Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle

Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle

Misaki, Yuriko

Played by, the late, Okada, Ky˘ko

Misaki, Yuriko

Kamen Rider Stronger rescued Misaki, Yuriko from Black Satan and then was surprised when she transformed into Denpa Ningen Takkuru (Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle).

"Ei, yah, toh!"

"Ei" could mean "victory" otherwise her henshin phrase is meaningless.

Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle

Tackle would electrocute Black Satan's soldiers using her Denpa Nage (Electro-Magnetic Wave Throw)

Tentoroh Tentoroh

Tackle's motorcycle, Tentoroh, is a play on the Japanese word "tentomushi", which means ladybug -- which is what Tackle looked like. Tentoroh's top speed was 250km/h (approx. 155 mph). Tentoroh did not transform into a normal motocycle for Misaki Yuriko to ride. There is a verse about Tentoroh in the song Kabutoroh Boogie.

"Stronger Will Fight Again Today!", the ending theme song for episodes 1-31 featured Kamen Rider Stronger and Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle in a duet. Tackle also had her own song, There! Go On! Dear Tackle!

Electro-Magnetic Wave Human Tackle and Doctor Kate Tachibana, Tobei; Misaki, Yuriko and Jou, Shigeru

Tackle aides Kamen Rider Stronger in defeating Black Satan and then joins him in his battle against the Delza Army. At the end of episode 30 she sacrifices herself to keep Stronger from being poisoned by Doctor Kate.

The actress who played Misaki, Yuriko/Tackle, Okada Ky˘ko, died in 1986.

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