Kamen Rider SD

Kamen Rider SD Mysterious!? Spiderman - January 25, 1993 (29 minutes)

This anime film features "super deformed" (squat) version of the Kamen Riders and villains.

animated SD Kamen Rider 1, RX and V3

Kamen Rider Black RX is in love. He has trouble talking to the girl but has found the courage to get her a gift. Before he can give it to her she's abducted by Grand Shocker's spider monster. Skyrider spies on Grand Shocker. 1, ZX and RX battle Grand Shocker. After Tachibana, Tobei makes a phone call. V3, X and Super-1 join the fight. Riderman appears briefly, as contestant on a televisio dating show. Riders 2, Amazon and Stronger are on vacation and are seen only in a short scene near the end.

Grand Shocker is lead by Jak Shogun who is driven made by flies. Shadowmoon makes an appearance.

This film is done for strickly for laughs.

The opening theme is "Kamen Rider SD" by TOM.. The ending theme is "I Forgot Fairy Tale" by Kageyama, Hironobu

animated SD Tachibana, Tobei, Kamen Rider 1 and ZX

Kobayashi, Akiji provides the voice for Tachibana, Tobei, otherwise no other Kamen Rider actor provides the voices for this film.

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