episodes 30-46

In episode 30 the Shadow sent Bijinda, a "female" robot to destroy Kikaida 01. Hower instead of destroying Kikaida 01, Bijinda joined him in opposing the Shadow. "bijin" is Japanese for "beautiful woman" or "pretty lady".

Kikaida 01 and MariKikaida 01 and Mari

In human form Bijinda's name was Mari (played by Shihomi, Etsuko). Mari was progammed to defend women and children so 01 would trust her. The plan backfired. Ichiro believed that since Mari was kindhearted Bijinda could be too. 01 disabled Bijinda so Ichiro could install a conscious circuit in her. It was an incomplete conscious circuit, like Jiro's but it allowed Bijinda to leave Shadow, becoming its enemy.

Mari changing to Bijinda (right to left)
"Change Bijinda"

Mari in pain

Bijinda's weakness -- when she's in human form the Shadow could, by remote control, cause an electrical discharge through her system which resulted in intense pain. Then if the three buttons on her blouse are undone she'll explode. She was designed this way as a trap for Ichiro.


Bijinda's Combat Techniques:

Bijinda Laser - waves of energy come out of her chest.

Bijinda Shot - a flying kick, used in episode 31.

Bijinda Kick - a powerful kick.

Bijinda can link with 01 to use Blast Laser
or with Kikaida and Kikaida 01 to use
Kikaida Triple Circle Power (episode 46).

Bijinda playing harp Bijinda's harp

Bijinda played a harp, which she also used as a weapon. She could shoot arrows with it.

Bijinda on Bijinda Machine

Bijinda's motorcycle, Bijinda Machine is only seen in two episodes, most of the time she walks.

Mari Mari

"Where flowers bloom, I will raise from the blossoms to battle evil."

Bijinda had two instrumental themes "The Flower Garden Android" and "Mari, Where To?".

Bijinda was sad. The humans she tried to befriend did not trust her. The young man who "fell in love" with Mari hated robots.Waruda the Shadow jinzo ningen who loved Bijinda wouldn't stop trying to kill her friend 01 so they're relationship was doomed from the start. After most of her episodes Bijinda or Mari could be seen walking alone.

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