Episode 46: The Friends Of Good Children -- Android Banzai!


A plane flies towards the airport. One of the passengers onboard this plane is Doctor Komyoji.

Doctor Komyoji takes a cab. When the cab doesn't go where he wants it to he complains to the driver. The driver transforms into Gill Hakaida.

Misao, Hiroshi and Akira walk up to a house. The sign on the gate reads "Komyoji". Misao is carrying a white envelope. Ichiro drives up. He holds up a similar envelope. A guitar is heard. Jiro is standing on top of tower covered with lights. Hiroshi says "Kikaida". Misao says "Jirosan". Ichiro smiling says "Jiro". Jiro jumps down off the tower.

The three humans and two androids are now inside. Jiro reports that Dr. Komyoji has been missng for three days.

Hakaida and two Shadow Men take Doctor Komyoji to Big Shadow, who is standing in front of two large doors coverd in the Shadow symbol. The doors open to reveal the room is taken up by a machine. Hakaida calls one of the Shadow Men foward. He blasts it with Hakaida shot. Then aiming the gun at Doctor Komyoji orders him to activate the machine. Apparently Doctor Komyoji had designed the machine when forced to work for Professor Gill. The doctor flips some switches. The parts of the Shadow Man are vaccuumed up. The doctor throws three levers. The Shadow Man walks out a doorway in the machine, whole again. Big Shadow laughs. Hakaida says this machine will lead to the destruction of 01 and Bijinda. Big Shadow curses them.

Mari has broken into Shadow headquarters. Guns in the wall fire at her but they miss. Shadow Men attack her. She manages to drive most of them back but one is able to hit her knocking her until a wall which swings, forcing Mari into another room. One wall of this room has spikes. It starts moving towards Mari. She tries to open the spinning door she came through but it can't be opened from inside!

Two Shadow Men are jumping for joy at the thought that Mari is about to be crushed by a spiked wall, when Ichiro appears and knocks them down. He pushes on the wall. It opens. Mari comes out, just in time.

Doctor Komyoji has some how slipped past his guards to return to the machine. Hakaida catches him doing somethng to it. After knocking the doctor down he hits the two Shadow Men who were supposed to be guarding the doctor. Then he blasts one. Hakaida flips the switches. When the machine works he assumes he caught Doctor Komyoji in time to stop the sabotage. He hits the doctor again.

Ichiro and Mari sneaking around the base see Hakaida beating Doctor Komyoji. Hakaida takes the doctor away.

Dr. Komyoji

Kikaida 01 and Bijinda are standing outside. In the distance a guillotine comes up out of the ground. Doctor Komyoji is placed in the guillotine. A cable leads from the blade to four small cages where it splits into four cables .

binocular eyes

01 and Bijinda twist their ears. Their eyes pop out of their heads, giving them the ability to see the cages. Inside each cage is a hamster pig. The hamsters each chew on their own apple. Each apple is connected to a cord which leads to the guillotine. When all four apples are gone all four cables will snap and the blade will fall. 01 and Bijinda's eyes slide back into their heads. At Hakaida's signal a bunch of Shadow Men and Zadam appear ontop of the hillside.

Kikaida 01 on Double Machine and Bijinda on Bijinda Machine drive closer. They stop suddenly. They're about to continue on when Jiro appears. "Chenji suittchi on wan tsuu surii", he transforms into Kikaida. Unfortunantly they don't show the whole transformation sequence. After "suri" Jiro jumps into the air and becomes Kikaida. Side Machine appears out of nowhere and the three heroes drive off on their own motorcycles.

big guns

Two cannons fire on the heroes. To make it more diffcult for the Shadow they split up, each driving in a different direction. Shadow Men with machine guns fire at them. Side Machine,


Double Machine and Bijinda Machine are now armed with their own mortars which blast the Shadow Men. However, as they fall their pieces are vaccuumed up! And quickly reassambled they return to battle. A counter on the machine indicates a total of 7 androids have been reassembled. The hamsters continue to nibble on the apples.

When the heroes get close enough they dismount and take part in hand to hand combat with the Shadow Men. When Hakaida draws Hakaida Shot, Bijinda destroys him with "Bijinda Laser". However, he is vaccuumed up, reassembled and sent back out by Big Shadow. The counter now reads 17.

The three heroes approach the guillotine but a cage comes up out of the ground surrounding 01 and Bijinda. Kikaida jumping into the air, crosses his arms and shouts "Denji Endo". The cage explodes. 01 and Bijinda are free but more Shadow Men appear. As they fight the first cable snaps. The battle continues. The second cable snaps. More Shadow Men are vaccuumed up. The counter reads 25. Zadam crosses his twin tridents and in a poof of smoke splints in two. The blue Zadam yells "Die 01!" The red Zadam yells "Die Kikaida". Hakaida appears and yells "Die Bijinda" (in Japanese of course). 01 uses "Blast End" to destroy the blue Zadam. Kikaida uses "Denji Endo" (Electromagnetic End) to destroy the red Zadam. Bijinda uses "Bijinda Laser" to destroy Hakaida. As the villains are reassambled the counter goes to 26, 27 and 28. Big Shadow says to Hakaida "you again?" before sending him back out. When the two Zadams and Hakaida appear again "Blast End", "Denji End" and "Bijinda Laser" have no effect. Apparently each time the machine reassambles an android it makes it more powerful.

Zadam 1, Hakaida, Zadam 2

Hakaida stands between the two Zadams and grabs hold of both tridents. The three shout "Zadam-Hakaida Tri-Attack".

Kikaida Triple Circle Power

What was supposed to happen we'll never know because 01, Kikaida and Bijinda immediatly link arms, shout "Kikaida Triple Circle Power", jump into the air and start spinning, when they do this the three villains explode. The fourth cable snaps and the blade falls....01 catches it. Doctor Komyoji did in fact succeed in sabotaging the machine. When the counter hits 30 the machine explodes, destroying the Shadow headquarters and Big Shadow with it! The explosion though big is not as long as the explosion that destroyed the Dark Demolition Corps headquarters at the end of Jinzo Ningen Kikaida.

Misao, Hiroshi and Akira are stuffing themselves with cake. Doctor Komyoji smoking his pipe watches them eat. They're all happy at the end of the Shadow but sad that Ichiro, Jiro and Mari have not joined them.

Ichiro, Jiro and Mari walk towards each other. When they meet the clapse hands and nod at each other. Then they pull apart and turning walk forward.


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