Kamen Rider Stronger

Kamen Rider Stronger ran April 5, 1975 - December 27, 1975 (39 episodes)

Character Actor
Jou, Shigeru Araki, Shigeru
Kamen Rider Stronger (episodes 1, 2, 39) Nakamura, Bunya
Kamen Rider Stronger (episodes 3-38) Nakayashiki, Tetsuya
Kamen Rider Stronger (motorcycle stunts) Kumasawa, Tushiaki
Tachibana, Tobei Kobayashi, Akiji
Misaki, Yuriko (episodes 1-30) Okada, Kyouko
Mr. Titan (episodes 1-13, 17-23) Hamada, Akira
General Shadow (episodes 13-39) Hirou, Kawarazaki
Voice of General Shadow (episodes 13-39) Hidekatsu, Shibata
Voice of Great Leader Naya, Gorou
Narrator Nakae, Shinji

Kamen Rider Stronger

"The sky calls to me! The land calls to me! The people call to me! They call me, to fight the evil. Listen, evil, I am the warrior of justice - Kamen Rider Stronger!"


Jou, Shigeru (Araki, Shigeru) seeking revenge for a friend, joins the terrorist group Black Satan, volunteering to undergo the surgery to become "Denki Ningen Stronga" (Electric Human Stronger). Once the operation is complete he turns against Black Satan. After his first transformation he declares himself "Kamen Rider Stronger".

In every episode Jou, Shigeru wore a different colored t-shirt with a large black "S" in the center. He sometimes hid it under a jacket but it was always there and would be uncovered eventually. Once he transformed the "S" was still there. Perhaps the writers were poking fun at America's "Super Man". Shigeru also wore black gloves, which he removed to henshin. His hands were metal, like electrical coils, and rubbing them together would generate sparks. Jou, Shigeru had his own theme song, "Our Brother, Jou Shigeru".

'Stronga Denj Kick!' 'Electro Fire!'

Stronger's combat techniques were electrically based, using energy generated by his "Electora" henshin belt -- "Stronga Denj Kick" (Stronger Electric Kick), "Electro Fire", "Denj Magnet" (Electric Magnet), "Denj Stream" (Electric Stream), "Denj Chop" (Electric Chop), "Denj Punch" (Electric Punch), "Denj Touch" (Electric Touch), "Denj Charge" (Electric Charge), "Electro Waterfall", "Electro Thunder", "Electro Kick". Only two did not have "Denj" or "Electro" in their names "Stronger Double Kick" and "Screw Kick". Unlike most of the other Kamen Riders who were based on grasshoppers, Kamen Rider Stronger was a beetle.


Like Amazon's "Jungler", Stronger's "Kabutoroh" was not transformable (Shigeru and Stronger drove the same motorcycle). Kabutoroh is a play on the Japanese word "kabutomushi" which means "beetle." Kabutorah's top speed was 1010km/h (approx. 628 mph), making it the fastest of the Kamen Rider's motorycles. Kabutorah could release an electric discharge, "Kabutoroh Thunder". Kabutoroh's theme song as Kabutoroh Boogie.

The Creative Producer forKikaida, Tohru Hirayama, was co-creator and co-producer of Kamen Rider Stronger, so several of the elements found in Kikaida were also found in Kamen Rider Stronger, Shigeru stood on a high place and whistled to let the Black Satan mutants know he was there (like Jiro played his guitar), then he made a speech, ending in a self-introduction, the mutant was defeated by "Stronga Denji Kick" and when the battle was over Shigeru drove off leaving Tachibana, Tobei (who like Hanpei provides comic relief) behind. None of these things originated with Kikaida however, they are actually traditional. Tohru Hirayama borrowed them from old Samurai movies which in turn got them from Kabuki plays.

Kamen Rider Stronger, Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle and Tachibana, Tobei

Kamen Rider Stronger was assisted by Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle, whom he had rescued from Black Satan, and Tachibana, Tobei, mentor to the previous six Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Stronger was divided into two parts. Part 1, episodes 1-26, Stronger battled the terrorist group Black Satan. Part 2, episodes 27-39, Stronger battled the Delza Army.

In episode 31 a scientist operates on Jou, Shigeru placing a Super Dynamo inside his body. This gives Kamen Rider the ability to "Charge Up!". Parts of him would turn silver and the S on his chest would spin.

Kamen Rider Stronger Charged Up

Charging up gave Kamen Rider Stronger more powerful combat techniques: "Cho Den Dai Sha Rin Kick" (Super Electro Big Wheel Kick), "Cho Denji Drill Kick" (Super Electron Drill Kick), "Cho Den Jet Nage" (Super Electro Spinning Throw), and "Kyu Gou Ga Punch" (Speed Diving Punch). There was a price to pay for this increased power however, Stronger had 1 minute to disperse the extra energy, by using it against his enemy or he would explode.

7 Kamen Riders on motorcycles

During the last five episodes Kamern Rider Stronger was aided by the previous Kamen Riders: episode 35 Kamen Rider V3, episode 36 Kamen Ridder X and Kamen Rider Amazon, episode 37 Riderman and Kamen Rider V3, episode 38 Kamen Rider 1 & Kamen Rider 2. In episode 39 all seven Kamen Riders work together to finally defeat the Delza Army.

Delza Army General -Number One Giant Kaijin

In episode 39 we find out that the Delza Army's true leader is Delza Army General, who was also the founder of Shocker, Gel Shocker, Destron, Government of Darkness, Geddon, Garada Empire and Black Satan.

Kamen Rider Stronger ends with still photos from the previous series being flashed on the screen as the themes from Kamen Rider V3 and Kamen Rider are played. The narrator's last words are "Sayounara Kamen Rider". This would seem to indicate that Kamen Rider Stronger was originally intended to be the last series (which would explain the four year break before the next series, no next series was originally planed).

7 Kamen Riders 7 Riders special villains

A week after Kamen Rider Stronger ended all 7 of the Kamen Riders appeared together with Tachibana, Tobei in the tv special Zeninshugo Shichinin no Kamen Rider [Kamen Rider All Back Again! 7 Riders]. This would be the last time Tachibana, Tobei and the Riders would be together.

Kamen Rider Stronger Episodes

Kamen Rider Stronger Songs

Other appearances of Kamen Rider Stronger


Kamen Rider Stronger - episode 7 modified to movie format
8 Riders vs. Milky Way King (March 15, 1980)
Kamen Rider Super-1 (March 14, 1981)
Kamen Rider-SD (January 25, 1993) - animation)


Kamen Rider All Back Again! 7 Riders (January 3, 1976) - 45 minute special
New Kamen Rider (1979) - episodes 20, 21, 27, 28, 38, 52, 53, 54
Kamen Rider #10'S Birth! Riders Come Together (January 3, 1984) - 45 minute special
Kamen Rider Black RX (1989) - episodes 41-47

Jou, Shigeru is last seen in the final episode of New Kamen Rider, the other tv programs and movies do not show Kamen Rider Stronger unmasked.

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Arigatou gozaimasu to KRV for help in identifying some of the Black Satan mutants and for providing the names of the Delza Army officers (in Japanese, I ran them through an online dictionary). And to "shinhyata" for the two photos of the original operation at Black Satan headquarters.