Jinzo Ningen Kikaida
Kikaida's Lullaby

Lyricists: Okia, Nagasaka & Okia, Toshio
Composer: Watanabe, Michiaki
Singer: Shimon, Masato

Lyrics translation: Grey Grandma Queen

I don't have a mother
I want a mother
The cold wind is blowing
I want to hear, to hear mother's
Aaaah, mother's lullabye

The flute that I hear is Gill's flute
Tonight's flute is the enemy
At times when my heart flutters,
Just once, just once I want to hear a warm
Aaah, mother's lullabye

Even though I am a robot, I have dreams
Even though I am a robot, I have love
When I am feeling sad traveling by myself
I want, I want to hear mother's
Aaah, mother's lullabye

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