No tribute to the Kamen Riders would be complete without mentioning the men responsible for the great Kamen Rider music:

Kikuchi, Shunsuke

Kikuchi, Shunsuke 2001

Kikuchi, Shunsuke composed the music for:

Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider V3
Kamen Rider X
Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider Stronger
New Kamen Rider (Skyrider)
Kamen Rider Super-1
Kamen Rider #10'S Birth! Riders Come Together

and from Kamen Rider Black RX the song "The Great Song Of 11 Riders".

He also did the music for Henshin Ninaj Arashi.

Watanabe, Michiaki

Most of the music from Kamen Rider Black (not opening and ending themes) was composed by Watanabe, Michiaki; better known for his 1970s tokusatsu themes. He also did the Kamen Rider Black RX song "Rider Of The Battlefield: RX".

Kawamura, Eiji

Kawamura, Eiji composed the opening and ending themes for Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX as well as the songs "Black Hole Message", "Kamen Rider Black - Lullaby From The Stars" from Kamen Rider Black and "Soldier Of Light" from Kamen Rider Black RX.

Hayashi, Tetsuji

Most of the music from Kamen Rider Black RX was composed by Hayashi, Tetsuji.

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