoros - Yokai soldiers (better dancers then warriors)

Super-Power Task Force Ohranger: Ohre vs. Kakuranger movie:

Bara Gear Piggyback GhostPiggyback Gear

Bara Gear and Piggyback Ghost combine to produce Piggyback Gear

Emperor Bacchus Wrath and Prince Buldont have a contest to see who's monster can defeat Ohranger. The emperor builds machine monster Bara Gear. The prince who has become interested in the supernatural chooses an evil spirt, Piggyback Ghost (Onbu-Obake). Since Ohranger are not experienced at fighting youkai, Chief Counselor Miura calls in Ninja Task Force Kakuranger. The two monsters eventually merge to become the giant monsters Piggyback-Gear (Onbu-Gear).

This movie which came out after both series were over, could not happen. The Kakurangers sacrificed their henshin devices in their final episode so they should not appear in any movies after the series including this one. Also it has the Emperor (who died in Ohranger episode 34) and the young Prince (who grew up in Ohranger episode 41). It cannot take place before the Emperor's death because it has Ohblocker (introduced in Ohranger episode 34), Ganmaijin (introduced in Ohranger episode 37) and Tackleboy (introduced in Ohranger episode 36).