Kikaida 01 and Ishimori, Shoutarou (1973)

Kikaida 01 is copyright Ishimori Productions and Toei Co., Ltd. No violation of that copyight intended. Images are for viewing only.

Blue Hakaida, Red Hakaida, Silver Hakaida, Zadam, Bijinda, Waruda voice actor names provided by JMaruyama.

Shadow Knight voice actor names provided by Tetsuya Sawaki.

Kikaida 01 episode titles and Shadow member names from Kikaida 25th Anniversary CD, translated by InfraMan, September 1999.

"Hakaida's Song" ("Hakaidaa no Uta") midi provided by The Timeless Dimension's Kikaida Page.

Thanks to Leigh Mo & Russell Whitesell for the 01 combat techniques. Thanks to Russell Whitesell for Hakadia Squad weapons names.

Theme music lyrics from "Song Collection Special - Kikaida & Kikaida 01", English translations by InfraMan.

Kikaida 01 statistics and some information about Shadow members from English translation Amada trading cards, by Yumi Chan.

Backgrounds provided by Windy's Design Studio

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