Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons

Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons

Doktor G Cannon Buffalo

Kamen Rider V3 vs. Destron Demons features the new monster Cannon Buffalo and 12 restored previously defeated monsters under the command of Doktor G.

Destron targets a scientist who discovered a mineral with a higher energy release than uranium, he calls it Satanium. Destron wants this mineral to use in conquering the planet.

Ice Pick Shark Magnet Wild Boar and Kamen Rider V3 Cannon Buffalo Poison Needle Spider Guillotine Zaurus

When Kazami, Shiro enters a Destron outpost looking for the missing scientist, he encounters Ice Pick Shark and Magnet Wild Boar who have killed the slaves in the base rather than allow them to escape. V3 defeats them leaving them to die in the explosion when Doktor G orders the base's self destruct to be activated. Kazami, Shiro and the scientist make it out alive. The scientist lied to Destron about where to find the Satanium, his sister has the map showing the real location. She works at a hotel in Shikoku. Kazami, Shiro, the scientist and Tachibana, Tobei are attacked, by Cannon Buffalo. The scientist is killed. And in the second wave of explosive charges fired at him Kazami, Shiro appears to have been killed too, so Tachibana, Tobei heads to Shikoku. He is joined by Tama, Junko and Tama, Shigeru. At the hotel Poison Needle Spider appears threating the scientists sister, a dancer, but Kazami, Shiro appears and leads her away. Guillotine Zaurus blocks their path as they try to flee the hotel. They turn back but Poison Needle Spider is there. Tachibana, Tobei appears to take the young woman to safety while Kazami, Shiro/Kamen Rider V3 deals with the Destron mutants. Guillotine Zaurus is killed but Poison Needle Spider apparently fled. The scientist's siste hid the map in Kouchi. Destron has their hotel room bugged so they know to head there too. The dead scientist's younger brother, a member of the Boys Rider Squad, lives with his uncle in Kouchi. When he asks about his brother, his sister tells the boy he has business elswhere. Tachibana, Tobei finds the map but a man in black tears it out of his bands. When the boy tries to get it back he grabs the boy than transforms into Poison Needle Spider. V3 saves the boy but Poison Needle Spider gets away. V3 uses "V3 Hopper" to locate his car and mounting Hurricane gives chase. V3 finds the car empty and is attacked by Cannon Buffalo, has a brief chat with Doktor G and appears to be killed in an explosion.

Magnet Wild Boar and Kamen Rider V3\ Spray Mouse Ice Pick Shark Missle Lizard Kamen Rider V3 and Drill Mogura Chain-Sickle Lady Bug
Burner Bat Lens Ant Gama Boiler Cannon Buffalo Doktor G

Later, Doktor G, Cannon Buffalo and Poison Needle Spider meet the Double Riders, who came to Japan from Australia and discover Kamen Rider V3 is alive as well. Doktor G summons reinforcments, including Magnet Wild Boar and Ice Pick Shark who obviously escaped the Destron outpost after all. The Triple Riders battle Magnet Wild Boar, Spray Mouse, Ice Pick Shark, Missle Lizard, Drill Mogura, Chain-Sickle Lady Bug, Burner Bat, Lens Ant and Gama Boiler, while Doktor G and Cannon Buffalo watch from a hill. When Doktor G orders Cannon Buffalo to open fire, he objests the he will kills their own men, but Doktor G insists he attacks. Of course only the Triple Riders survive the onslaught of explosions. Cannon Buffalo receives "Double Rider Kick" followed by "V3 Kick". No Destron muntant could survive that. Doktor G after threatening "Kamen Raiiiiiida V3!" disappears.. (He will bravely face Kamen Rider V3 in a battle to death on a later occasion). The Double Riders return to Australia to battle Destron forces their. Kazami, Shiro; Tachibana, Tobei; Tama, Junko and Tama, Shigeru board a ship back to Tokyo. THE END.

This movie featured Kamen Rider V3 with guest appearances by Kamen Rider 1 and Kamen Rider 2 (at the end).
(Hongo, Takeshi and Ichimonji, Hayato do not appear, just the Double Riders already transformed.)

Kamen Rider V3 Kamen Rider 1 (new) Kamen Rider 2 (new)

The Kazami, Shiro henshin to Kamen Rider V3 clip from this movie is reused in the Kamen Rider X movie and Kamen Rider ZX TV special.