Space Iron Alliance

ufo safehouse

The Iron Alliance was part of a larger group, a group not even from Earth, the Space Iron Alliance (this happened because the seires was extended an additional 13 episodes after receving excellent ratings). Although the first Space Iron Alliance member and his giant robot arrive on Earth in epsidoe 23 the main invasion attempt does not begin until episode 27, after the death of Dr. Deviler and the destruction of the Earth based Iron Alliance. In episode 24 Angel Killer actually said he was from the Interplanetory Iron Alliance but the name was changed to the simpler Space Iron Alliance in episode 27. Their headquarters is on Mars but they have various "safe houses" on Earth. which the SSI and the Inspector blow up when ever they find them.

Giras Q,

Apparent leader of the Space Iron Alliance, Giras Q looks like his soldier but for the gold on his uniform (episodes 27-39).

Angel Killer Sky Shark Sky Shark

Episodes 23 & 24: Ambassador of Space: Angel Killer - an alien who comes to Earth to destroy Red Baron and the SSI, armed with a violin, he uses the bow like a sword, the violin controls his giant robot
Episodes 23 & 24: Sky Shark - Angel Killer's giant robot, its Acid-Fire weapon could possibly destroy Super Robot Red Baron, Ken thought he knew how to beat it and destroyed the robot's head, but it sprouted a second one with the same weapons, in episode 24 it uses its golf club arm to hurl giant golf balls to destroy random targets trying to draw out Red Baron

Martian Satan Goldfinger

Episode 27: Martian Satan - first Space Iron Alliance robot to attack after the Earth's Iron Alliance was destroyed, first to be fought in space
Episode 28: Gold Finger - pulls its limbs in so it can roll over things

Bem Panther 01, Bem Panther 02, Bem Panther 03 Bem Panther 01, Bem Panther 02, Bem Panther 03 and Red Baron Devil Ghoster

Episodes 29 & 30: Bem Panther 01, Bem Panther 02, Bem Panther 03 - their first attack on Red Baron is merly a test their quick retreat leaves Ken and Tetsuya assuming they will be easy to beat but SSI new science advisor Dr, Makami, Shiro thinks (correctly) they gave up far too easily when it was 3 against 1, the Space Iron Alliance using copies of Ken's fingerpriints and a recording of his voice are able to steal Red Baron (episode 29)
Episode 31: Devil Ghoster - transforms apples into bombs, they still look like apples until they explode killing some innocent person who likes to eat apples, uses a smoke screen and a flind flash to disorient Ken inside Red Baron

Mars Bird Spider Robot Donquix One

Episode 32: Mars Bird - not much to say, easily destroyed by Red Baron after it shoots of its arms one at a time, the remote controlled toy tanks fit with actual guns were more dangerous
Episodes 33 & 34: Spider Robot - sprays webbing in the air to catch airplanes like flys, causing them to explode
Episodes 33 & 34: Donquix One - "recreation robot" created to entertain children by a friend of Ken's late brother, at leats that what he claims, turns out he's one of those lunatics who thinks the Earth is over populated and to save the human race most of it has to be wiped out, by robots, and that the Space Iron Alliance will take him to their headquarters until the Earth is safe to return to, of course they execute the fool

Dracubat Deimos Z

Episodes 35 & 36: Dracubat - controlled by an insane alien named :Dracuman thinks he can turn the entire human race (billions of people) into vampires that will serve the Space Iron Alliance (I said he was insane) after this scheme is foiled he suddenly remembers (in episode 36) that he has "Gravity Beam", a gun that increase the gravity on any person or obect so that they cannot move
Episodes 37-39: Deimos Z - has four interchangeable weapon inside its head, a multi barreled gun, a freezing gas sprayer, a flame throwe, and an acid sprayer, its real strength though is it has access to a matter transmitter which allows it to phase in and out so its not where Red Baron or the SSI's weapons strike, it appears to be destroyed several times but its really just teleported away

Giras Q 's Armies of Steel

Episodes 27-39: Giras Q 's Armies of Steel, replaced the Mecha-Robos