Neros Empire

Neros Empire

The Neros Empire:
A secret empire that is the underbelly of the Kirihara Konzern (German: 'combine'), led by Emperor Neros and divided into four armies. Covertly controls the world's criminal organizations, terrorists, finances, etc. Intends to conquer the world through economic as well as military means. Has a rigid ranking system of ten grades, from lowest to highest:

     Title Loose translation
10 Keitoushi Light Fighter
  9 Chuutoushi Medium Fighter
  8 Kyoutoushi Strong Fighter
  7 Rettoushi Fierce Fighter
  6 Gekitoushi Furious Fighter
  5 Bakutoushi Explosive Fighter
  4 Yuutou Heroic Fighter
  3 Boukon Violent Spirit
  2 Goushou Brave General
  1 Gaisei Victorious Saint

Emperor Neros Kirihara Gouzou

Emperor Neros
The leader of the Neros Empire. Once Japanese Imperial Army Technical Major Muraki, assistant to Dr. Koga. After the war, built the Kirihara Konzern under the youthful guise of Kirihara Gouzou. The world believed him to be a philanthropist at the head of an international financial empire, but he was actually far more: a master of all sciences who intended to conquer the world with his robots, monsters, and yen.

spies spies

Secretaries K and S
Kirihara's spies.

Neros Armies

The Four Armies

I. The Armor Army
Consists of athletes, magicians, samurais, weightlifters, and ninja, all armor glad humans.


Victorious Saint Kurugin (Coolgin) Emperor Neros' right hand in silver ('gin') armor. A first-class strategist and swordsman. Rides in the sidecar of the red Mirage Hasha motorcycle, though once drove the blue Captron motorcycle. Defeated Metalder instantly with one sword attack in the former's first battle.

Strong Generals Tagsky and Tagsron, the Tag Brothers
Masters of sword and naginata.

Violent Spirit Tubo
Samurai-like master of sword and hook.

Violent Spirit Hidouman
Master of tachi and spiked ball.

Heroic Fighter Wogger
Entire body looks like a collection of grey tubes. Master of the spear. Later succeeded by lookalike Wogger II.

Heroic Fighter Barlock
Former decathlon athlete who kicked down his rival to enter the Olympics. After his rival committed suicide, he felt shame at his cowardice and sought out challengers to prove himself. Wears blue-green tights. Wields a scythe and chain in his right hand; a clawed gauntlet on his left.

Explosive Fighter Galador
Ninja master of magic.

Explosive Fighter Robinken
Camoflauge-garbed commando.

Furious Fighter BenK (pun on the samurai Benkei)
Defeated by Metalder, this modern-day samurai left the Empire. Died saving captives from the Empire.

Furious Fighter Jamune
Boxer with expensive upper body padding.

Medium Fighters Fu Fu Chu and Mukimukiman
Half-naked, comical wrestling rejects.

Light Fighters (basic type) Generic fighters in black tights. Found in all four armies and hence will not be mentioned again. However, 'Kage' (Shadow) Light Fighters, trained in ninjutsu, are found only in the Armor Army. The only nonspecialized Light Fighter of note is the female Madonna of the Armor Army.

Mirage Hasha
Red motorcycle with sidecar for Coolgin's use.

II. The Battle Robot Army
Consists of robots and androids created by Emperor Neros.


Victorious Saint Barusuki (Valskie).
Leader of the Combat Robot Army. Silver robot with golden gear on forehead and yellow and black stripes on chest and forearm armor.

Brave General Galdos
Boxer with grey, floor mat-like plating on his head, shoulders, and thighs. Could discharge electricity through tentacles from his forehead.

(Former) Brave General Bigwayne
Black with grey armor plates. Originally the 'Titan of Legend.' Now an unranked repair robot. Escaped the Empire. Fought Metalder to aid his beloved disciple Gochak. Fires arrows from his right forearm.

Top Gunder

Violent Spirit Topgunder
Modelled after the fictional manga character Golgo 13. VIP assassin. Lone gunman in black tights who believed in fair play. Duelled Metalder alone. Carried a rifle which he supported with his oversized silver left arm. Even when he was punished for breaking military law, he escaped to duel Metalder. Saved by Metalder, he promised to duel again and went off to the mountains to practice. Eventually, he came to reject the cowardly ways of the Neros Empire entirely to become Metalder's ally. Succeeded by Crosslander. Brought down the Ghost Bank with Metalder, only to be murdered by Victorious Saint Coolgin. Rides a motorcycle.

(Former) Violent Spirit Crosslander
VIP assassin in red and white. The antithesis of his predecessor Topgunder. Coward willing to do anything to win. Worked with American terrorist organizations, killing government officials and receiving a promotion from Explosive Fighter to Violent Spirit before coming to Japan to kill Metalder. Wields twin pistols. Had his head damaged by Metalder; thereafter wore a winged snake ornament on his forehead.

Light Fighters Goblit and Dedemos
Crosslander's assistants. Gunmen in black with rifle and bayonet (Goblit) and handgun and drill (Dedemos).

Heroic Fighter Jaws
Shark-headed fighter in white tights with twin shoulder cannons and four cannons on his upper arms.

Explosive Fighter Gochak
Silver wrestler. When beheaded, grows a cannon head.

Furious Fighter Gebarose
Silver with thick thighs, high jumping ability, and a featureless black faceplate.

Fierce Fighter Zargen
Black-robed and skull-headed with a scythe for a left hand.

(Former) Fierce Fighter Rhapsody
Plays a Stradivarius.

Strong Fighter Lortail
Feminine and white.

Golden motorcycle with rollcage.

III. The Creature Army
Consists of biotechnologically engineered creatures (monsters) created by Emperor Neros.

Gerudoringu vs Metalder

Victorious Saint Gerudoringu (Geldering).
Green muscular beast with skull-like head encased in a transparent egg-shaped shell.

Brave General Bridie
White-furred symbiote with detachable spider on his back.

Violent Spirit Bankora
Grey-skinned with white fangs on his chest and legs.

Heroic Fighter Gamadone
Brown-skinned with tentacle arms and antennae.

Explosive Fighter Damnen
Red-eyed lizard.

Furious Fighter Zakembor
Red-eyed cicada.

Light Fighter Hedogross
Green and froglike. Married the female slave, Wisdom. Had a son, Hedogross, Jr.

Blue motorcycle.

IV. The Armament Army
Battle droids (gyrocopter type, jet type, tank type, torpado type, etc.) created by Emperor Neros.


Victorious Saint Doranga (Dranger)
Leader of the Armament Army. Red and silver with a tachi (longsword) in his right hand and five cannon fingers on his left. Has blades, guns, and lights mounted on his ears.

Brave General Megadron
Has circular head flanked by twin shoulder cannons.

Violent Spirit Darbarbo
Has missile launchers on chest and shoulders.

Violent Spirit Agmis
A walking red and grey torpedo with a spear gun.

Heroic Fighter Barbery
Humanoid helicopter.

Furious Fighter Strobe
Humanoid fighter plane.

Fierce Fighter Bulchek
Humanoid tank.

Vehicles shared by all four armies:
Dryguns (black 4x4 off-road vehicles) and Darkgungarries (black vans).

The Ghostbank
A ring of gates containing key army officers surrounding Emperor Neros' throne. The area enclosed by the gates and throne was used both as an area and as a strategy room.

[Taken from The Metal Hero Manual, Version 1.2 ? 1995 Marc H. Miyake, with corrections by Tsubasa]

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