Unlike the aliens in Ultra Seven which maintain the same appearance whether humansized or giantsized (only their size is changed) most of the aliens in Ultraman Leo change their appearance when giantsizing, for some the change is minor for most its drastic. There are some that only appear as giants however. If they have two forms its listed in the descriptions and there will be two photos.

Red Gilas and Black Gilas Magma-Seijin

Episodes 1 & 2: Red Gilas, Black Gilas, Alien Magma: break Ultra Seven's leg and damage Ultra Eye rending him stuck as Morobashi, Dan, they only appear as giants, Alien Magma is a coward who appears only when his pets appear to be winning and runs away when they lose

Tsuruk-Seijin small Tsuruk-Seijin giantl

Episodes 3 & 4: Alien Tsuruk (small & giant): first of the monsters to have different forms when human sized and giant sized, human sized murdered people (including MAC Officer Suzuki) leaving a stone with Ultraman :Leo;s image carved into it at the scene in attempt to ruin Ultraman Leo's reputation, before he actually has one, in giant form it intially defeaed Ultraman Leo (episode 3) took more training to defeat it (episode 4).

Kanedoras Karly-Seijin small Karly-Seijin giant

Episode 5: Kanedoras - uses it horn like Ultra Seven use Eye Slugger
Episode 6: Alien Karly (small & giant) - first monster to switch back to humansized after having giantsized than giantsizing again, hates women

Kendoros Bekira Giro-seijuh small Giro-seijuh giant

Episode 7: Kendoros - plant monster, stands with its head pointing towards the ground Episode 8: Bekira - killed MAC Vice Captain Kuroda, Akio
Episode 9: Alien Giro (small & giant) - humansized pretended to be an amusment park mascot mixing in with the fake monsters, not intially hostile, seems like it was a child alien which giantsized out of fear not malice and fought because MAC and Leo attacked it, Leo killed it but after Umeda, Tru told the adults it had harmed no one and was actually trying to be friendly, Leo revived it and took it back into space

Ron Kettle-Seijin small Kettle-Seijin giant

Episode 10: Ron - Ultraman Leo's former pet from Planet L77, it survived the destruction of their home world, but has grown, lost its memory of its master, become ravenously hungry for magma (lava), Apparently Morobashi, Dan has forgotten how it felt when he saw his three pet capsule monsters killed, he has no sympathy for Otori, c's feelings about his pet. Leo is able to eventualy calm Ron, restore its memory, shrink it and transform it into a dog which Otori, Gen gives to Umeda, Kaoru
Episode 11: Alien Kettle (small & giant) - kills the new heavyweight boxing champion when out jogging he runs into this alien, then accidently runs ino the man's widow and kills her too, giantsized only after Otori, Gen figured out how to beat it humansized

Bango Vibe-Seijin small Vibe-Seijin giant

Episode 12: Bango - a hibernating monster awoken by a hunter in strange garb, the man Sato, Saburo, becomes a temporary member of MAC since he knows about the beast, turns out the beasts strange behaivor is because its copying everything it sees this strange man does, apparently because he's the one who woke it up
Episode 13: Alien Vibe (small & giant) - human sized version turns invisible, uses Otori, Gen's knife to kill a cop and a pipe in Gen's hands to kill a construction worker making Gen look guilty both times, while Otori, Gen is alone in the wood sulking, Morobashi, Dan crashes his fighter plane into the head of the giant version, killing it, Ultraman Leo only appears in time to save Dan

Antares boy Antares Flip-seiin small Flip-seiin giant

Episode 14: Antares - first alien to disguise itself as a human, a teenage boy who shows up at the sports center dojo and starts beating people up, he does not talk just roars like an animal
Episode 15: Alien Flip (small & giant) - can create illusionary duplicates of itself, or become invisible, killed Vice Captain Hirayama, Atsushi

Atlar-Seijin (human) Atlar-Seijin

Episode 16: Alien Atlar - initially appears as a woman dressed in white who only appears at night and wails (like a banshee) , Morobashi, Dan said it destroyed entire planets transforming its victins into wax figures

Episodes 17-21 constitute episodes subtitled "Behold! Ultra Horror Series:"

Wolf-Seijin small Wolf-Seijin giant

Episode 17: Alien Wolf (small & giant) - humansized attacks young women and drinks their blood, one of the victim's is Nomura, Takeshi's girlfriend but instead of killing her it takes possesion of her so she becomes a werewolf

Bat Girl Batton

Episode 18: Bat Girl & Batton - MAC destroyes a horde of alien vampire bats, but one gets away, disguises itself as a girl, the first alien that could actually talk, however at night she becomes a vampire, its true form is the giant Batton. first monster Ultraman Leo was able to kill without needing special training first

Boze-Seijin Dogyuh man Dogyuh Bock

Episode 19: Alien Boze - hiding in a lake in Hokkaido for over 100 years, angered by a fisherman who caught it and beat it, killed 3 towns people, killed MAC Vice Captain Akaishi, Kiyohiko, first alien to look the same humansized and giantsized
Episode 20: Dogyuh & Bock - Dogyuh is evil alien, diguised as a man, hunting a friendly alien, Bock disguised as boy hiding in Hokkaido, Dogyuh kills a bear, humans, cattle and sheep while it looks for Bock, Book' recognizes Morobashi, Dan as "Seven", they're old friends, Bock's true form is never revealed

NorthSatan-Seijin small NorthSatan-Seijin giant Alpha-Seijin

Episode 21: Alien NorthSatan (small & giant) & Alien Alpha - NorthSatan is an alien bounty hunter hired to kill the Alpha a peacful alien (with delusions of godhood, impersonates Nike greek goddess of Victory, both aliens end up in Hokkaido, (why this part of Japan is suddenly popular with aliens I have no idea maybe the producers just got tired of destroying Tokyo) NorthSatan humansized only appears in a flashback as Yoji, Kitayama describes his first encounter with both aliens 4 years before, the Alpha-Seijin never transforms and has no special powers, apparently just a humanoid race from another planet, needs Leo fo fly her home

Gallon & Liter Coro-Seijin Renbolar

Episode 22: Gallon (right) & Liter (left) - brother monsters who nearly defeat Ultraman Leo until....a strange red light appears and reveals...Astra, the brother Leo thought he had lost

After the serious episode 22 in which Ultraman Leo would have been killed if his brother Astra had not suddenly appeared the serious has sever silly episode more child oriented. Before getting serious and going darker later on.

Episode 23: Alien Coro & Renbolar - a friendly alien and his not so friendly pet, Coro-Seijin looks and acts like a child though he' actualy has 43 children, 64 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, fell to Earth when jumping on its bed which was floating in space. Coro was found by children playing "MAC" and fed donuts, Renbolar followed its master to Earth and was peaceful until someone pulled out Coro's tail which was controling the monster, Coro has to grow a new tail. Ultraman Leo subdues the monster while waiting for the tail to grow back.

Android Girl Carolyn Android Girl Carolyn Sarin-Seijin Professor Dodole Gamelot

Episode 24: Alien Sarin Professor Dodole, Android Girl Carolyn, Gamelot - a space ship containing the last surviving Sarin-Seijin known as Professor Dodole, and his robot "granddaughter" Carolyn crashes on Earth. after their planet was taken over by rebelious robots and the Sarin-Seijin wiped out. Gamelot the robotic leader of the rebelion comes to Earth lookinh for them, Otori, Gen hid them without telling MAC and he falls in love with Carolyn not realizing"she" is a robot , Gamelot is the first and last robot invader, although Dodole does not transform in a flashback sequence showing the rebelion the silhouettes of the Sarin being killed are those of NorthSatan and Vibe, so his true form is apparently similar to one of those, Sariin-Seijin Profesor Dodole played by Amamoto, Eisei,

Clean-Seijin Satan Beetle

Episode 25: Alien Clean & Satan Beetle - Clean-Seijin only appears in a boy's dream, the alien actually sent from Clean to Earth is the monsterous Satan Beetle sent to destroy after an Earth ship CS137 accidently blew up on planet Clean filling its atmosphere with poisons, the Clean-Seijin apparently believed it was an attack and retaliated

Episodes 26 - 32 constitute episodes sub titled "Japan Masterpiece Folklore Series:"

Pressure-Seijin Oni-on

Episode 26: Alien Pressure - alien wizard, second alien to look the same humansized and giant sized, shrunk Ultraman Leo, was defeated when the legenday Ultraman King arrived on Earth
Episode 27: Oni-on - fruit loving alien (based on Japanese demon oni) appears on Earth, befitting its name (onion) it sprays tear gas, when it destroys the fruit store and eats all the stock of the grandparents of an orphanded by Momotaro ("peach boy") he decides that like the legendary figure he is named after that he will slay the oni, so he shoots the giant in the eye with an exploding arrow (from Gen) leaving it blind on one eye, his second arrow is deflected,the third cuts the alien's pants so they keep falling down while Ultraman Leo fights him

Paradai-Seijin child Paradai-Seijin adult King Paradai

Episode 28: Alien Paradai (child), Alien Paradai (adult), & King Paradai - supposedly arrived on Earth with no hostile intent but when one of them, a child (talks), is attacked by humen fisherman two adults (don't talk) seek revenge, ulimately they merge together to transform into the giant King Paradai

Uli Ulinga

Episode 29: Uli & Ulinga - an alien boy, Uli,has been adopted by a woman who looks like one of Morobashi, Dan's Ultra Guard partners, Anne, though she denies being Anne, the boy has psionic powers, as he uses them his skin turns silver and his red clothes get shreaded until he final turns into the silver giant Ulinga, the woman does not transform but since she's adopted an alien child and insists she is not Anne, I think she has to be an alien herself who's disguised as Anne (anyway its my understanding Anne shows up with a human son in one of the later Ultraman movies) , Ultraman Leo decices the alien isn't really hostile just bored so he knocks it down and uses the cape he got from the Ultraman King to return the alien back into the boy and takes the boy and the woman into space, while Morobashi, Dan who was unconscious for the whole fight wakes up and still insists on calling this woman who not Anne, "Anne"

Rolan human Rolan Magma-Seijin II

Episode 30: Rolan & Alien Magma II - this episode proves the aliens are all insane, as the narrator claims that Rolan is the most beautiful monster in the universe and that is why Alien Magma II (the younger brother of the Alien Magma (from episodes 1 and 2) is obsessed with her, on Earth she takes the form of a pretty young woman, Alien Magma II arrives on Earth humansized but looks the same as giantsized just smaller, unlike his brother who turns coward and runs away, Alien Magma II stays to fight Ultraman Leo and dies

 Vermin-Seijin human  Vermin-Seijin  White Flower Fairy

Episode 31: Alien Vermin & White Flower Fairy - diguised as an old man, the Alien Vermin passes out flowers to children who then fall into a deep sleep, the White Flower Fairy who lives in normal white flower appears to Umeda, Kaoru in a dream (which ends with a demon with Tru's face appearing), after Alien Vermin is killed she helps Ultraman Leo to cure the children

Kirara Princess Kaguya

Episode 32: Kirara & Princess Kaguya - 15 years ago Princess Kaguya from the moon was sent to the Earth in order to protect her as enemies on the moon wanted her dead. she's forgotten who she is and Kirara a messanger from the moon has tome to Earth to remind her who she is and since her enemies have finally been defeated, take her hom, MAC and Ultraman Leo try to keep her on Earth, they fail as she chooes to return, breaking the hearts of her foster parents and fianc

Akumania-Seijin Akumania-Seijin

Episode 33: Alien Akumania [two forms] - this alien from the demon planet appears as a giant eye, then it vanishes from the sky and people start getting migraine headaches and disembodied hands start reaching out for them, when Otori, Gen breaks one of the hands the giant eye reappears and starts blasting the apartment building its been terrorizing, when Otori, Gen becomes Ultraman Leo, the demon alien reveals its true form, Leo thinks he's beaten it when it rallies, his brother Astra appears to help him defeat it, it returns to its eye phase and Astra carries it off into space

Ashuran Taishoh Atlanta-Seijin human Atlanta-Seijin

Episode 34: Ashuran - attempting to transport an "Ultra Ball' contaiing a gift from the Land of Light to Morobashi, Dan on Earth, Ultraman Jack is attacked by Ashuran which apparently wants the "Ultra Ball", Jack escapes but not before the alien seals his mouth, on Earth Go, Hideki has a black mask on his mouth keeping him from speaking and Otori, Gen does not realize that his man is one of Ultra Seven's kin, instead of taking the wounded man to MAC he takes him the sports center, Ashuran which has two faces, one on each side of its head arrives on Earth, Go, Hideki eventually retreives the missing Ultra Ball, now shrunk from its giant size, and tosses it to Morobashi, Dan who throws at at the monster, the robotic warrior Sevenger (Dan's 4th capsule monster) appears. unfortunanly he can only function for 1 minute before automatically returning to ball so is not able to kill Ashuran though came close, when Ashuran looks at Dan, Hideki and Gen he sees Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Leo so figuring he is doomed if all 3 transform he runs away, but later he most figure they're not all three toing to transform because he comes back, Dan is able to remove the mask from his brother, Leo and Jack kill the monster
Episode 35: Taishoh - an alien child that wouldn't do its homework and so its father stuck in pot and hurled into space as punishemt, the pot lands on Earth were another small boy doesn't like homework finds it, all Taishoh wants is to go home even giant sized it won't fight so Ultraman Leo takes it home, another monster that looks the same any size
Episode 36: Alien Atlanta - a space ship sent to explore the planet Atlanta returns three years later, it crashes and one man survives, only he's not a man, he senses that Otori, Gen is Ultraman Leo and Gen in turn realized he was an Alien Atlanta , but the man he's impersonating was engaged to Morobashi', Dan's superior from the Earth Defense Force, and all his medical test show him a perfectly healthy, adult male human, telephatic threatens Otori, Gen that if he reveals his identiy he will reveal Gen's and Morobashi, Dans's, then he joins MAC, Astra will appear at the end to help Leo

image of Kaoru's mother Mazaras-Seijin Specter

Episode 37: Alien Mazaras & Specter - an alien witch who kidnaps children and hides in mirrors and her summonded monster, Mazaras impersonates Umeda, Tru and Umeda, Kaoru's dead mother in a mirror in order to kidnap Kaoru, the monster is the mirror world until Gen accidently realizes into the real world, when Mazaras reveals her true form she is a giant too, Ultraman Leo has to fight one in the mirror world and one in the real world

Imitation Astra Babalou-Seijin

Episodes 38 & 39: Imitation Astra & Alien Babalou - in episode 39 a Alien Babalou is only heard laughing, that Astra is a imposter is not revealed until the trailer for episode 40, then in episode 40 Ultraman King who can see through all disgues apparently reveals that "Astra" is actually a Alien Babalou, the alien runs away, the Ultra Brothers return home, with the Ultra Planet still heading for Earth, Ultraman King offers to take "Seven" home but Morobashi, Dan declines the offer stating Earth is his second home and if its to be destroyed he'd rather die here, Ultraman King says he thinks the unconscious Leo feels the same way and leaves them both behind, at MAC headquarters they ignore a strange signal which the narrator says was is their salvation if they'd only listen its like the Ultra Seven episode in which the strange signal is Ultra Seven in this case its the real Astra, Commander Takakura of the Earth Defense Force, not knowing Captain Morobashi, Dan is Ultra Seven at this planet moving toward Earth is the Ultra home world wants to blow it up with a super bomb, Ultraman Leo and Astra save both planets and are made Ultra Brothers

Episodes 40-51 constitute episodes subtitled "Terror of the Saucer Race Series" in which the invaders are all following the orders of the mysterious Commander Black:

Commander Black

Episodes 40-51: Commander Black - leader of alien invaders that actually wipes out MAC in their first attack, the Saucer aliens are "living flying saucers" none of them are humanoid,. Commander Black controls the others with a glowing sphere he always has in his hand.. At the end most episodes when his monster is dead he calls for the next one and that monster is seen in the form of a space ship heading for Earth. Then at the beginning of the next episode that same scene is repeated (for the benefit of those who missed the previous episode). The Saucer Creatures useally shrink down to a size small enough to picked up by human who mistake them for sea shells (and in on instance a wounded animal) and carry them to their school, buisness or home where the creature causes havoc before giantsizing so Ultraman Leo can show up to kill it.. Although the view knows from the start that Commander Black exists and that he is controling the monsters, none of the characters actually know about it until the end. For the most part he stands back in the shadows, summons the monsters and curses Ultraman Leo without Ultraman Leo even knowing he exists. Though Leo may suspect someone is controling these Saucer Creatures he doesn't actualy discover who until episode 50, though Commander Black has know who is Ultraman Leo all along. At the end the final episode we will discover why Commander Black never lets go of that glowing sphere.

Silver Bloom Black Dome

Episode 40: Silver Bloom - in MAC's space station the crew is celebrating Haruko, Matsuki's birthday within seconds she and the rest of MAC will be dead, Silver Bloom a "living flying saucer" destros the station and the MAC ships that try to evacuate, Otori, Gen survives only because he transforms into Ultraman Leo, Morobashi, Dan vanishes with the station (Ultra Seven will make a brief appearance in the final episode indicating he survived and got a new Ultra Eye), after destroying MAC, Silver Bloom attacks Tokyo, among the dead: Nomura, Takeshi (Jouan Sports Center coach who wanted to join MAC); Yamaguchi, Momoko (Otori, Gen's girlfriend) and Umeda, Kaoru (Tru's younger sister), Takeshi probably had to die so Ito, Yukio could go play Midoranger in Goranger but why the others had to die too I don't know, a new character Miyama, Sakiko takes Otori, Gen and Umeda, Tru into her home outside of London, when Silver Bloom attacks Tru's new school Ultraman Leo kills it, Commander Black summons Black Dome from the Black Star planet, its only seen as a space ship just starting for Earth
Episode 41: Black Dome - crab monster taken off course by a child obsessed with flying saucer who flashes a mirror at it causing it to fly past Commnder Black (English subtitle error: they got so used to "Tru and Kaoru" that they translated "Tru and Ayumi" as "Tru and Kaoru"), Commander Black summons Absorba from the Black Star planet, its only seen as a space ship just starting for Earth

Absorba Demos

Episode 42: Absorba - a child who cares for wounded and stray animals finds the shrunken Absorba and doesn't head Otori, Gen's warning that a Saucer Creature isn't going to care about humans or animals, Tru who's sister and foster mother and coach were killed by a Saucer Creature tries to beat the alien to death which just enrages it, when he giantsizes, though Tru and Gen try to rescue some of the animals it destroys the shack that is their "hopsital" and many die, a sparrow in a cage which was dropped trying to get away seems to be intentionally targeted by the giant monster which shoots fire at it. only after Absorba grabs the two children in one of its tenticles knocking them out does Gen become Ultraman Leo, rescue them and kill it
Episode 43: Demos - the small version killed 8 people by draining them of blood, the police informed the Miyama family that murders form a circle around that includes their home, Otori, Gen realizes that its a challange aimed at Ultraman Leo, a stranger confrotns Gen, calling him "Leo" and telling him that unless he surrenders and allows himself to be excuted Demos will kill everyone in town, the man runs away and when Gen catches him he realizes the man was bring controlled and the the Black Star aliens know he's Ultraman Leo, he decides the way to save the town is to leave it, he drives out of town but later heads back when he hears a radio news report that the police have captured a small alien, they try to burn it while he's on the way back, which only results in it giantsizing,

Black Garon Blizzard Blizzard

Episode 44: Black Garon - this saucer monster arrives on Earth as Tru has started picking fights with a thoughtless kid who brags about the expensive gifts his wealthy father gives him while Tru and and Ayumi have no fathers, Tru and Gen are the first to encounter the giant monster which of course tries to stomp them to death, because Commander Black who controls it knows Gen is Ultraman Leo, it has Ultraman Leo down but strangly Commander Black orders it to retreat, the next morning the rich kid finds a "meteorite" which Tru recognizes is Saucer Creature, the kid of course runs off with it (Saucer Monsters keep attacking this town and yet know one will believe it when they are warned their holding a shrunken version of a Saucer Creature), the boy's father is of course just as stupid (although it might help if Gen would actually identify himself as the last surving MAC officer maybe they'd accept he has some idea what he's taling about)
Episode 45: Blizzard - human have somehow managed to learn the invaders are from the Black Star and have put together a team of scientists to investigate it, naturally Commander Black has to put stop to this, so he calls for a strong Saucer Creature to be sent to stop them, Blizzard is sent, Tru meets a little girl who reminds him of his little sister, Gen warns Tru she's a Black Star alien, when her doll starts moving on its own spraying a freezing gas Tru believes the doll controls the little girl, Gen just the opposite, Tru appears to be right but it doesn't matter when she runs and they give chase she summons Blizzard, a space ship comes out of lake, and fires a white mist at her, she vanishes, the ship becomes Blizzard, somehow manages to miss Tru and Gen with its freezing spray but takes out an bridge with lot of vechicles on it, tries again for Tru and Gen, and with Tru snowblind Gen becomes Ultraman Leo, after Leo disables Blizzard's freezing gas spray, the monster turns around to reveal its back side is red and sprays fire, doesn't help when it reverts to a saucer and tries to fly away Leo shoots it down, a burnt doll falls to the grown at Tru's feet, he cries for the little girl

Hanglar Black Terrina

Episode 46: Hanglar - Commander Black calls for a Saucer Creature strong enough to kill Ultraman Leo, Hanglar is sent, unfortunantly for Commander Black, Leo's brother Astra is always watching out for his older sibling, this is Astra's last appearance in the series (he will be seen in later Ultraman films), being attacking Leo it picks on two brothers destroying the older brothers truck, I find this episode extremly annoyng, giant aliens have been attackin Earth for years, MAC which was trying to fight them was wiped out by the latest invasion attempt, giant monsters frequently appear around this town and yet everybody acts like two people reporting a giant monster are a pair of lunatics. thats like a town with a lot drunk drives and someone reporting one being ignored, it makes no sense, Gen tells the young brother that he had a brother who was tough but kind who was killed by the saucer creatures (a refrence to Morobashi, Dan/Ultra Seven since Leo and Astra were adopted into the Ultra Brothers, whom he belives died during the attack on MAC), its only after Hanglar destroys a bridge full of vehicles (Black Star seems to hate bridges and cars on them) that the brother's story is accepted, Gen is wounded, which means Leo is wounded too. which is why he needs Astra's help (if an Ultra merges with a humans the wounds of one does not pass to the other, Ultra Seven and Leo created their own human forms so wounds they sufffer in either form effects both which is why Morobashi, Dan walked with a lip after Seven's leg was broken), Astra shrinks so he will fit in Hanglar's mouth, flies down the monster's throat and destroys it from the inside out (second episode in which Leo had nothing to do with killing the monster), strangely the series theme begain playing as soon as Astra appeared, I guess they didn't write Astra a song
Episode 47: Black Terrina - drops sea shells from space which land all over Japan, af firs the shells attack people, hitting them in eyes and apparently biting them, but when a little girl collects them they don't attack her, apparentlly Black Terrina has a plan, when the girl's mother is hurt at work, the mother is taken to the hospital where the girl hands out sea shells to her mother, to nurses including Miyama, Sakiko,to her mother's doctor, and later to Miyama, Ayumi, later the shells glove taking over the minds of those who posses them so that they will find and attackOtori, Gen (because Commander Black know he's Ultraman Leo), one of the shells itself attack Gen blinding him in one eye, which means Ultraman Leo will be blind (until the wound heals) too, Gen finds the girl but doesn't have the heart to take the shells from her so he just tells her not to touch them, in fact she only has one left, in a box, when she finds Ayumi who's shell is glowing she look to see if her''s is "so pretty too" at is and just looking at it puts her under the monsters control, but since the alien is already fighting Ultraman Leo, both girls just stand still with glassy eyed stares

Satan Moa Nova

Episode 48: Satan Moa - (sign) Otori, Gen's oldest and closest friend (whom he's never mentioned once in 47 episodes) who he has not seen in 3 years since they had big fight, is town, Gen is so lost in past memories he doesn't see the strange man, dressed in black and carrying a glowing crystal who comes up behind him and glares at him as he lauighs to himself about the coming death of Ultraman Leo (Gen still doesn't know that Commander Black exists), this old friend is supposed to be a former member of the sports center, this is the first time since episode 40 Gen has mentioned the sports center, I thought he forget it existed, at his old friends photograph exhibit Gen meats another old friend he never mentioned before, his old friend's ex-girlfriend, who's married to someone else and is carrying her infant around with her, naturally Satan Moa attacks the building, why I don't know Otori, Gen has already left it,trapped in the building the mother lets a stranger take her baby out but the stranger puts the babt on the sidewlak, Gen forces Hiroshi to protect it without mentioning who the mother is, for the first time Otori, Gen goofed (the smoke didn't hide him) and was seen by Hiroshi, transforming into Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Leo has to try to hold the building together while Satan Moe tries to knock it down and attack him, Hiroshi doing something decent for once shieds the baby with his body when a mecahnical bird controled by Satan Moe attacks him and the baby, after Satan Moe is dead, Otori, Gen tries to tell Hiroshi who's child he saved but he dies without ever hearing it (so Ultraman Leo's secret is safe, except for that fact tha Commander Black knows), the mother retreaves her child and is sadened by the death of her ex-boyfriend even though he treated her badly 3 years ago
Episode 49: Nova - Umeda, Tru who has never stopped grieving the lose of his mother, father and sister (even when he appears happy) falls under the spell of this monter when it promises it can reunite him with them, Umeda, Tru carries a small version of the the monster around town which sprays a gas that puts a red chain around the necks of people and turns them insanely violent, he does not notice because he's traped in an illusion in which he sees his dad parents and sister (we don't) the police are prepared to shoot the boy dead

Bunyo--Seijinj human Bunyo--Seijinj Black End

Episode 50: Alien Bunyo - Commander Black complains that Black Star has not sent him another Saucer Creature, when this alien appears, takes on the form of a very strange man, claims not to have power but to have intelligence and that it can trick Ultraman Leo, Otori, Gen comes jogging by (wearing for the first time since episode 40 his sports center uniform), Gen and Bunyo fight, Bunyo runs away when Umeda, Tru shows up (also in his sports center uniform), Alien Bunyo abducts Miyama, Sakiko so Ultraman Leo will try to save her, Gen trades himself for Sakiko and his hands are tied with a space rope", when Bunyo takes him to meet Commander Black, the Black Star alien tries to kill Gen with a sword but he transforms into Ultraman Leo, but human sized because the unbreakable rope keeps him from being able to giant size, Bunyo freezes Leo and Commander Blacks slices him to death with a saw. As he's dying Leo sends Tru a telephatic message asking him to find him and bury him, Later Ultraman King arrives and restores Ultraman Leo and now Otori, Gen/Ultraman Leo knows about Commander Black
Episode 51: Black End - desperate Commander Black summons his last Saucer Creature, while the Miyama family visit the grave of Mr. Miyama, Tru asks Gen to take him to the beach because Yamaguchi, Momoko would take him and his sister there then look out to sea towards the island she was born on, so he wants to take a photo of Momoko and Kaoru there, Black End which has been casuing earthquakes rises to the surface and starts calling "Leom Leo, Leo", but Gen refuses to answer the call, that night Gen has a dream (or a vision) in which Ultra Seven tells him he needs to tell his human friends who he really is,as Morobashi, Dan told Anne, [Seven's voice is not that of Moritsugu, Koji], the next day Gen and Tru are going on a long walk, how Gen manages to not see Commander Black who is stalking him and Tru I have no idea, but he doesn't, when Black End appears again Gen tells Tru to run, they both run until the boy can't run anymore, Gen tells him he is Ultraman Leo than transforms in front of him, as Leo is fighting Black End, Commander Black grabs Tru and Leo stops fighting, he has another vision of Ultra Seven encouraging him to fight, Ayumi and a small band of other children come upon Commander Black, as Tru bights the alien's arm the other children charge him, Tru gets the cyrstal from him and tosses it to Leo, Leo charges it with energy and hurls it at Black End as his last monster dies Commaner Black melts.