Hakaida Squad

Hakaida Squad: Gill Hakaida, Blue Hakaida, Silver Hakaida, Red Hakaida

The Hakaida Squad was formed by the surviving members of the Dark Destruction Corps after Kikaida destroyed it, as a direct-assualt group. Their main objective was to find the plans for the "Giant Devil Project" (a giant invincible robot) to subjugate mankind, and conquer the world. After Professor Gill's brain was transferred into the original Hakaida body, resulting in Gill Hakaida, the brains of three DDC scientists were transferred into the three new Hakaida bodies.

Gill Hakaida

Gill Hakaida was the boss. His weapon was the Hakaida Shot. Gill Hakaida was meaner than the original, he had Professor Gill's temper. Gill Hakaida was in the entire series.

Gill Hakaida

In episodes 5 and 6 he puts on Professor Gill's cape and plays his flute.


Blue Hakaida's weapon was the Electro-Whip. He had a special attack called "Electro-Whip Spinning Hell". Blue Hakaida was in episodes 1-9.


Red Hakaida's weapon was the Missile Bow Gun, a crossbow that was capable of firing multipile bolts. Red Hakaida was in episodes 1-9.

Silver Hakaida

Silver Hakaida's weapon was the Electric-Staff. He had a special attack called "Electric Staff Giant Spin". Silver Hakaida was in episodes 1-10.

Silver Hakaida

Silver Hakaida could toss his staff in the air and it would hover there while he showed off his gymnastic skills.

Each member of the Hakaida Squad cold transform into a different monster:

Silver Shrimp Blue Alligator
Ghostbot Silver Shrimp - episode 3 Blue Alligator - episode 5

Scarlet Centipede Black Dragon
Scarlet Centipede - episodes 5-6 Black Dragon - episode 7

The four Hakaida's could combine into one super monster,
Gattaida (gattai means "combine"):


Gattaida could use the weapons of the four
Hakaidas and could launch its own missiles.
episodes 7 & 8

Of course the Hakaida Squad had their own androids, the "Androbots". Instead of carrying Naginats the Androbots were armed with lightning bolt shapped spears.

episodes 1-10

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