Episode 7: Thunderstrike! The Power Reducing Zero One Direct Hit


Black Dragon

Two women are washing dishes in a diner. The water stops working. When they try turning the faucets off and on again flames come out instead of water. In the flames is the image of Black Dragon. The women faint.

Ichiro stops Double Machine outside the diner. He doesn't want to go in but wants to keep going because the sun is setting but Akira jumps out of the sidecar and runs into the diner. Akira calls for service and sits down. Two Androbots sneak up behind him, one is about to grab him by the kneck when Ichiro comes in and hits both of them. Ichiro starts to lead Akira back out. Akira looks back, sees two bowls of steaming noodles. He tries to go them but Ichiro pulls him away. The bowls fly into the air and spell the noodles on Ganta who just walked in the door. Ganta gets some noodles on his lips, he passes out. Dishes start flying at Ichiro and Akira. When Ichiro tries to open the diner door he finds that it is stuck. The doorknob turns into a small dragon head and bites Ichiro. Ichiro breaks free. There's an explosion and Black Dragon appears. His right hand is a second, smaller dragon head. Akira runs out another door, into the woods. He is followed by Androbots. Ganta crawls out of the diner. He meets an old woman, he knocks him out again.

Akira is blinded by the headlights of a car. The car is driven by that mysterious woman who keeps coming to his rescue. Akira gets in the car.

Ichiro is outside now, fighting Androbots and Black Dragon. Jiro's guitar is heard. Jiro jumps off a building, changing into Kikaida in the process. Kikaida fights the Androbots. An instrumental version of "Go Go Kikaida" plays in the background. When Kikaida approaches Black Dragon lightning flashes and Black Dragon vanishes.

The woman has Akira hide in a shelter in a park.

Kikaida 01 is riding Double Machine in the sky, looking down for Akira.

Three Androbots see Akira but when they enter the shelter he's already taken off. They see him running away.

Black Dragon

01 is attacked by a flying Black Dragon, who spits fire at him. 01 turns Double Machine to get away from the fire. Black Dragon follows.

The Androbots keep searching for Akira. Akira is hiding under a bridge. The Androbots walk over the bridge. Akira sneezes. The Androbots step back onto the bridge. Silver Hakaida appears and before they can tell him Akira is under the bridge he hits two of the Androbots with his bo staff, they explode. He knocks the third into the water. The Androbot sees Akira now and tries to tell Silver Hakaida but Blue Hakaida shows up and destroys it whith his Electric Whip. Red Hakaida joins the other two on the bridge. When Akira hears the three Hakaidas walk away he walks out from under the bridge.

Black Dragon spits fire at 01 again.

Ganta is taking photographs of flowers and talking to himself. He does not notice the Androbots and they ignore him. Ganta kneels and crossing himself (he must be Roman Catholic) prays. I don't know what he prayed for but when he sees a pair of legs he gets up to talk to the woman they belong too. It turns out to be the woman from outside the diner.

Black Dragon

Black Dragon is still chasing 01.

Akira climbs a tree to get away from more Androbots.

The woman is brushing her teeth. When Blue Hakaida appears Ganta faints. The woman runs away. Silver Hakaida appears and suddenly tosses his bo staff into the air, and and twirls on it. Blue Hakaida chooses his rope to swing through trees. Silver Hakaida and Blue Hakaida land next to Red Hakaida.

Akira has climbed out of the tree. He takes off his jacket and shirt. The camer focus on his back to show the plans there. The three Hakaidas spot Akira. The old woman appears and helps Akira to put his shirt and jacket back on and leads him away. They're stopped by Silver Hakaida who removes the woman's mask and wig, to reveal Akira's mysterious protector. Akira has ran off but he's captured by two Androbots who take him back to the woman and Silver Hakaida. Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida join the group. Red Hakaida is about to shoot the woman when Ichiro's trumpet is heard. After Ichiro makes his speach, Red Hakaida aims his Missile Bow Gun at him, but strangely instead of seeing him fire at Ichiro we see Gill Hakaida, who isn't even there, firing Hakaida shot at him. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The woman and Akira run away. After using "01 Cut" on a couple Androbots 01 uses "01 Driver" on the rest. Then Ichiro catches up with Akira. Whistling is heard. Gill Hakaida appears and flies into the air, spewing out black smoke. "Satanic Darkness" again. Hakaida lands and becomes Black Dragon. Black Dragon spits fire at Ichiro then his right hand shoots explosive shells at Ichiro. Ichiro is struck by lightning. Elsewhere, Jiro hears thunder and sees the black smoke in the sky. He transforms into Kikaida and uses Side Machine to cut a hole in the black smoke, just like the first time. The Sun shines on Black Dragon and Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. 01 uses "01 Cut" on Black Dragon, twice, then "01 Driver" and "Blast End". Black Dragon falls down a cliff and explodes. Blue Hakaida, Red Hakaida and Silver Hakaida pick up the badly damaged Gill Hakaida (they call him "boss"), he knocks them down. They pick themselves up. Ichiro and Jiro shake hands again and drive off, in opposite directions, on Double Machine and Side Machine, Akira in Double Machine's sidecar.


Gill Hakaida, Blue Hakaida, Red Hakaida and Silver Hakaida link arms to form a circle. They spin around transforming into Gattaida ("combine"). Gattaida jumps into the air, flies over Double Machine and drops bombs. One of the bombs hits Double Machine.

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