Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight
episodes 8-27

Shadow Knight was the first agent of the Shadow to appear in Kikaida 01, and one of the few to survive for multiple episodes. In episode #8 Shadow Knight joins Kikaida 01 in fighting the Androbots, but only because they were after Akira too. In episode #9 Shadow Knight disarms Blue and Silver Hakaida when they try to take Akira from him.

Shadow Knight Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight first appears as a man dressed in a white suit wearing a black top hat, sunglasses and a white mask over his nose and mouth. In later episodes he disguises himself as a man dressed in black and wearing a mustache. (Played by Kikuchi, Toshiaki the primary Kikaida costume actor in both Jinzo Ningen Kikaida and Kikaida 01).

Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight was the First Executive of the Shadow, second in command after Big Shadow (until Gill Hakaida usurped his position). Through his one large eye he could damage the vision of others and from his sword he could fire a Deadly Executive Impulse Missile. As one of the Shadow leaders Shadow Knight did not have a number printed on his back.

Shadow Knight's car

Shadow Knight sometimes rode in the back of a topless red car, driven by a Shadow Man.

Shadow Knight vs Kikaida 01

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